Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st

I have always loved the month of March. Not only is it my birth month, but it is the month that spring returns, daylight savings time resumes and the garden season begins. There is so much hope contained in this one month, I begin to feel happier just from the simple act of flipping the calendar page over from February to March.

However, when I was tucking the animals away last night on the final night of February, it was doing this outside:

As I put myself to bed last night, it had gotten to this:

And this morning, the 1st of March, this is what we woke up to:

If I had any thoughts of starting seeds early this year, this morning reminded me why I shouldn't do this:

Trees were lying sideways from the wet and heavy snow:

Blooming daffodils were all but completely obscured:

George, the barn cat, told me - in no uncertain terms - that he'd be spending the day on his front porch cushion:

Would one of you please come and have a cup of coffee with me at my deck table? I think it would make an awesomely funny photo:

The chickens (and Roopert the rooster) told me they needed extra sunflower seeds to get through the morning:

My toad, Ted, had a heavy load to balance on his leaf umbrella:

Pete and Reggie refused to be coaxed out. Snow is scary, you know:

This tree made me laugh when I walked by it. It is interesting without snow, too, but today it really stood out:

The mood from the barn was a bit subdued:

Instead of breaking ice on the stock tank, I scooped out net-fulls of snow (See Mr. Goldy at the bottom of the water on the right hand side? He is alive and well):

Can you spot the donkey?:

Kai llama *loves* this weather:

She couldn't wait to go off and explore after I let her out of her stall:

Look how happy snow makes my girl - she's smiling!:

Happy March 1st! This will be a happy month. :-)


  1. Happy March to you too!!!! Love the photos!!!!

  2. Wow, you got quite a bit of snow! I really like that last photo with Kai smiling.

  3. Oh Mi! Well the March 1st is the first day of autumn (fall) here, and it was 38C with 90% humidity. I must say the snow does look inviting :D I laughed at the frog with is umbrella with what looks like 6 inches of snow with the circle of ground around his feet. And daffodils trying to hold their heads above the snow. Now are they gold fish or cold fish? Then there is Kai Llama, she truly does love the snow, and she has a lovely big smile on her face in the last photo.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. You have a March birthday too! Happy Happy. I absolutely love the photos of Kai. She is smiling! Poor everybody else, including the daffodils! :)

  5. Happy March to you, too! March is my birth month, as well. I am very thankful it didn't snow here in PA!

  6. Happy March to you! The one nice thing about March is that if you do get snow, it' sure to melt quickly.

    I hope I didn't just jinx this for you !

    As always, love the pics!

  7. Somebody might need to take herself on a spring break vacation if this weather keeps up.

  8. Your little mini-tours are so much fun, thanks for dragging us along!

  9. that was a very unexpected snow...when i woke up, there was an inch on the ground where i live. but it was very spotty; just a couple of minutes by car there was nothing. regardless, i sure enjoyed it!

  10. i love your snow covered photos. i'm hoping spring is just around the corner also. have a happy birthday this month, it's my month also! aren't we march babies special. hope it warms up for you and your animals soon!

  11. Love the picture of the donkey! Like he's saying "Did you order this?" Too cute!!

  12. Hey, Happy Birth-month! I'm a March baby, too. *high five*

    Haven't seen any photos of the other feline adoptee...has he been around much lately? Hope he's okay.

    I love the photo of the frog. Nice.

    Kai is so sweet and goofy. I'm sure she'll have the others outside frolicking in the snow, in no time.

    My hat's off to Goldie. Jeez, that fish is a real trooper.

  13. Love Kai Lama. And all your photos. Thanks!
    Stay warm. :)

  14. I'm another March birthday girl. I think all us March birthday folks should come over right now and have that cup of coffee (with a nice chunk of that chocolate chip bread) out on your snowy deck. It would be great fun!

    Love your photos, Danni. And who wouldn't love to have a llama smiling at them!

  15. I'm a March too! I will get my snow pants on and meet you for a cup!

  16. A few years ago - I won't say how many -I was really looking forward to meeting you. I had gotten everything ready for your arrival, and I was waiting and waiting. But you had your own sense of timing and didn't show your little face for another three days!
    So for me, March is also a month full of hope and wonder. Everyone should be smiling. Not just Kai Llama.

  17. I apologize in advance, but I'm glad you got the snow and not us. I've had enough of staying in the barn with Ella.

  18. seriously... you should publish... your description of things is so wonderfully poetic and peaceful! Happy Birthday. My Margaret was supposed to be in couple of days but she came a week early and just caught the second to last day of Feb. Great time a year for a birthday.
    I'd love to meet you for a coffee and to make the picture even sillier we could put on our bathing suits and have someone take it quick quick :) haha! (I hate to be cold so actually, I'd have to have someone paying me to do that)

    thanks for the snow tour of Critter Farm

  19. Daffodils in snow, how sad! But it will melt soon. That's one happy llama in the last pic. Glad GOldy is hanging in, too.

  20. I love my march, too...also my birth month. :) enjoy the snow!! ours finally melted, but who knows, it could return anytime...the joys of spring.


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