Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't you just hate it...

Don't you hate it when bloggers suddenly disappear?  One day they are there, discussing their stuff, sharing their lives, detailing their happenings, and then the next - poof! - they are gone...sometimes for weeks (or even months) on end.

Now imagine you are that blogger, the one who suddenly disappeared.  Things might just not be working out for you.  Or, things are simply readjusting and will soon be right again.  As a blogger, you have realized that you require a certain level of peace and focus, two things that enable you to write.  If those things are not there, your writing feels forced and awkward to you. You might, in fact, lose all desire to blog, even though you feel guilty, then, for not doing so. You feel guilty for the sole reason that you want to share your animals.  You want their stories to be told. You need for their incredible personalities and antics to be noted by someone other than yourself - because these beings have brought so much joy that you want nothing more than to share them.  So, every day, you try to find that certain level of peace and focus again.  You know it will return, but sometimes, it takes longer than other times. 

In case you haven't caught on, the blogger described above is pretty much me.  I'm so full of stops and starts right now, I don't know if I'm coming or going. It's not intentional, believe me.  My life is (and has been) undergoing significant change and many days I feel like I am just barely holding on for the ride. 

In the meantime, though, when my head gets really full, and the words get all jammed up inside me, I head to my pasture in search of the sweet furried beings who ground me, and give me the peace and focus that is otherwise escaping me.  It certainly doesn't hurt if the sun is shining, too.

When I sit my hind end down on the slightly muddy ground, my sweet boy, Beau comes to rest his muzzle in my hand.
Kai llama, always very curious when I start sitting on the ground again, draws nearer than she used to.

 I remember the days when she wouldn't come within a few yards of me.

She has grown very, very friendly in the last year.  She even lets me "boop" her nose now.

The underside of Beau's chin is incredibly soft. As long as I keep rubbing, he will stand completely still, sighing contentedly every couple of minutes.

And like the many other times, it was so peaceful in my pasture, I felt the weight of my world lift from my shoulders.  It made me want to write about it.

Chester, however, just wanted to nap.
To each his own. :-)

Thank you for reading my stories.