Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bangs and a mohawk

I've noticed two very distinct styles between my donkeys.

Chester, very clearly, is a bangs man:

While Beau is a mohawk sort of guy:

Fortunately, they don't often let this little difference come between them:

And, for the most part, they usually see eye to eye:

Unless Beau makes the mistake of teasing Chet about whether he can see with all that hair in his face...

..And then Chet finds it necessary to remind Beau:

- quickly and swiftly -: show a little respect:

Later, Mohawk will apologize to Bangs:

...and all will be forgiven:

Boys and their hair!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A field of daisies

Look, daisies! In my garden, where they belong:

Aren't they pretty?:

Oh, hello, Kai. Look at you, sitting all happy in the pasture, surrounded by.... (eek) daisies??!:

Something went terribly wrong with my middle pasture this year.

We had some daisies scattered about last year, but this year >>pow<< they really took off:

Unfortunately, despite the daisy flower's extreme cuteness, nobody around here likes to eat them. Well, the goats will eat a few of the daisy heads:

..but only a few:

...leaving an abundance of daisy stalks and foliage behind.

At this point, Reggie is just as happy stealing the hat from my head as he is grazing in "the daisy pasture":

The sheer quantity of daisies is, of course, preventing other things from growing up that all the animals would enjoy eating.

So, for this year, we are appreciating the prettiness of flowers:

With the hopes that, next year, I'll get my act together and there will be more to eat.

I'm a terrible pasture manager:

But hey, aren't those daisies pretty?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It was needing to be done

This was a long time coming. Beau's tail looked horrible... all stringy and scraggly:

While Chester's tail looks as handsome as the rest of him:

I had been thinking about tidying up Beau's tail for a while now. You may recall that, over at Morning Bray Farm, Fergus had gotten a tail trim (<-- click link to read story) back in February. When I thought about Fergus over the weekend, I suddenly knew it was time:

So, with no hesitation, I made the cut:

...and in honor of sweet Fergus who passed away suddenly a little more than a week ago, Beau now has -as Carson at 7MSN called it- a "fashion forward" tail, too:

Chester wasn't quite sure what to make of all the attention Beau's hind end was getting:

But after taking a closer look...:

He decided he was fully on board with my decision and allowed Beau to stand with him while I took his their picture:

He looks good, doesn't he?

And very fashion forward:

I will think of Fergus every time I look at Beau from behind.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clever alternate use for lawn chair: #1

An Ear, forehead and chest scratcher


And chest:

If Chester had had his way, it would have been a butt scratcher, too, but the chair legs:

just weren't:


high enough: