Tuesday, March 29, 2011

28 out of 29

These are the number of days in March that it has rained here in my part of Oregon. --> 28 out of 29 days <--.

Stop and think about this for just a moment. And now, let's quickly move on.

Rather than belabor this sobering bit of weather trivia, I'd much prefer to share a few things that I've seen around the farm recently. You see, my little farm remains very sweet to me, even though the weather surrounding it has been unusually sour.

Last week, I pulled a kooky egg out of one of the nest boxes. It wasn't fully formed:

The inside membrane was in tact, but the shell never fully fused shut. Such a strange thing:

I watched my nephew's face speak volumes about the tactile experience of touching Roopert the rooster's wattles:

I observed my two nephews being more fascinated with the fire in the fireplace than with their elaborate Star Wars game:

I watched my donkey, Beau, watch my niece, Julia:

He was enthralled with her:

and she with him:

And the two connected in a very gentle way:

And the one day this month that it didn't rain? Please note the squinting llama and my heavy farm coat hanging on the post. It was delightful:

Later on that same day, everyone took full advantage of the warmth and had a delicious afternoon nap:

Yet, while I've been dodging heavy rain showers and dealing with dead mice in goat water buckets, my barn cat, George, has been conspicuously absent:

This is where I found him, smart guy that he is, obviously waiting for drier weather:

See? He really is a barn cat (and doesn't this look like a cozy-dry place to hang out?):

For the first time, one of my hens flew up and landed on my arm when I walked into the run today:

It made me feel really good until I realized that Honey's sole motivation was the corn I had in the orange bucket:

Another first today: George has made it clear that the *entire* property belongs to him. This includes the donkey/llama paddock:

This boy cat has no fear:

Kai llama was her normal inquisitive self:

and needed to get much closer for a good look:

At which point, George quickly and solidly put her in her place:

No hard feelings, though. Kai was happy to escort George out of the paddock:

And had Kai been any closer, George would've been happy to give her another smack:

When last seen this evening, I was sitting on a stump, cracking myself up because I realized I was living an idiom. I was...waiting for my chickens to come home to roost:


  1. i loove your cat George! and the photo of the llama nap. If only I had enough space for llamas :)

  2. Once, I had a chicken that would sit on my shoulder, sit on my hand, and ride my scooter with me. His name was Spike. His mom (who did the same stuff) was named Flower. They were both bantams... until Spike was carried off by a hawk and his mom died of grief.

  3. Oh, 28 days of rain. I feel for you. We get lots of rain in WI, too, but not like that. I'm always happier in the sunshine. :)

  4. Haha. Thanks for letting us share your day. That's great!
    I guess George and Kai have an understanding now. ;)

  5. Number of days in a row it has not rained/snowed in my part of New Mexico --> 50.

    And that last picture? You could have been counting your eggs before they hatch while waiting for your chickens to come home to roost.

  6. IN the summer of 2009 it rained in my region for the entire month of June. Our gardens were ruined, and what had not rotted was eaten by the slugs. I know its hard to stay peppy in this weather but cheer up, the rainy season is almost over?!?!

  7. Shall I sent the package by boat then? Or just waterproof it? lol
    Hoping for sunshine for you and all your critter friends. How lucky for your family to have you.....I never had an aunt with donkeys and other animals.....:)

  8. Your farm just feels like complete contentment when you walk us through like this..When I finished your blog I was in a state of peace..
    That was a bit odd about the egg though..another mystery..
    Thanks for the amazing pic's once again Danni:)

  9. George the Handsome Boy Cat may think he owns the farm and rules the roost but I am thinking Kai Llama is the BOSS! Although, those are both very serious determined faces.

  10. The majority of your post was about animals and family, but the first picture had me floored--28 days out of 29 of rain!!?? I just couldn't do it. Please tell me that the sun peeked out occasionally to give you some respite from the gray!

  11. Well, Critter Farm may be a bit soggy from the 28 but it sure is a delightful place with all kinds of antics going on. Your barn kitty is proving to be quite the hob knobber huh? George is a riot. Have an ubber fabu day, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  12. Reminds me of our cat, Kitty. She owns our house and yard too. She chases the barn cats out of the yard, and is not very friendly towards company. Love the pics of your niece and Beau. How sweet.

  13. Isn't the egg production process amazing? They have great quality control numbers but every once in awhile something gets buggered up.

    Because of your blog I've decided I need to go visit Walter, the llama down the road, more often as I just don't have the room for one here.

  14. Great pics!
    It has rained 21 days down here so far this month.
    I just have a feeling that we will go straight into summer. Oh, there may be a day or two of Spring.

  15. I don't blame the cat one bit. Dry is better any day. I love the hen on your arm. My girls just jump up and hit me in the leg. We are expecting another snow storm Friday, I think I would like to trade some rain for snow. Takers?

  16. That llama nap looked wonderful. Maybe it's because I would so love to find a place in the sun and take one myself.

    I would settle for just some sun, though.

  17. Ok, I'll stop whining about our rain now. It only rained 8 out of 28 days. What a wimp I am!!

  18. ha! Beat ya'! We've had TWO days it didn't rain. And, by the way, do you know just how unusual it is that two boys these days would be more fascinated by the fire than a game? Awesome.

  19. you should write a book! george taking on llamas is just too funny. he is fearless. what a cat.

  20. Oh, that George is a character! My little Lizzy fly's up on my arm only when I might have a yummy treat or two. She loves to be first.

  21. I just love your photos and commentary. I've been complaining about all our rain, but really, it's no where near as many days as you've had!

  22. Boycat G. really is fearless, and I'm amazed that Kai llama came that close to investigate. Did George really swat her? Kai's body language - long neck and all - is delightful. But look: she still has her ears forward. Perhaps she wasn't done with her cat investigation yet.
    I just love her!

  23. Kids and farms, a wonderful combination. Your niece looks like she is so enjoying herself with the LARGE farm animals, I would be afraid myself.

    I am shocked that the kids somehow missed having their pictures taken with the goat boys, how did that happen?

  24. Smarty kitty staying dry like that. Are those jade plants on your fireplace hearth?

  25. It looks like one of your chickens needs some more folic acid! too bizarre.

    And Linda (Carson) do you really have to rub that perfect NM weather in our face! :) But I would like to add that "after you put all your eggs in one basket", you could have been counting your eggs before they hatch while waiting for your chickens to come home to roost. (nothing worse than a story topper, is there)

    and finally, you sure do have yourself one fine barn cat. It is so funny how they think they can take anyone: even someone waaaaayyyyy bigger. He's a tough little guy!

    Thanks for the smiles

  26. Oh the rain. We've had quite a bit of it too here in California. This week the sun is shining and it's wonderful.
    I love the farm post. It's just charming. We are so lucky to be living with animals in the country, Danni, and we can do it until the chickens come home to roast or.... forever.

  27. I've never had an egg like that one! Very interesting.


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