Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.  It has always been one of my very favorite days to celebrate, but I found myself very low-key for Halloween this year.  Even though my children are adults now, I still love to celebrate the day in some way with my boys, but with one of them in California visiting his wife (yes, his wife!) and the other away at university, I found myself oddly uninspired.

That said, though...I just couldn't let this day pass without sharing a few of my very favorite Halloween pictures from last Halloween of my critters.

You remember Reggie, right?  He's a really good sport.
Actually, Pete is, too.

Reggie and Pete both patiently allowed me to don them in costume. 

 Did you know that goats with wings can dance?

Kai llama made it clear she wasn't going to participate in the shenanigans, however, she did drop in for a brief photo-op, during which time she inquired whether I had lost my mind.

 Roxy, though...poor Roxy.  She just couldn't get out of participating.

She hated every second of it....and, ultimately, wound up just turning her back on all of us.  This is how I knew the photo shoot was over.  She is good at giving me clear messages like this.  Heh.
Chester and Beau, though, were still game for a picture or two.


"Trick or Treat already!  Now can we have some candy, Mom???"

Sunday, October 26, 2014

7 years today

7 years ago today, October 26, 2007, I wrote my first blog post.  I titled it: Country Girl Trapped in a City Girl's Life .  I wrote ten paragraphs about how much I wanted to leave my (then) current life and what I really wanted to do with myself.
I posted no pictures. 

7 years later, I live much of the life I dreamed of 7 years ago... a life with more wonderful animals than I ever could have hoped for and a beautiful piece of land to grow all the things I ever wanted to.

I also have backup hard drives with thousands and thousands of pictures stored on them that tell the story of my life since I became a farm girl - all the good *and* the bad.  This blog will never be without pictures again.

Despite all the time that has gone by and all the changes  - some incredibly challenging - that have happened, I still wake up every single day feeling so fortunate to be where I am.  I don't know what the next 7 years will bring, but I hope that I will continue to be able to post a few pictures on my blog every now and then, and share a story about my critters that made me smile.

I just wanted to mark today with a post because 7 years suddenly feels like a long time to me.
Bippity and Thumper (who have grown up on this blog and are now 6 1/2 years old) think so, too. :-)