Saturday, February 18, 2012

In matters of tuna, chicken trumps cat

When it comes to tuna treats on the front porch...:
apparently, chickens are the more dominant species:
Not only did Skippy-the-hen devour Clyde-the-cat's portion, she was hungry enough to go for George's plate, too:
And George seemed more than willing to relinquish it to her:
I had no idea chickens liked tuna:
Don't worry, though...once Skippy had her fill, she finally allowed Clyde in to lap up the tuna crumbs:
Though she did insist on coming back to inspect his work:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, pup

My girl, Roxy, is seven years old today.

I'm not sure when and how this happened.  It seems just like yesterday that we brought her home:

A tenacious little ball of fluff she was; she looked like a tiny Ewok:

From the very beginning, she was adept at clearly communicating her likes and dislikes.
She really liked  her ball:

But she greatly disliked  being locked in the laundry room with the puppy pad:

And, although she didn't care much for school, she was able to graduate from puppy academy before moving to the farm:
...which is fortunate, because it takes a lot of knowledge and dedication to be a farm pup.

She is my faithful companion in everything I do:

She is the ever-vigilant watch dog:

She helped raise our flock of chickens from day old chicks:

And she insisted on being with them:

until the day Roopert the Rooster grew bigger than she:
Now, she just watches from afar.

She was, of course, on hand to personally greet the first six donkeys to arrive on Critter Farm back in 2008:

And Pete and Reggie, our Nigerian Dwarf goats, have been her goats from Day 1:

She takes her job with them very seriously:

And even though they are now quadruple her size and outweigh her by about 50 pounds, she is still the boss of them (which delights her to no end):

Roxy has had her share of challenges and there have been times when she hasn't felt her best:

But she is always up for new adventures:

and experiences:

And though some of them are a little unusual, she is always a good sport about them:

So, to celebrate the beginning of her 8th year of life, we had a small birthday party:

Roxy invited her favorite goats and waited patiently for her guests to arrive:

The guests, in their excitement, nibbled and licked the decorations:

These particular party guests were, unfortunately, quite impatient and more than a little pushy:

And, overall, they were not at all well behaved:

Somebody should really speak to their mother about their manners:

About the time the headbutting broke out, it was time for the party to end:

Roxy seemed more than ready to move her party into the people house:

So we did:

It was a much more civilized affair.

She really liked the flowers: