Sunday, March 13, 2011

A sunny Sunday spent in the donkey corral

It was a day straight out of my "perfect day" book.
The sun was shining, the sky was blue - and I'm still visiting 7MSN in New Mexico:

Linda and I spent almost the entire day outside.

It was a day of loving on the donkeys (note to myself: one shouldn't sit directly on the ground here, it's a little dusty). (Photo by Linda who was laughing at me):

And grooming beautiful Hank:

There was, of course, some mucking to be done:

But look! This rainy Oregon girl's got sunglasses on!:

It was pretty windy at times:

Hank and I got to know each other a little better:

Lucy and I then took a short rest in the sun:

It felt good to stretch our legs out:

Then Justina and Don from Morning Bray Farm came over and they were totally jazzed when they heard what the plan was for the rest of the afternoon: we'd be hanging with the donkeys and Hank:

Hank loves Justina:

George and Alan were quite intrigued by the saddling up of Lucy:

But it took them a while to get used to the idea of their new sister running around them with their mom on her back:

Then it was Justina's turn. I don't think she stopped smiling the entire time:

And I got a second chance to show Lucy I'm not quite as horrible of a rider as we both thought I was on Friday (though we should really ask Linda since she was the one to take this picture):

Then it was time for the party in the paddock. Even Smooch was able to attend:

George fell asleep for a while. Guess our conversation wasn't as interesting as I thought it was (photo by Linda @7MSN Ranch):

Hank really loves Justina:

No, seriously. He *really* loves her (photo by Linda @7MSN Ranch):

But, of course, he loves Don, too. Here's Don getting a special H.H.N. (a Hank Head Nuzzle):

Did I mention it's quite dusty here? I'm not really used to this:

It was a relaxed and happy day here...:

...spent giggling over animal antics:

And this is pretty much how people, whose lives revolve around their donkeys, love to spend their Sunday afternoons. :-)


  1. New Mexico looks great! But what happened to the Old one?? ;-D

  2. They are so affectionate! LOL at Hank and Justina! :)

  3. Looks like you had a GREAT visit, along with everyone else down there.

    And I'm excited to find another great donkey blog to follow. Hooray!

  4. What a glorious way to spend a Sunday!!! My favorite picture is the one of you (your feet) and Lucy napping!!

  5. It was a perfect day. :) I love the picture of you and Lucy stretched out and relaxing together in the sun. :D

    I still have the song in my head... "Put your ass on my shoulder..." ;) :D

    I'm still mortified that I had your sunglasses on... How did I not even notice that? I would have noticed the second I put them on my face. Gads.

    Sunshine, laughter and friends. What more can you ask for? :) :) :)

  6. I do believe that Linda and the 7MSN gang should consider opening up a "day farm" spa for the equine inclined! It looks so incredibly fun and relaxing and fun and rejuvenating and fun and healing and fun and rewarding just spending your time with the animals and wonderful, like-minded people...

  7. How fortunate you are to escape the chilly wet weather, for lots of warmth and sunshine.

    Looks like you are enjoying every moment... Ah, such is life.

    Couldn't help but notice, the branding on the donkeys, are they BLM rescues? I ask only because we have rescued horses from BLM and recognized the type of brands.

    Thank you for bringing us in on your lovely get away adventures.

    Have a great day!

  8. what fun! maybe you should take some dust home with you! cept then it would be instant mud.

  9. OMG ... I am a new fan of your blog through 7MSN's blog! When Justina and Don show up, it looks like Justina has her Donkey Ears on ... check out that pic! It's enough to make one bray! LOL I'm loving all your pics and I just know you're having a super good time down there in N.M.

  10. I can think of no better way to spend my Sunday than with my friends and my animals. Yesterday was one for the record books. Thanks so much for being here!

  11. Looks like you guys had a great time. Lucy looks like she's always been there and known everyone. So good to see her all settled in.

  12. Looks like you have a wonderful life on your farm. Glad you got a break earlier in the week to get some sunshine, too:)

  13. I remember the dust. *smile* And, the equines with boundary issues. *grin*

    Sounds like you're having so much fun. I'm so happy that you're getting to meet everyone at the 7MSN and Morningbray. What a treat.

  14. I just had to come over and visit your site! LOVE the photos of a perfect Sunday afternnon! hank really does love Justina! :) So glad you had a wonderful visit!

  15. Sun-shine on makes me smile...........


  16. What a perfect Sunday ... friends, smiles, and donkeys!

  17. Looks like your having a marvelous time! I love New Mexico! Its one of our top favorite places to go!

  18. I so want to ride that Lucy! And riding the lawn chair with a glass of wine in hand doesn't look so bad either.

  19. how wonderful to see folks hanging out and beng friends and being friends with critters... the way life should be!

    are we going to see pics of the time at MBF?

  20. Am dashing back and forth between 7MSN, MBF, and your blog. It seems that you have been a witness to the coming of Patrick, surely one of the best happy ending stories of all time. Can't wait to hear your version!

  21. What a great time with some great new friends! I suspect that when you get home, your Critter Farm critters are going to give you plenty of sniffs to try to decide who you've been around and what you've been doing without them to supervise.


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