Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And the 30th made up for all the others

March 30th turned out to be a wonderful day! After 28 days of rain, it didn't rain once. The sun didn't shine much, but it was warmer and drier... and, quite simply, it was a day meant to be spent outside.

Do you know what this is?:

It's a Trillium. They've started to bloom!

Honey hen completely bypassed my arm this morning and went straight for the scratch bucket:

Skippy was totally taking notes:

Since the rain had stopped, it was finally time to try to fix the part of the fence my goat boys have been escaping through:

It sure isn't gonna look pretty, but you know what?

I'm the girl who's using orange baling-twine as fencing in the adjacent chicken pasture. I'm not too concerned with "pretty" at this point - it just needs to work:

And it does:

Because I could contain them again, look who got to come into the middle pasture and help me with pasture clean-up today:

And they were in prime helpful form, too:

Pete assisted by scratching his head:

rubbing his nose:

and licking the rake:

Reggie did his part by staring intently at me. This wasn't uncomfortable at all:

I'm always a little nervous when everyone is in one pasture together, especially Chester and the goats:

- but everyone did just fine.

I still would never leave Chester in the pasture alone with the goat boys. It just wouldn't be prudent:

But with me right there, raking up dead moss and dried blackberry brambles, everyone grazed peacefully:

Beau came over repeatedly for hugs and pats. He was very happy we were all outside together again:

There was even a bit of kissing going on:

After some time, I took a break:

and that's when I noticed the audience on the hill behind us:

It was then that George decided to scoot through the electric fence to be with us:

Reggie gets really intense when he's nervous about something. Neither he nor Pete care much for George. George just freaks them out for some reason:

This was as close as Pete would get. Big chicken:

Even when George went back on the other side of the fence, things were still a bit tense. Here's George:

And here are Pete and Reggie staring at George:

It was 8:04pm when I finally came inside for the evening. These are the days I have been waiting for! The air smells fresh, the frogs are croaking, I can be outside in a sweatshirt instead of my huge coat, and I can hear things growing.

Today was a really good day.

We all thought so:


  1. Just great! :D Got a big silly grin on my face as always after reading your posts ♥

  2. Haha. Maybe Pete has had his nose ventilated by George and therefore won't get close...

    My first guess for the flower would be Jack-in-the-pulpit, but I am really clueless, sorry.

    Hopefully someone else will recognize it.
    Have a great day! :)

  3. Looks lovely out there! I wish I had a real pasture to sit in with my goat. Reggie has the same face my goat gets when they stare intently!

  4. Sounds like my kind of animal afternoon. Lucky you. I could almost smell the good earth. :)

  5. That picture of the cats makes me think of the two old guys in the balcony on The Muppet Show.

  6. Goats who stare at cats--love that picture. You've really got that peaceable kingdom thing going on there, Danni!

  7. jenny in MN now in AZMarch 31, 2011 at 5:54 AM

    What a fabulous day! Love these pictures. Great capture of the action. Oh how I would love to spend a day like this. :)

  8. this looks like a wonderful way to spend a day! All one big happy family of friends enjoying the great outdoors together in the Spring air!

  9. I absolutely LOVE orange bailing twine! Isn't it amazing what one can do with it? So glad you enjoyed your non-rainy day. We're now waiting for the rains to stop. While it hasn't been 28 days, we have had almost 4 inches in the last five days. Enough is enough.

  10. I'm so looking forward to this kind of day where we are as well. It's just been too cold and windy lately, but maybe this weekend. That was funny about George and the goat boys. The other day one of our calves was facing down one of the barn cats. The calf kept charging the cat and then hopping backwards away. The cat just stared. :) Thanks for sharing your afternoon with us.

  11. I think your fence it beautiful! But, this is comming from the girl who is putting the flat pieces of truck bedliners around the bottom of her chicken coop! LOL! Hey, whatever works, right?!

    By they way, I just started following you yesterday.... love the blog!

  12. What a wonderful day for you! We move to our little farm on April 13 and I'm so anxious to get out and play in the dirt and with critters until dark-thirty, too!

  13. You know the weather must be glorious when it's a two-camera day for Danni.

  14. That was a great post to read from a very dry, brown area!

  15. It has rained a lot here too and yesterday was the first beautiful, sunny day in a very long time. And you can hear things grow here too. I love to see the critters of Critter Farm all together with you. The cats are a great addition.--Inger

  16. Ha! We were so glad to give you a break since your rain moved up here for a couple of days. :)

  17. If you have love snuzzles and helping hooves you can not ask for anything more..........

  18. I love those kind of days too. Boy the goats sure did look instense with the cats. That's funny. My goats completely ignore my cats. The dogs on the other hand...well...that's a different story. Love your post.

  19. I love your crew of critters and the care and concern you have for them. The goat boys are so sweet. And their cautiousness of George may be something that is just as well for all concerned. We had a goat once who was friends with a tuxedo kitty like George. Alfalpha was the goat's name. He loved Boots so much that he would eat his hair. Poor kitty. He looked like a wreak all the time...but they did love each other. I often wondered why the cat would let the goat "eat his fur" but I think the cat saw it as grooming. Who knows. The Olde Bagg.

  20. I love your blog, have I said that before, ummm like every time I leave a comment. But I'm thinking it every day. It's like this magical little world I get to visit, sit back relax for a minute and enjoy. I leave with a smile every day.

    Thanks for sharing your guys with us.
    Ann in WI

  21. My husband can't understand why I am on this "we need goats" rampage. I'm going to start telling him "It's Danni's fault" -- because it is, really. They are sooooooo dang cute!!

  22. Well, WE had rain yesterday, but today looks better so far. And I do believe lambs are on the way.... ;-)

  23. I had a big smile on my face, too. I love seeing your loving home life.

  24. How great to be out with your critters. I find it hilariously funny that the goat boys are fearful of George.

  25. This is the best post, Danni! I'm so glad you finally got a break from all the rain, and I love how everyone pitched in to help you work in the pasture. All of your pictures are great, but the picture you took looking over your feet at Beau is awesome. It looks like it's in 3D. I just love that picture. And those goat boys are a hoot, aren't they?

  26. Glad you got a day outside. I just love this post and all of your "helpers".

  27. That is funny that the goats a so wary of the cats, maybe they think they are scouts for cougars?

    It is funny that you are out there as an enforcer of the peace. Kind of like mom with the kids, everything is fine while you are watching but if you leave them alone it will be all fun until someone loses an eye (that is what my mom used to say).

  28. What a wonderful day! And George probably loves ruling the goats; after all, cats are royal!

    Nancy in Iowa

  29. George cat and his companion DO look like the two old men on the Muppet Show!. I really had to laugh at that observation. And the whole blog? I'm still smiling. Very sweet.

  30. glad you got to enjoy a break in the weather.

    you are a girl after my own heart: use what ya got, fix a problem, make is functional, and don't worry about the rest! As you might here down here: "git er done!"

    and is that Clyde cat in the one photo??? I was thinking about him...

  31. My goats just butt my cats....

  32. I love this post. Pete and Reggie are the cutest goat boys ever. :)

    You must have been so happy to see everyone out enjoying such a glorious day together!!!

    LOVE the last picture of you and Beau.

  33. I would gladly trade some of your rain for our hot days of 80 degree weather already.

  34. A great day! It cracks me up that the goat boys are afraid of George. He's such a sweetie and gorgeous too.


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