Friday, July 11, 2008

A proper place to lay an egg

This is what my chickens deserve.

Since my "I got my first egg!" post last Thursday, my girls have laid another six!

They've laid them in places like here (can you spot the egg amid the POOP?!):

and here:

oh, and here:

and here again:

Seems the temporary nest box I had in place just wouldn't do (please admire fake egg I've been saving for almost a year just for this purpose):

Here's poor Princess looking for a decent place to lay:

And here are Princess' faithful girlfriends, huddled at the end of the chicken run closest to her, wondering why she's making all that noise cheering her on:

My step-dad took pity on me and, noticing the earmarked book with plans for a nesting box that I was carrying around, left with said plans and practically overnight built me a proper nest box. Here he is, with his friend and fellow builder, Mike, delivering the beautiful box:

Installing the box:

Posing with the box:

Rose-Uppity, the Rhode Island Red, checking out all the commotion:

This is clearly what my girls were waiting for. The next morning, I opened the door to this:

But then Princess decided maybe this one was better:

And settled in for the duration:

Once finished, she jumped out and headed into the sunshine, nary a glance back, oblivious to the prize she had left behind:

Ta daaaaaa! Good girl!!:

Thank you so much, Bill and Mike! I love my new nest box and the girls now have a proper place to lay!


  1. Hooray for Princess to be the first to bless you with an egg, layed in a most beautiful nesting box. What a sweet and speedy step-dad you have!

  2. Perhaps it was the size of the temporary nesting box. I read somewhere when we were building our daughter's chicken coop that the hens like to feel nice and snug. Who knows? I guess it really doesn't matter any more, your girls have a luxurious place to lay their eggs now.

  3. Oops! I just looked up the correct spelling of the past tense of lay . . . and I was wrong! It IS laid! We're never too old to learn!

  4. Dear Bill and Mike, I am placing an order for a proper nesting box.

    Danni, you are too spoiled with all these men around that jump to all your chickeny needs. I am very jealous. My Red Star is the only one laying so far. She is very particular about where she lays her egg. I have been locking her in the coop with her recycle boxes and she crosses her legs until a few days go by and I soften and let her out. She runs, and I mean runs, over to the stack of old motorcycle tires and jumps in and shoots out an egg. I give up. I need a Bill and Mike in my life:)
    Great post!
    Have you eaten one yet?

  5. I want mine to lay eggs NOW! Stew just started crowing about a week ago.... now girls... it's time for you to step up to the box...

  6. Oh Danni, I am so happy for you and your new nesting box. It is so pretty and looks so nice in the coop. That was very sweet of your step dad to do that for you.

    Your girls must feel so special.

  7. What beautiful nest boxes! :-) I'm building my coop right now for my first chickies... may I ask what the dimensions are for your beautiful boxes?


  8. Beautiful nest boxes. Very deluxe. So how do the eggs taste? Any double yokers yet?

  9. Very funny as usual Danni! At first I thought maybe she was just camera shy but I guess not!
    I think I may have forgot the top to my hanging feeder when I got it at tractor would think they would have said something but I guess they didn't see the big "new farmer" sign pasted to my forehead!!! Thank goodness I have you to help me figure this stuff out!!! The girls and guys should be out this weekend...maybe as soon as tomorrow!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

  10. Oh Danni, you know I am so jealous now!!! Eggs and you don't have to get them from the grocery store!!!bkbsvjv

  11. Hooray chicks! Well done! And total gold star to Bill and Mike - talk about deluxe nest boxes! How cool is that?!


  12. Nice distribution, girls. No one would ever notice yer expelled ova if you just stash it between a couple of garbage cans.

    Those new nesting boxes are De-Luxe. For whatever reason, my measly four, to my knowledge thus far, took immediately to my ignorantly constructed nest box. It's amazing to me that they do just what they're supposed to. Need to toss a huevo? Run up the ramp, climb in the box, drop load, run right back out and commence to digging holes like nothing happened.

