Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going home and what I found there (in 2 parts)

Part 1: Going home

Yesterday morning at 7MSN...
I ate one last really incredible pretzel-n-white chocolate cookie (made by Carson):

I went to give George a hug goodbye but instead he took a nap on the back of my head:

I gently asked Snapdragon to remove himself from my coat:

I gave Smooch a final scratch on her hiney:

and then Carson and I drove through the gate, leaving 7MSN behind us:

I was able to get onto my plane using only this:

Technology. It just boggles my mind sometimes. :-)

Part 2: When I got home, I found...

It was still raining.

My sweet Jim had an umbrella waiting for me:

At home I unpacked a dusty camera:

that smelled wonderfully like donkey, right here on these buttons:

It was unfortunately too dark to get any pictures of my critters last night, but this morning...well, while my big guys did seem happy to see me, they were happier to see their food:

(One indication of how wet it has been is to look at their coats. Kai llama, Chet and Beau have clearly been spending a great deal of time rolling in their stall bedding!)

In between rain showers, it pretty much looked like this all day. Does anyone know how long my "sunny New Mexico high" will last me?:

Everyone at the coop was quite excited to talk to me about my trip:

which we discussed at great length over sunflower seeds:

until they were gone:

Roxy, my farm pup, was her usual helpful self. She was polite enough not to mention the "other dog" smell on my things:

George spent a good part of the afternoon peering at me through the kitchen porch door:

Late this afternoon, Roxy and I took the goat boys for a walk:


..and Reggie were both in top form:

The sun even shined a bit on its way down:

Oh, and one more Albuquerque airport commemorative t-shirt fits perfectly:

I had such a great trip, but it does feel good to be home. :-)


  1. There's no place like home ;) But, what an adventure you had! :)

  2. they were all wonderful pictures but I loved the one of Roxy in the suitcase....

    I'm beginning to love donkeys because of you....

  3. Welcome back! You had a wonderful trip filled with adventures. That picture of George cracked me up. I know that look he gave you, but I can't print what he's thinking here in this public comment area...

  4. George (the cat) is really Sylvester from Tweety Pie! :D

  5. Very very sweet. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Poor George - he just knows you found other cats you could be around with your allergies. I'm loving the goat walk/dance/jig. Too bad you had to come home to the rain.

  6. Gosh, I can't even imagine rain anymore, it's been so long since we've had any here in southern New Mexico. It's wonderful to see it on your blog.

    Love the shirt, very New Mexican! We always have a hard time explaining that stuff to our New England friends!

    Looking forward to Part 2...

  7. It always feels good to come home, even after a wonderful trip like you had with the burro bunch!

  8. Thanks for sharing your amazing trip! I believe the sun will find it's way to OR very soon--and stay awhile. :)
    LOVE the t-shirt~~

  9. Oh my goodness... that photo of George makes me laugh! He looks like a muppet.

    Welcome home.

  10. Whoohoo! The app worked! I hope your sunny NM high comes back every time you look at your vacation posts.

  11. Hi! Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog :) Take care!


  12. My husband and I visited your part of the world a couple years ago. We loved the lack of wind and how green everything was. We were there for a week, and the sun shone I think for only 2 days. But we loved it anyway.
    BTW: we're from Kansas, the WINDY DRY state. :)

  13. I love that ALL your critters were there to greet you and show you, in their own way, that they missed you. Including your husband (*smile*) and George & Clyde. It's bittersweet leaving the 7MSN, isn't it?

  14. ha ha, it didn't stop raining once while you were away (except, maybe, for briefly yesterday, when the sun came out, then it snowed AND rained).

    boo, mud.

    thanks for sharing your trip!

  15. Lovely post. From sun to rain, but oh well. Home is Home wherever your heart is.

    Welcome home!


  16. I'm glad you had fun but i have to tell you how much I adore George. he looks like he belongs in a cartoon. So sweet.

  17. The shirt is a keeper and truly Nuevo Mejico. And as Clairz said hard to "splain" to those that ain't been.
    Glad you had a lovely adventure in NM. Also glad you are safe at home.
    Your critters all looked happy to have Mom back. Well done.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  18. Roxy just cracks me up! I've so enjoyed your journey to 7MSN. Lots of laughs and tears, I feel like I went somewhere too! The app... that's pretty cool. Maybe the rain will quit for a day and bring a drop of sunshine to you're pasture too! :)

    Ann in WI

  19. Oops, I get it. We already got the two parts today. Well then, I can't wait for the NEXT post!

  20. What a fabulous farm visit! I am a bit jealous!

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