Saturday, July 19, 2008

And then there were five...

Velvet's Baby, 3-year-old gelding

One of the primary goals of running a Satellite Adoption Center for a national donkey rescue is to find loving, forever homes for the donkeys in my care.

While I have had many inquiries and conversations (and one personal visit) about the donkeys since they first came to me at the end of May, I have not found any permanent homes for them. Until now.

Last Saturday, a very nice couple drove about 90 minutes from their home to make an initial visit with the donkeys. By the end of their visit, they had decided that they would like to take Velvet's Baby home. Why him in particular? Because he chose them. Of all the donkeys walking around that day, it was he who made a point of walking over to them, nuzzling the man, eating treats from the woman, and generally just hanging around close. What's interesting to me is that he normally doesn't do this. He trusted them and he liked these people. What more does he have to say to me?

Of course, he put on quite a show for them. Since Holly was in heat, he had plenty of things to say and he said them quite loudly. He was also in the mood to give Pistol, the dominant gelding, a few well placed kicks, bites and shoves, just to make sure that Pistol knew Holly was in heat, too. The snorting that went along with the kicks and and shoves was just icing on the cake. It didn't phase this couple one bit.

The couple handed me their application and left. Two hours later, the woman called me on the phone to say they felt that Velvet's Baby deserved his own name and had already chosen one for him. "Elvis" she said, "because of his beautiful singing voice..." I really like these people.

So this morning, the couple came to pick him up. I had stalled everyone last night to keep V.B./Elvis close and to reduce the stress of rounding him up in the morning.
Of course, he knew something was up when I put his pretty red halter on.
"What? You want me to get in where?"..:

"In there?! I don't think so..."

But he did just fine. I was able to get a movie of the entire loading process, but, while it is funny, entertaining -and educational- for me, I'm not convinced you all would appreciate it the way I do. Suffice it to say that, after some strategic coaxing, pushing, pulling, and hefting, we got the boy loaded:

Before I knew it, they were gone:

Afterwards, I let the five remaining donks out to enjoy breakfast outside:

I'm very happy for Elvis. He is going to a wonderful new home:


  1. Oh Danni I know this is a good thing but I have some tears!! Congrats to Elvis's new family...I hope they send pictures!!!
    Hug all the donks for me!!

  2. Yay for Elvis, and for you for being so brave and upbeat! You rock!


  3. YEAH! Forever homes are a blessing. The couple look like nice, down to earth people. I think the best re-homing choices are made when they animal chooses.

    Will you get another donk in his place?

  4. Hi Danni. I think it is wonderful that "Elvis" found a great home.
    He is such a pretty boy too.
    I hope all the others find just the right place for them also.
    Are you keeping any of the donkeys?

  5. Yay! I'm so happy Elvis went to just the right home.

  6. That's pretty cool, Danni. It must stink to see him go after you've spent so much time with him, but at least you can makes sure the people who take him are good. Sounds like the folks who took him home will do a great job--and I love the new name!

  7. What a great reward Danni! Does this mean you'll get a new one from the the donkey rescue?

  8. Congrats to you on helping Elvis find a forever home. As bittersweet as it may seem, it is a terrific thing.

  9. Awh. I feel kinda sad for you. You must have mixed feeling because you get attached, but you know its good for the donkey.

  10. Mixed feelings I'm sure, but you've chosen a great "job" in finding forever homes for these animals. And Elvis, what a fun name, is going to love his new home. . . the new owners look like they will enjoy Elvis too!

  11. Danni, you are a good and loving donkey Mom. It's always hard to see your babies "leave the nest", but you know in your heart it's in their best interest. It's really good that Elvis chose his new Mom & Dad.

  12. Oh the peace of seeing him pick his people! That right there is just the biggest happy ending indication...yayyy to you for being such a wonderful donkey mom so that he can have his forever home like this :)

  13. Yeehaw.... a home and a name.... good job! Christina

  14. Good On Ya Mate!!!

    Had a brilliant jenny when we farmed in Texas. She was the guardian of our goat herd and stayed with the place. At 17 it wouldn't have been reasonable to move her. Wish we could come out and adopt one, but the drive from Ohio is a bit formidable. Keep at it!

  15. Congrats on finding a good home for Elvis! It sounds like he'll be very lvoed in his new place.

  16. Oh Danni, how wonderful to see Elvis go to a couple of his choosing.

    BTW, thanks for the comments on my blog. I'm pretty excited myself. And the b-day was great.


  17. It sounds as though Elvis is in the right place now. I love the photos. Donkeys are so stinking cute.

  18. Wonderful! I love a happy ending!

  19. That is so awesome! Great job.

  20. Enjoyed reading your blog!


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