Sunday, October 30, 2011

And on the third day...

We took it a bit slower than the first two days.

Smooch took a nap on my bed:

Carson and I took turns riding Lucy. Here's my turn:

Here's Carson's turn:

Here's the #1 reason in my mind why people in New Mexico wear cowboy boots when riding: Cholla cactus!:

Holy cow, look at the thorns on this baby! It actually embedded itself through my jeans and into my boot:

And speaking of cows, here are some:

And here is what's left of that dead one that Carson posted about when she and Lucy dragged the spine and ribcage back to 7MSN in this post:

Here's Smooch giving me her best "oh-my-gosh-I'm-so-tired face:

Followed immediately by her "is that rabbit I smell?" face:

And this is the face of a woman who loves riding her beautiful donkey:

These familiar faces were waiting for us back at the ranch. Hi boys!:

Recognize this gate?:

Lucy's a total pro at helping to open the famous 7MSN ranch gate now:

I was very impressed.

Back at the barn, Linda was getting ready to halter up Eugenia, the beautiful Delaware hen:

Kidding. But let me say this, I have a feeling we're going to be hearing some stories from Carson about Eugenia...she is one amazing chicken!

Tonight, we watched the movie "Buck", about Buck Brannaman, the legendary "horse whisperer". It was my first time seeing the film, Carson's third. Wow. This movie is so powerful, it hit me like a ton of bricks. If you haven't seen it yet, please, see this movie. Right away. You can thank me later.

A Halloween-Donkey-Safari Party

There was a lot of excitement around 7MSN yesterday. A party was about to start and everybody had to dress up:

George thought he might be exempt since he was clearly napping:

...but Carson is very accommodating and was totally able to work around his sleep:

He was pretty much still sleeping when she was finished:

Even Wynonna agreed to don a colorful bandanna:

Mostly because she knows how stunning she looks in pink:

Soon, the party guests arrived:

Carson had to direct her crew to "please back up" because, in their excitement, they were all blocking the entry gate:

The guests were from Morning Bray Farm! Bernard was the first boy off the trailer:

The Morning Bray Boys, Ellsworth, Bernard and Patrick, took one look at the bandanna'd boys and girl of 7MSN and went behind a bush to hide. Though happy to see their friends, they weren't at all convinced they wanted to wear costumes:

Especially when they realized that, back at the barn, the next costume activity was taking place:

George won the "good sport" and "longevity-wear" prize, hands down:

...which irritated Hank a bit because he felt he totally rocked the dino hat:

Even the humans gave the hats a try, though we weren't really any competition for the critters:

Hank did compliment Justina on her hat. Hank luuuuuuuuhves Justina:

Carson's numerous photo assistants were always close-by and more than willing to suggest alternate subject matter for her photos:

Then it was time for everyone to head out onto the "Back 40". Quick as a wink, all the donkeys disappeared:

We humans felt very left behind, so Don came to our rescue with the Ranger:

and we went on a "Donkey Safari":

Without a doubt, this was the most fun I have had in a *long* time.

After some rough-terrain driving on the Back 40, we found them:

...the wild beasts (with bandannas) of 7MSN and MBF.

The wild beasts were quite curious and proceeded to nibble on our vehicle:

Carson grew concerned that Don's head was getting sunburned, however all we had to protect it was...this:

The hat didn't bother Lucy (or Don) a bit:

At times, it really did feel like we were out on the plains of Africa tracking magnificent wild animals:

...with our safari driver wearing a pig hat:

As always, though, much too soon, it was time for the Morning Bray Farm herd to head back home:

George and Alan stood at the fence until their friends pulled away:

Wouldn't it be fun to have a party like this every week?:

I sure think so:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A whirlwind of activity

The last 24 hours have been an amazing whirlwind of activity for me...

After saying goodbye to my crew on Critter Farm, I flew to Albuquerque New Mexico yesterday to visit my friends Carson at 7MSN and Justina and Don at Morning Bray Farm.

Upon my arrival in New Mexico, Carson and I had a quick lunch and made a short stop at Trader Joe's in Albuquerque (I've been told we have a party to get ready for):

Then she and I made a beeline for Morning Bray Farm:

Justina was still at work, but Don and the donkeys had no problem entertaining us.

Patrick is absolutely gorgeous. He has made incredible strides since I was here seven months ago. Now, he is one of the first donkeys to come up for pats and scratches:

Miss Gracie is still very shy but absolutely magnificent to observe:

The newest member of the Morning Bray Farm herd, Buck, has settled in so well:

He's so beautiful:

For the first time, shy Nigel let me love on him. This made my heart swell:

As always, all the Morning Bray Boyz were thrilled to see their Auntie Linda:

And I had a ball watching Carson position herself, however necessary, to capture the best shot of them:

And the donkeys took her completely in stride, though Ellsworth did want to know why Auntie Linda wasn't taking his picture here:

My first day back in New Mexico was amazing and I feel so fortunate to be back with my "kindred spirits" again: