Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Notice anything interesting about the photo above? Anybody?
Hmmmm....from the looks of it to me, that's Pistol standing surprisingly close to my pear tree which would put him IN my garden and OUTSIDE the donkey fencing.

Yup. Sure enough. There he is, with all his buddies looking on. Trust me, this is not good:

Here is the last picture I got of this particular exciting farm event. If you look closely, on the left hand side of you can just barely see the hand of my son, Aidan, carrying rope and halter down the hill to try to lead him back to where he should be:

A split-second after I took the photo above, Pistol bolted down the hill and the chase was on.

Yes, he's back with his friends now.
I'll spare you the details of how he got out. Suffice it to say it was another Farmgirl-and-her-son-working-together-thing. We seem to get into these situations whenever we do projects together. :-)


  1. Good that you worked together to get Pistol back where he should be. I hope things are becoming more peaceful for you today.

  2. At least he felt responsible enough to go get the rope!

  3. That sure does speak for itself, huh? You and Aidan make a great team. Glad to know that he didnt cause to much damage while he was out galavanting around.

  4. . . . and a Pistol near a pear tree . . .

  5. Boy, did you ever think this farm thing would be so exciting? Do you ever sleep or do you lie awake wondering who will escape today? eat all your berries? get picked on by the chickens? Geesh, its alot of work! (Grin) But I can tell you love it!

  6. Bad, Pistol, bad!
    So, one of two things happened--both of which are completely plausible.
    Pistol figured out how to unlock the gate. But in that case, unless he figured out how to close it behind him, he would have buddies with him.
    Second, he leapt the fence with ease. I'm guessing, the second one. Donks and mules are great jumpers.

  7. The life of farm animals!

  8. Hi Danni, Aren't donkeys fun?!
    They all are looking so good too.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Our neighborhood donkeys, Lily and Pepe, routinely jump their fence and go wandering in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily, they don't seem to mind when Ari and I lead them back to their corral and reunite them with their very confused (and deep sleeping) humans.

  10. I just found your blog and it's hilarious! Good work on out-willing Miss Sparrow in the nest box! Sorry to say it but your misfortunes are a ton of laughs...keep it up!

  11. Oh brings back animal chasing memories for me. I have chased horses, cows, sheep, mules, chickens, peacocks and on and on. Hope the fence holds Pistol this time.

  12. I haven't had hands free at the keyboard for a few months now (nonstop nursing child - lol), so it's nice to be able to leave comments again.

    I'm cracking up picturing your Pistol chasing.

    Your garden and chickens look great! (well, except for poor Pip - I hope he heals up)


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