Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lessons Learned

Things to be aware of with donkeys (that I didn't know before I had donkeys)
by me:

1) There is true friendship among donkeys:

Sarah and Holly are a completely bonded pair:

They watch out for each other. I have never seen them more than a few feet apart:

2) Donkeys are very curious:

This curiosity makes them keen observers...:

...anxious to understand what's going on:

...which makes them quite certain that everything has something to do with them:

3) Like any human, they appreciate an afternoon nap:

4) One shouldn't clean hooves in gardening clogs. It hurts when you get stepped on:

5) When donkeys are peaceful and happy, they'll stand very still and do this mutual neck biting thing. Two donkeys will give small bites over and over to the other's neck, almost like they're scratching an itch for each other:

6) Yet, some donkeys, like people, just do not get along. They can have very intense personality conflicts:

7) Donkeys *love* to have the inside of their ears scratched. Their lower lip will wiggle and jiggle with pleasure:

My mom experienced this first-hand with Brownie:

8) I thought that "gelding" meant a male donkey would not be able to have sex. This is so not true. Not showing you a picture of this, though.
9) Jennets (female donkeys) go into heat every 23 to 26 days. Then they are in heat from 4 to 9 days. I don't think we need a picture here either. Suffice it to say that they drool a lot and do this unusual thing with their mouths.
10) Donkeys can have bad days and bad moods just like people. On those days, it's best not to clean their feet or try to teach them something new. Just leave them alone until they feel better.
11) Donkeys *love* to have their rear-ends scratched. My biggest donkey, Pistol, will follow me around and then "present" his huge butt to me (over and over), until I get the message and start scratching. Here's the butt:

Here's me scratching:

Ooops, I stopped. Here's the butt again:

And me scratching again:

12) Donkeys can get pushy if you feed them treats every time you see them. Treats should only be an occasional thing and when they least expect them:

13) Donkeys don't like coffee breath (mine).
14) Donkeys will try to convince you that they are completely miserable when forced to stay out in the rain:

15) Donkeys won't do anything they don't want to do. It's important to have good convincing skills:

16) I really had no idea I'd have so much fun.


  1. I love your photo mosaic and also the photo of the curious donkey with the curious flock of chickens. Really a nice shot. Your gentle nature and your love for animals really shines through in your words and pictures. A pleasure to read!

  2. I certainly have enjoyed learning about donks from you. I think they are very interesting and I never realized they were such multi-faceted creatures! Thanks for sharing your wonderful donks (and their butts) with the rest of us! (I can almost feel the nose velvet in pic #12!)

  3. This post is hilarious --it makes me wish I had more land for a couple of donks!

  4. Sarah and Holly are so sweet.
    My sis had a horse and I don't think they make a shoe that prevents foot injurys, nice bruise btw.
    Thanks for sharing your pics and knowledge for us donkeyless bloggers.

  5. Very interesting!!
    Nice photos.

  6. They look like so much fun. My friend's mini holds his food dish up at supper time. In the morning he takes his halter down off the peg and holds it until it's his turn to go out. He's sooo cute!

    That bruise looks painful. I have a cyst on the top of my foot because of being stepped on. Boots are a good thing.

  7. I think it is absolutely fabulous that you grabbed this project by the tail ( and sometimes ears ). It is an honorable task to undertake. I admire you and your energy and spirit. I love reading about your adventures. Keep up the good work and keep posting. You make me smile! Have a great day! Christina

  8. Sarah and Holly..they are so sweet. BFF.

    And I have to say that is very nice of you to scratch Pistol's hiney. Its the little things in life that make the biggest differences, right? I am sure he will go on to love you forever for that. have an owie on your foot. I am sure that really hurt. Maybe you should prop it up and eat some m and m's...that always makes me feel better.

  9. Oh Danni, that last picture gets me. I'm on my way to chickens now I'm thinking about donkeys. Stop the cuteness!

  10. That was a fun post and it should be very educational for those considering adopting donkeys. Fun photo collage at the beginning. I like those (as you might have noticed).

  11. What an amazing experience you're having! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. What a year of learning Danni. You are doing great with all the Critters.
    The picture of your mom looks like she is doing the TTellington TTouch called ear work. Google it. It is great for calming animals and bonding with them and your mom looks like a pro.

  13. Love donkeys, don't have any but sure do love them. Great pictures and very educational in the way of the donkey.

  14. Oooo! Oooo!, can I come to your house and play with your donks! You got thrown right into the deep end of the pool with this bunch, but you seem to be swimming along just fine. Congratulations!

  15. I loved this. Those donkeys look like so much fun...shhh! Don't tell my farmer that because he will have thirty donkeys ordered tomorrow. He is one of those famer wannabes that loves the idea but hates the work it takes so guess who gets to do it all.

  16. You are one amazing woman the way you've latched on to country living so fast. The donks are fun for us on the other side of the fence, learning from you all their funny ways, ie backing their butts up to you for a scratch. Too funny!

  17. I love your donkey pictures, they look like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing what you've learned about them. ~Kim

  18. Holy smokes...from 0 to 6 donkeys, from an IT job to a donkey rescuer...I just finished reading all your delightful donkey posts and I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed on your behalf! But it looks like you're doing a fabulous job with your new charges and having a blast along the way. I'm really looking forward to keeping up with your crew through your blog.


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