    Then, at night, it's every one up the ramp and on to the perch when the sun goes down.

    Freaky little critters.

  13. Hi california grammy - I am very luck, aren't I? It was so nice of him and the girls just knew right what to do!

    Hi goatgirl - I'll put in a good word for you, too. Maybe Bill and Mike will start travelling the nearby states, making nest boxes for those requesting kindly! Your story about the "holding it until she reaches the motorcycle tires" just cracked me up!! Very funny!! You should get that on video.

    Hi TOCCO (christina) - It will happen before you know it! This is so much fun!

    Hi frugalmom - the box just kind of completes the coop, doesn't it? I think it looks really sharp, but it is wonderfully functional, as evidenced by those oval orbs being left there! :-)

    Hi difangle - good luck on your coop, I will come over to your blog to see how you're progressing. I found the design for my nest box on page 29 of the book "Barnyard in your Backyard" (edited by Gail Damerow). Dimensions are (each box is) 14" wide x 12" deep x 18" tall. If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask!

    Hi farmer jen - no double yolkers yet, but they taste wonderful! and they're so pretty! :-)But I did have a hard time cracking just seemed so wrong! :-)

    Hi Eve, don't feel bad about the top to your hanging feeder. I got my feeder initially without a top, too, and spent time trying to devise my own things (like a tin foil lid - *never* do this, my chickens ate it) to keep them out of the feed. I didn't even know a proper lid existed until I saw it on my blogging friend, Dina's site, and she directed me to my friend Kelly at our local feed store. It's good to have connections and lots of friends doing the same thing as you! :-)

    Hi judy - it's time for you to come for a can have all my eggs that you want! bsuyrvs!

    Thanks, Dina - I hope they know how much I appreciate them right now..! :-)

    Hi urban really have a love/hate relationship with your girls, don't you? Good thing you have that cute, little, sad kid hanging around your place to take your mind off those crazy birds! :-)

  14. Wow! What nice nesting boxes! You're so lucky to have someone to build those for you.

  15. Awesome! We're setting up our country space, which isn't nearly as large as yours, but have been talking about chickens too. It will be a year or so, but I'm sure I'll use your blog as a reference!

    Great nesting boxes!

  16. Wonderful! I love it when a plan comes together. I have golf balls in my nest boxes to show the girls where the eggs should go. The chooks, thankfully, do not use the nest boxes as roosting spots at night--another problem in poultry raising. Congratulations on such a fine nest box and please extend my compliments to your talented carpenters.

  17. Hey chicken sis, I showed the lovely nest box to Hubby and he has agreed to help build one for my girls. We will copy yours. Who wants to lay an egg in an old recycle box anyway?
    Tell Bill and Mike they are an inspiration:)

  18. Hi Christy - I am very fortunate, aren't I? Maybe I'll send them your way when you're ready for your own nest boxes! :-)

    Hi gnightgirl!! I saw your post about the house you are remodeling..that's quite a job you've undertaken! I'm impressed. You will LOVE having chickens...they are so much fun. :-)

    Hi amy - your comment made me smile. Bill has loved seeing all the kind comments on the nest box. :-) I was worried about roosting in the nest boxes, which was why I was waiting so long to install them. So far, so snoozing in the boxes!

    Hi goatgirl! Bill came out to check on the boxes yesterday and I told him. He was so tickled about the "order" you had placed...he even mentioned to Mike that they should start building these for others! :-) Let me know if you need more specifics on the box. The picture in the book leaves a lot of dimensions and info out, too.

  19. Those nesting boxes are are lucky to have such a nice step dad. I think it is so funny how all my hens crowd into the same nesting box and lay taking turns when there are six boxes. They rotate around as well but all lay in the same spot. We have tried the fake eggs but they still lay in the same spot. Fun!

  20. Gorgeous hens, gorgeous next boxes, and hooray for those beautiful eggs! :)


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