Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guess what? GUESS WHAT??!!!!

Oh my gosh, guess already, would you??!

We got our first egg today!

This pretty little girl did it:

It came from here:

And now I can say I have these:

It's barely bigger than a toy:

And it doesn't even measure on the egg-grading scale:

It's a wee bit bigger than a quarter:

But is still too small to sit comfortably in the squirrel's cup:

It's hard for me to imagine eating it right now:

Because I just love it SO much:

So I may just play with it for a while.
I think it looks pretty sharp in the back of this:

This calls for a celebration, don't you think?!


  1. HOORRAYYY! Congratulations chicken mama. This calls for a celebration. I am now doing a jig.

  2. Not that it is not so totally obvious, but I would like to have on the record that this is the most beautiful, amazing, incredible egg that I have ever seen. Laid by the most beautiful chicken that I have ever laid(ha) eyes on.

  3. Aw, frugalmom, you're too kind. And thanks for your second comment. Even though I fed you your words. :-)

  4. Hey. You merely suggested(yelled) words to me, that I did not happen to use the first time. I commented all by myself.

  5. What a wonderful ova pictorial! I loved it! Congratulations on the first egg. My girls don't have much longer to go before they start laying too.

    I don't know if I'll be able to eat the first one either.

  6. Reministent of "the blue lamp" if you ask me! Thanks to your mom for the blog address. I told her I'd spend tonight reading your blog. Now I understand how you became this way. You are two wonderful women! Dianne

  7. Aaaah.... I remember our first egg well. Poke a hole in the bottom, get out the gooey and save the shell in a basket (or squirrel holder).

  8. That must mean I'm not too far behind. I better get some nest boxes in there. Congratulaytions.....get it?

    I think you should blow it out and put it on display like businesses do with their first dollar.

  9. I love it! The celebration photo is great!

  10. Congratulations!

    Kelly says that it's chicken owner tradition that the first egg must be thrown at a shrewd neighbor's car.

    And the second should be scrambled.

  11. Hi amy - thank you! Just wait until that moment when you find your first was so much FUN, I started to cry! (but, hey, they were HAPPY tears!)

    Well, hello Anonymous...I know who you are! :-) Glad you haven't forgotten my buddy, "Bluester"!
    He's got his place of honor in my new bathroom! Really glad you and my momma hit it off so well!

    Hi sugarcreekstuff - I totally used to blow out my cockatiel's unfertilized eggs - in a box somewhere around here is a jam jar with about 35 tiny eggs in it! What a great idea...I just can't bear the thought of cracking this little lovely prize!

    Hi goatgirl - you're funny! And thank you! Yes, get those nest boxes in there...I plan to do this tomorrow. Seriously. Aren't I horrible? I thought I had another 3 weeks to go so my poor baby had to lay in the dirt!!

    NW Nature Nut - Ha, ha...glad you liked the pic. I'm such a happy girl right now. :-)

    Hi meg - please tell kelly thanks for the tradition guidelines. I hope it's not bad luck if I break from tradition in this case, though, because I don't think I could do anything so violent with this purdy lil thing..! :-)

  12. A beautiful first egg! I am so happy for you! I told you that Buff Orpington hens were very special. They are my favorites. Her eggs will get bigger and the shells stronger. Yes, please, get those young hens some proper nest boxes to lay their gifts to you in. That way they will be comfortable and their eggs protected and cushioned. My girls are too old to lay anymore. I do miss going out to the hen house and finding those freshly laid eggs.

    Your egg photos definitely have artistic flare. I love your lighthearted creativity. Thanks for a wonderful uplifting post.

  13. I am totally smiling at the visual of you scurrying around proudly holding that beautiful little egg and posing it in all 13 of those interesting shots.

    Yes. That first egg is love at first sight. I remember mine well. Definetely a cause for celebration.

    Your girl laid really early. She must be quite content living on critter farm.

    Now get those nest boxes built lickety-split or all your girls are going to be laying their eggs in that bright red thing with the wheels.
    (I am SO laughing right now imaging how you to had to position yourself to get that photo. hahahaha!)

  14. Oh WOW! How cool is that? Okay - I admit it - a little amazed that time has gone by THIS fast. Wow! I guess we'd better get nest boxes in, too! Egad - gonna be a busy weekend!

    Totally cool! Congratulations!

  15. Yay! Slip that girl some special treat, and yes, get the nest boxes in, once one starts, the rest will be right behind. Enjoy! Isn't it fun!

  16. Danni all I can say is...

    "You're the Best!!!"

  17. Oh my goodness, I'm soooo excited for you and the girl who delivered! How old is she now? She's *sniff* becoming a woman now.

  18. LOL!! Congrats!! IAhh...I remember fondly my first egg here on the 'stead too.....although I don't think I played with it nearly as much as you have!! :) And just wait! Those Buff Orpingtons are powerhouse layers! Soon enough she'll be laying jumbos so large you won't be able to shut the lid on the carton properly!!

  19. Isn't that just the coolest thing ever!
    I saved our first egg--I blew out the insides and it now sits next to a very lovely clay figure of a chicken that my DD made.

  20. LOL..... you are so fun to read! Congrats on the first egg! I am waiting (patiently~not ) for mine!

  21. lol
    I remember, we were very excited, too, when we got our first egg.
    That is so great!
    You had a lot of ideas on how to take pictures of it! Proud Farmer Women!!
    Have a nice holiday weekend.

  22. Congrats on the first egg! Haha! The eggs will be even bigger, soon, and they won't fit in the egg carton! :)

    We got 2 "first eggs" at the same time one day. Two chickens layed together! LOL

  23. Wow! What does that make ME? A great-grandmother?! We shared your excitement, and Bill and old friend are conspiring on how fast they can make the hen boxes. Can't wait to see who will give you the next egg.

  24. You crack me up! (get it? crack? egg post? heehee.) But seriously (sort of), I never tire of your posts or your fabulous, playful sense of humor.

    I can't wait to hear what becomes of the egg.

  25. I'm so egg-sighted for you and your adorable girl! Beautiful gift she gave you, now you're on your way to having those farm fresh eggs!

  26. I know egg-xactly how you feel. We were very eggcited when we got our first egg. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I will also tender my CongratuLAYtions (good one goatgirl!). Your chickens eggxist to please you, and cheer you up whenever you are in a fowl temper. Be nice to them and they will always be poultry in motion.

  27. What a beautiful Buff Orp...yay for your first egg!!!!

  28. Princess, you really did it up right. I feel kind of shamed with my measly couple of pictures of Maggie's. The truck shot is true art.

    You probably already guessed that my opinion is that you need to eat that thing as part of the process. Like hippies and placentas.

    Make the egg part of you-- at least temporarily.

  29. how EGGciting!! Love the pics, and I am SO jealous, because my girls have not yet attempted any such feats of egg laying

  30. I guess that is pretty exciting for a chicken. Congratulations are in order, yes. However, I feel compelled to mention that it would be a far more celebratory affair had it been a first Peanut. Don't you think?

  31. It is a wonderful feeling to get that first egg! It was us just several days ago and today we gathered seven. I check their nesting boxes a million times a day. Congrats! Kim

  32. It is sweet to read your delight in your first egg. You are now an official greggmother. Congratulations!

  33. I love it!! Especially the wineglass photo. Ahhhhh... it's such a good feeling...that first egg!!

  34. Congratulations! How exciting. That egg looks really good in many different settings.


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