Friday, March 18, 2011

I know spring is coming because

The chickens are laying enough eggs for Jim to take and sell at work again:

My seed-starting greenhouse has been pulled out of the back room of the barn:

Chester trims the lawn while I trim the perennials:

Roxy starts drinking from the hose again:

We start adding additional members to our late afternoon walks:

and Dottie, my White Crested Black Polish hen:

...ends her 6-month egg laying sabbatical (this year it lasted 7 months!) and begins to gift us with her pretty white eggs again:

We are all ready for spring!:


  1. Yes, Spring is certainly on its way. Yesterday it was sunny all day and today it rained all day and then it snowed.A bit confusing for the animals. The chickens decided to stay inside and lay eggs. We may have to start selling some too.
    Love the photos. Love the afternoon walk....

  2. We've got eggs like crazy right now too. I love the variety in color - so much fun. I take them to work and give them away... never thought about selling them. Oh well, it keeps my staff happy!
    ~ and those goats on the walk are hysterical!

  3. oh your own personal lawn mower... I need one of those
    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. What a wonderful crew you have. I love the goats "dancing."

  5. Wow - a seven month sabbatical! I hope mine don't hear about that!! Lovin the afternoon walk - looks like it's enjoyed by all. And Chester, what a great help trimming up the grass. On a side note, I'm going to write a post about chicken coops. Ok to link to one of your posts that shows yours? Your coop and outdoor run are fantastic and I wanted everyone to see it.

  6. Is that your lane or is it a common road? I'm laughing at the thought of neighbors driving by while you walk your goats and llama. Getting out to clean out the flower beds around here too today. Although you are way ahead of us on the grass.

  7. i really should live by you. i can never get enough rain! i have major egg envy!

  8. Hi Danni - I've been away for the past week, but am back and now have read your blog posts.

    7MSN and NM are awesome! :) I love NM, I lived there with a friend for a short time when I was 19. It changed my life. Amazing place. I love your tumble weed and also the poop pics! the boarding pass on the phone is pretty amazing, isn't it? I love technology. It's like the world slowed down at 7MSN, and maybe your were able to slow down a bit, too.

    Lucy's directions for your walk were pretty funny. That's how we remember things here on our property - at the big steep hill, turn right. When you get to all the really big old oak trees, turn left. Look for the boulder on the right side of the property...

    I am so happy Spring is returning. I missed my old friend, Spring. It looks like Dotti probably did. too!
    Happy Saturday!


  9. Not a speck of dust in sight (that's Oregon envy speaking).

  10. Thank Goodness!!
    I have yet to find someone in my area to buy eggs from :( We have 3 huge chicken processing plants around here so most farmers "grow" for them instead of for individuals...getting behind those chicken trucks a couple of days a week has almost turned me off chicken completely :(

  11. Here in Washington, we are very excited about Spring too! Love your hen. She's beautiful.

  12. I'm glad you got a little boost by going to NM.
    Spring seems all the more special when the animals help ring it in, doesn't it?

    My word verification sounds like a Shakespearen name: Pentenso

  13. Oh..Danni..what beautiful pic's.. I love it when you take us on walks with your camera..
    I sure wish I lived close enough to buy a dozen of those eggs every week or so..
    Hope things are drying up a bit in your neck of the woods..Will you be getting April showers?

  14. The label on your eggs is just the cutest! Luckily I have a gal at work that has some happy hens too! Oh their so good. I like the lawn mower, can he come to my house too? LOL ;)

    Ann in WI

  15. You need to provide a better close-up of your Critter Farm egg sticker so we can see it. (I know it is the same as the drawing on the top right, but that is just because I hang out here way too much!)

    I checked you egg count, you have a ways to go to catch me and my 8 layers!

    I love all the green, I can't wait to get rid of all the snow here. How is Kai on the leash?

  16. welcome home! I can see you had a wonderful trip, but coming home has to feel great! Loved the "spring is comin" pictures! This post made my heart smile!

  17. Spring is coming here too, as soon as it stops snowing! Great photos Danni. I like your egg carton labels. Very nicely done.

  18. Oh, so green. I'm sharing Carson's envy. *sigh*

    We miss you!

  19. Once the snow decides to move on, maybe we'll see what spring is like. . . hope it comes sooner than later! Beautiful eggs.

    California Grammy posting from my sister's little piece of heaven in California's wine country.

  20. Danni, I so enjoyed your trip to Linda's, I was following along daily.

    Yes, we are getting a 2nd Great Pyrenees so the puppies can grow up together. We're picking up BarbaraJean next SAturday.

  21. Pete and Reggie crack me up! Woohoo - spring starts tomorrow and it IS coming! EGGcitingly wonderful! I love the look on Roxy's face as you got home, it's like, "Are you gonna stay here now? I missed you!"

  22. Peppermint, is there a farmers' market near you? The ones here almost always seem to have eggs for sale.

  23. Farmlady - you had snow? Ok, I guess I shouldn't complain about the rain then. :-)

    Hi Annette - thanks for your comment. My goat walks are the highlight of my day! I laugh *so* hard every time. :-)

    Hey Brenda - No kidding......!!

    Hi Libbie!! You can borrow Chester as soon as you move to my neighborhood! :-)

    Hi Clairz - thank you! My goat boys are always entertaining!!

    Hey Life at Cobble Hill (Staci) - Dottie's story is a long one. Her egg-laying sabbatical is just one of her many (many) "quirks" that we love her for. heh.
    Absolutely, please link to me. And thanks!

    Hi Christine - the road is a private road that about 8 other residents use, in addition to us. Neighbors do frequently drive by. I have no doubt that I am considered the "crazy goat lady". ha ha. Funny thing is, I don't mind a bit! :-)

    Jaz - you crack me up with your weather preferences!! Definitely, move to Oregon and help me keep my spirits up during our 11 1/2 months of rain/mud! :-)

  24. What a great story...Love the Bray Farm...and that little "Butthead"..he's just adorable..they can get a bit testy when they are guarding the hens.


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