Sunday, March 20, 2011

A trip to Morning Bray Farm

One of the really neat things about having my own blog is that I can jump forwards and backwards in time any way I want, telling stories completely out of order, and nobody can complain about it. Well, ok, sure, somebody could complain about it, but by the time they do, I will have already told my out-of-order story and felt quite happy about it. Ah, the power of having my own blog. :-)

Anyway, today, I want to tell you about my visit to Morning Bray Farm - which just so happens to have occurred two Saturdays ago. I never got a chance to post about it at the time because we were all so darn busy and things were happening so fast with Patrick.

But, when I look at the pictures from that day two Saturdays ago, pre-Patrick, I fall in love with Morning Bray Farm all over again and really want to share a few of the shots I took that day.

It may be my blog, but I still hope you won't mind...

When I stepped out of Carson's truck, look who greeted me first. It's Bernard...

He and I hit it right off. It wasn't long before we were comparing shoes:

Lots of important discussions are held over a donkey's back, you know: shy sweetheart:

Nigel was quite interested in how and why Carson was climbing the fence:

Though it was ultimately Bernard who went in for a closer look:

Snack time is serious business around here:

Clearly, I interrupted:

Justina is a wonderful hostess. She brought us refreshments within minutes of our arrival:

And look - just in case I needed reminding where I was:

Because I asked nicely, Don was kind enough to do the "rake trick" with Bernard:

Bernard has a "thing" for scritchy-scratchy noises and will chase Don around if he's dragging something behind him. As you can imagine, it was even more delightful to see in person than when I saw it in pictures:

Auntie Linda had a team of assistants to help her with her photography:

Then we were thirsty. All at the same time. Don patiently waited:

Pretty Meggie had a number of complaints she wanted to alert me to on this day:

Leland was simply exhausted from all the farm work:

And Abigail, well, Abigail just pretty much took it all in:

Momma and Baby Boy are even more gorgeous in person:

Momma Justina asked Auntie Linda to check Fergus' teeth:

Then Bernard was kind enough to show Auntie Linda his teeth for comparison:

We had an amazing lunch. Outside. On their terrace. In March. I was in heaven:

Ellsworth is just as sweet as he looks:

He has the wisdom of the world in his eyes:

When it came time for Carson and me to head back to 7MSN, all heads were together in the hay bin again:

I love these ears:

Can you see them all in there?:

Don and Justina were so much fun to be around:

Now I just need to figure out a way to move Oregon closer to New Mexico:


  1. Aw, so cute. I'm happy to time travel with you anytime, Danni. Very sweet photos.

  2. My first thought was "Bernard really looks like a Bernard!"

    Btw, my word verification is 'likedis' and yes, I did!

  3. Awww, I don't mind the posts being out of order at all...what a wonderful couple of weeks you've had :) I'll be watching to see your progress on that moving Oregon task ;)

  4. I almost feel like I was there, too, through your photos. Donkey folks are most wonderful people!

  5. Loved your story. And I loved your amazing photos, too! :)

  6. Not only do you need to move Oregon near New Mexico, I need to buy a new house with more acreage so I can have donkeys and a llama. I'll be sure to tell my hubby it is all your fault.

  7. I'm jealous, but soooo glad you had a great time!

  8. Beautiful memories of another magical day.

  9. You post in whatever order you want - I'll still enjoy your posts, how can I not love the farm?? Justina and Don, what wonderful people, thanks for sharing your day with us. They need to send that sun to the rest of us! ;)

  10. I certainly won't complain about you blogging out of order. I do it pretty regularly. It's great to enjoy events all over again while you share them with others.

    I'm so glad that you shared all of your visiting with the Morning Bray and 7MSN people and critters. It's great fun!

  11. When I first read the post and you said you'd been busy with Patrick, I thought that was code for saying you'd brought him home with you! Then I re-read and got it straight. ;)
    Thanks for your sweet comment over in my neck of the woods - you're one of my very favorite people, so I'm really, sincerely thrilled that you'll be reading along with us. Take good care, Teri

  12. I look JUST like Meggie when I complain.


  13. Starting your new career as a professional Blog Visitor?

    'Dispelling the misconceptions and providing insights to the nuances of Farm Life across the globe! In next weeks episode Danni dodges croc's and roo's while wresting cattle and weener dogs when she visits "This Little Pig in Australia"!'

  14. I had just resigned myself to not knowing what all went down at Morning Bray farm. Yee Haw for blog time travel! thanks for sharing!

  15. lovely pics. but you do have me wondering what was in the bottle w/ their name on it? and how they came to have that done as it seems as though it would be costly for just a couple of bottles. or do they produce something for sale?

  16. I'm all about moving Oregon closer to New Mexico! :)

    We so enjoyed your visit, Danni... and are thankful that we got to say good-bye to you so many times. :D

    We miss you - please come back soon.

    p.s. I love your pictures... especially the one of you and Bernard comparing shoes and of the "ears."

  17. The pictures are wonderful Danni, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to pack up my car for a road trip to Morning Bray Farm! Especially since the ice and snow are moving on in here in Michigan.

  18. Lovely donkeys! And the goats aren't half bad either. :)


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