Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cold day kisses from a goat with a beard

I'm trying to get back into blogging, I swear I am. 
In my defense, it's been a rough month. 

So - for now - can I just say that goat kisses make me a happy girl?:
My goat boys have extras, if you are in need.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The day Honey refused

What started out as just a little bit on Saturday night:
...became this on Sunday:
which turned into this on Monday:
 and looked like this  when we awoke this morning:
Honey made it very clear she wasn't going to get out of bed today:
No way, no how:
And no kind of enticement could convince her otherwise:
Though she was most happy to be served breakfast in bed:
Roxy, my farm pup, also opted out of her farm duties today:
Even when I gave her a choice of her three favorite winter sweaters...:
she decided that she, too, would prefer to stay in bed today.

So, minus two of my farm friends, I started the rather lonely hike up to the barn:
But, hearing something behind me, I turned around to find my faithful buddy, George, waiting for me at his usual morning spot:
And though I think he got a bit of a shock at how deep the snow was...:
he valiantly tried to follow me in the footsteps I left behind:
 I took pity on him and gave him a lift part of the way to the barn:
I think he appreciated this:
And on the trek up that hill, it was good to have a buddy:
Kai llama greeted us with a smile.  She loves this weather:
Beau, however, was still wondering why I haven't brought him his winter hat:
And Chester, just like every other morning, proclaimed his concern over why breakfast was late:
Once everything was mucked out and all were happily fed at the barn:
I headed off to the goats.  On the way, I stopped to admire the remains of the deer-netting around my lower garden.  Hmpf:
Pete and Reggie would not have chosen to come out today:
But, as a special favor to me (they are such good boys), they did finally step outside for a moment:
But literally, it was just for a moment:
In the end, they would've been happy to stand right here - just like this - and look at me all day.  Silly goats:
Excited, chattery noises from the chicken coop told me the chickens knew I was on my way with breakfast:
These girls (and boy) have seen snow quite a few times over their almost four years of life, but it's still a very scary thing when they are reintroduced to it:
And nobody likes it when a huge drift of snow falls from the trees overhead onto the chicken run roofing:
When I returned to the house after feeding, Honey still refused to come out:
...which made her more than a wee bit indignant when I had to pull  her out so I could clean out her crate:
In the end, she did agree to do a quick lap around the deck to stretch her legs for a moment:
but then...
she went right...
back to bed:
And she has stayed there all day:
Smart girl...:

Monday, January 9, 2012

The face of a chicken...

who just did her job for the day:

Good girl, Spongebob!