Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Footprints, catprints and wheelbarrow tracks

This sounds like a title to a very eclectic post, doesn't it? Really, though, I just wanted to show you this photo because it made me smile:

A few people have asked me how Clyde, the tiny patchwork, Siamese-type (formerly referred to as "calico") cat is doing:

He disappeared early last week and totally stressed us out, but then he just showed up again after a few days and has been here every night since. Through the porch window is the only way I can photograph him, though - he loves our place, our food and our front porch bench, but he really doesn't want anything to do with us personally and he'll bolt away if I even touch the front door handle:

When it was really cold and icy, we took to feeding him and George on the front porch instead of up at the barn:

And speaking of George...he continues to make himself right at home:

He decided it was time to investigate the interior of the house on Monday:

Sadly, immediately following his sweet, little house call, I had an allergy attack like I haven't had for months. sigh. I really like this cat:

In other news, the goat boys are happy to report:

...that their favorite goat-house-cleaner-outer was here again:

Thanks, Scott!!

And llamas. Aren't they just the silliest? As I was mucking out the donkey stall this morning, Kai came in right next to me and proceeded to take her dust bath:

Guess she loves the feel of relatively fresh donkey dung on her skin. Who doesn't?!:

Funny thing is, if she would let me give her a great big hug right now, I'd totally do it:

And to think I started this thinking it would be a "Wordless Wednesday" post... :-)


  1. Great post! I'm glad it wasn't wordless. All of your critters look happy and I think Clyde will come around :D

  2. Your critters are so cool! I'm sure they give you lots of smiles. :D

  3. Oh, that's too bad you had an allergy attack. I'm thankful my allergies allow me to at least live with the animals in the house. I'm sick from time-to-time, but it's manageable. Poor George.....just trying find a room he likes. And Clyde - what a dashing fellow. I had a Clyde but he was a rooster. Brings back memories. Loving the Goats and Kai. I'd have to say I'd hug Kai too - litter, dust, dirt, whatever and all!!

  4. The tracks made me smile too and so did the rest of this post. Did you read my Mama Llama and the Goats story of last week? I didn't base it on Kai, but I think she's that Mama Llama too, looking after her little goats.--Inger

  5. Clyde doesn't look like a nice cat- Although I would cuddle George! I would hug Kai too. In that last picture, he looks a little smug!

  6. Poor Clyd, I'd be scared too if I had to share the porch with that crazed chicken I think George just came inside to avoid those pesky "birds" that always seem to be swooping around by your door. Rolling in Donkey dung - people in Europe pay big bucks for a spa treatment like that! Hmmm, can't quite seem to be able to make out Scotts face....

  7. I'm thrilled to see the cats standing next to the chickens!!! Now I have no more excuses! I shall have some chickens!!! Goats and llamas next!!
    "Wordless" Wednesdays are overrated ;)

  8. love the shots... and those footprints make me smile, too. so glad Clyde showed back up. He's probably been on his own for a bit being that he is so human skiddish. glad you are caring for him though!
    I had no idea llamas rolled like that! somehow, they seem too dignified or prudish or whatever! love the shot you caught of Kai in action
    bummer about the allergies. I'm that way around horses. claritin usually takes most of the edge off but sometimes, I'm a mess for the next 24 hours.... still worth it, though!

  9. I'm Having a stressful day at work today but having a sneak look at your blog has cheered me right up! Your animals are such gorgeous characters. I love cats too except for the itching sneezing bit!'

  10. Great pictures! Love the llama taking her dust bath!

  11. I love your blog! Of course, I am also a complete wannabe farm-girl... ;)

  12. I'm glad to hear Clyde is still hanging around. Poor old guy. You really are killing me with all the llama photos though. I swore I wouldn't bring any animals here that I couldn't lift. I guess I'd better get a gym membership because I think I need a llama.

  13. Hello!!

    I just found your blog how wonderful I love it!!! I also live on a make shift farm in the city!! LOL

    You can view my blog at!!

    Love your blog!

  14. I love your farm....kinda reminds me of my house. Our little dog Ellie Mae has this thing about rolling in the manure we apply to the lawn....cow manure. The larger dog loves to disguise himself with cat droppings.....oh city animals they make do (haha) with what they can. Your llama is adorable with the dust bath thing. Happy Weds. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  15. I'm right there with you on the hug. I don't think there's anything wrong with us. :)

  16. Your post felt very peaceful to me and made me smile. A nice thing to read at the end of a long day. Thanks Danni.♥

  17. Has anyone noticed that Critter Farm is becoming more and more populated?
    It reminds me of the time that my city back yard and home were inhabited by a sheep, a goat, countless hamsters, a bunny, a cockatiel, a parakeet, a horse, more than two dogs.....
    They all followed a little (farm)girl home one day.

  18. I love the footprints in the snow, both human, cat and the wheel. Glad Clyde knows which side his bread is buttered on, and George is making himself at home.

    Maybe you can blame your allergy attack for the change in your eyesight and stitching from 8 years ago.

    I am really starting to fall in love with Kai, she is such a character. I will admit I never thought that much about Llamas, but Kai has really changed my opinion.

    Nite LiBBiE in Oz

  19. Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you have a great day! :)

  20. Such lovely balance.

    And what fun to have a goat house cleaner outer!


  21. Another happy day.

    Thanks for the update on Clyde. Just give him time. He'll come around.

    I KNEW it! I knew we'd see George inside the house before too long. That guy is a sweet talker and a lady's man. No doubt! *grin*

  22. when i had horses, every time i bathed them they rolled in the dirt. i figured it must have worked as a fly repellent. i don't know why but i only get notified for like every 3 of your posts. when i clicked on the one for this morning i saw that i had missed 2 others. weird!

  23. Clyde will come around! He just needs time. What a sweetie. And George and the llamas are lovely too. :)

  24. Great post and great pictures! And I can not beleive you let George in the house! Whew! I love that cat too, but in the house? The house is your refuge from the allergies!


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