Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today, the thermometer on our weather station reached 56 degrees. This was the warmest day of the year here so far. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, one could practically hear things growing... and I spent almost the entire day outside.

Here are some of the things I encountered.

It's official, my llama Kai has dreadlocks in her tail:

The winter mess that is her coat doesn't bother her one bit, but I am really looking forward to her spring shearing.

Honey, one of my new Buff Orpington hens, has decided that now, weeks after the last chicken finished, is the time to molt. Look at her poor, scrawny neck:

Thumper, my Welsummer, laid a particularly beautiful egg today and then she agreed to pose with it:

Would you just look at the spurs on my rooster, Roopert! By the way, never turn your back on a rooster. I'm just sayin':

Look how well Skippy and Spongebob are getting along. The peacemaking abilities of sunflower seeds are astounding!:

It was so warm in the sun, Roxy, my farm pup, sunbathed against the house for a bit. Look at those drowsy eyes:

I reclined in the pasture for a while to watch the donkeys and Kai llama. It didn't take Chester long to see me and he came right up:

Ah, the infamous donkey knee-sniff:

I love this picture. Sweet donkey legs:

Here comes Beau. He has the uncanny ability of sensing when Chester's getting special treatment:

See? The donkey knee-sniff is legendary:


A group shot with chickens:

My final agenda item for the day was fruit tree pruning. Fortunately, my trusty sidekick, George, was close by:

He went so far as to offer his feline pruning suggestions from among the pear tree branches:

Look at that fancy footwork:

You're such a good helper, George:

I hope you had as lovely of a day as I did:


  1. Gosh Danni, by the pictures you'd think spring was just around the corner! What a beautiful sunny day in the gorgeous northwest! I love the last shot especially.

  2. No, not so much. I would have spent more of it outside had I known it was going to be so darn nice, but I thought it was going to rain, so I made plans for inside work. Then I spent three hours at the opthamologist's office. Fun.

    But I'm glad you had such a nice day with your feathered and furry pals!

  3. Awwwwwww such a sweet post, so much love from your animals !

  4. Love your deck chairs :D I think Kai dreadlocks look cool, in a Fonz Happy Days sort of way. That is a very impressive egg Miss Thumper. Yes never turn your back on a rooster or a bull. Sunflower seeds have amazing powers. Roxy my girls would quite happily join you in the sunbathing department. Knew sniffing I'll have to remember that one. George obviously know his way around trees, and happy to see he was passing on his years of knowledge. He is looking so much healthier and happier.

    Was my day as lovely as yours, I think it would be a pretty hard day to top. Just happy I had you laughing re my lizard. I was trying to be delicate :o

    LiBBiE in Oz

  5. Love that last photo, so very cute! Makes me want a donkey of mine own. Sssshhhhh, don't tell Dan!

  6. Oh the dreaded locks! hahaha
    The tables are turned Danni, we are getting the crappy weather now. Cold and raining here. Tornados on the way.
    I need pear prunning lessons from you and Geroge.

  7. Re last photo, I had no idea donkeys were that big. Lucky you to share your life with all those wonderful animals. If I were younger, I would do that in an instant.

  8. Donkey love! George reminds me of our old cat, Cooper. Coop was an inside, cat though. We had to give him away to family a few years after we brought him home. Anyway, Chester looks like he has a unibrow!

  9. george is quite an acrobat! as always, i love seeing chester and beau! late happy birthday. i love the painted nails. i have not painted mine in.....20 years??? my hands are stuck in food and water so much all day long that it just would not work!

  10. Hmmm...donkey knee sniff? Now there's something my three don't do. I wonder if it's a geographical thing? Might have to conduct a scientific experiment at the earliest opportunity.

  11. Not quite, but almost. Yours was the better, hands down. ;)
    Not sure I'd be brave enough to lay down on the ground though. I'm the one who goes outside and gets bit by the fire ant I didn't see...

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  12. I think I can almost hear those buds getting ready to pop on those trees! Yeah, thanks for a touch of early spring! You are a busy woman - and I love your kind of work!

  13. Please send me some sunshine. I have forgotten what it looks like and shipping can't be THAT much, can it?

  14. I love this post. Nothing better than a peaceful day with all your "kids" - especially the snuggly donkeys.

  15. Love seeing that bare ground and you being able to lie on it! Gives me hope :) Cute pictures as always!

  16. You had a wonderful day outside!

  17. I like the group shot. Amazing how George is now just another member of the team.

    Do you ever wonder that between George, the goat boys, the donkeys, and the others that maybe Roxie has arranged for you to be watched at all times?

  18. looks like all of you enjoyed the nice weather! I just love those donkeys. And I'm looking forward to a post (sometime in the near future) about llama shearing. I'm been curious about that procedure for some time. Also interested in finding out about trimming their feet. Malcolm really wants a llama one day. The idea intimidates me a bit.

  19. What a wonderful day you've had!!! I love the picture of George on the pear tree branches :) He has white whiskers!!!
    Once Spring hits I can't make myself stay inside :)

  20. I can't imagine your place without George now he is just part of the furniture. Enjoy the sunshine.

  21. I am officially jealous. That green green grass makes me drool. You have some wonderful helpers - I can see you are well supervised throughout your chores. Lot's of wonderful noses to check out what's going on. Have a great remainder of the week!

  22. are those the birthday chairs??? too cool!

    loving the dreads :) maybe you should try some to go with that purple polish!

  23. Pretty cool. Some people pay really good money to get the look that Kai has going on her tail.

  24. Ah, the promise of spring. How nice. I knew Kai was a trendsetter, but dreads? Wow. I do believe George has you as his own. Smart kitty.

  25. Great photos! I have never heard of the "donkey knee sniff". Betcha you made it up. ;-}


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