Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid-July Garden Update

We have had an excellent shelling pea season:

So excellent, in fact, that nothing was saved. Not a single pea remains. Every one went straight from the shell into our mouths...fresh and raw!

I'm hoping to get in a second planting of these in about a week that would then be ready to harvest in September. Mmmmm....fresh peas.

T'is raspberry and blueberry season, in case you hadn't noticed:

We have a lot. So many that I'm having a hard time getting all the ripe ones picked each day. The ones that become too mushy and past their prime go straight to the chickens. They love a picnic on the patio:

And I'm very appreciative that all those overripe berries are making me a lot of these:

Yesterday evening, I harvested my first Yukon Gold potatoes! What an amazing thrill that was to stick my hands in the warm soil and find these little nuggets of happiness. Aren't they purdy?:

These two are my favorites (yes, I have favorites):

I get so attached to things around here, I'm wondering what I should name them all:

By the way, this is how we're currently eating the raspberries. Mine's the one on the left. With chocolate.


  1. I still see Roopert. He is one handsome guy!
    The produce is wonderful. I need to dig under my Yukon Golds to see what's there. Tater sisters?

  2. Beautiful peas . . . I love peas! And the raspberries, oh my! Summer is a great time in the garden. And those chickens are just beautiful. I'm still amazed how fast they grow from baby chicks to these gorgeous birds. And just check out those eggs!

    I thought of you yesterday as we stopped and bought some fresh eggs from a local farmer. There's just nothing better than a really fresh egg. . . no comparison!

  3. Oh my! I love those raspberries and blueberries. I really love them! I am so envious. I have tried so hard to grow both of those berries here and just can't seem to get it right. I do get strawberries and boysenberries though. Your peas looke wonderful and fresh. I like them best raw too. Thank you for the great photos.

  4. You should be very proud of yourself. Everything looks fantastic!

    You asked on the business plan (part of my blog) about peas. Yes, you can plant another crop. Yes, you should turn these peas under. Turning the roots of the plants in is the best way to make use of the nitrogen they've fixed into the soil. Wait 10-14 days for the plants to break down in the soil before you replant. In that time you can start the peas inside and transplant them. Transplants aren't inhibited by plants breaking down in the soil the way seed germination is inhibited.

    I need to look at our raspberries today. Taylor noticed the first ones almost ripe while picking peas yesterday.

  5. I only see one potato that looks like a girl!! But I'll let you pick out the names...if you do though, you can't eat them!!!

    Everything is so colorful Danni! Even the girls!!

    Nice work for a new farmer!!!

  6. Looks awesome, Danni! I know what you mean about the berries ... it's like a full-time job picking those things! Totally worth it, though.

    Do your chickens chase each other around and battle for the good food scraps? I love watching our do that :D

  7. Is this the first time you've grown potatoes? The first time I harvested potatoes, I was so thrilled to dig down and find all my treasure! They are one of the most satisfying crops to harvest.

  8. That one potato looks just like a little butternut squash. I love growing potatoes. Last year we grew some purple fingerlings and they were so tasty. The kids loved them fried up with some ham and onions. MMMMM....

  9. What beautiful berries! My raspberries are not bountiful this year, but I keep harvesting all kinds of super lettuce which we devour every night and also share with the neighbors. I notice that you DO NOT have any lettuce in your garden, Daniella! Did your parents always make you eat it whether you wanted it or not....?
    Great harvest, though. Congratulations!

  10. Your chickens are gorgeous (sigh!) :) Beautiful berries...what a bountiful homestead you're having! I'm with you on the naming of things you love...I bet Adam had a blast naming all the plants and animals for the very first time in the ol' Garden of Eden, eh?


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