Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things found in a donkey pasture

Today, I took a walk through the wooded donkey pasture. Among other things, I found...

A donkey named Chester:

A very dirty llama:

An interesting hole in a Douglas Fir tree:

Evidence of the big critters eating moss and bark underneath interesting hole in previously mentioned Douglas Fir tree:

Three curious animals wondering what could be so interesting that I'd be walking away from them:

A different version of the Push Me-Pull You from Dr. Doolittle:

The uncanny feeling of being followed:

A normally pushy donkey maintaining his distance because of llama body language. Smart donkey:

The donkey jolly ball that has been "lost" for about five months:

Signs of beavers?

No, just further evidence of Beau the donkey's worsening wood chewing habit:

A donkey tête à tête:

Supportive donkey assistance for the walk back up the hill:

I love the donkey pasture. There's always so much going on.


  1. Two line haiku for donkey farm:


    Mocha Barney, Winnie Churchill and Ashley Pumpernickel

  2. I'm beginning to think that donkeys might be better than dogs...

  3. A very interesting day. Being from the southern hemisphere, I'm wondering if your interesting hole is from a woodpecker? Sorry grew up on Woody Woodpecker :o

    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. Ew...I hope that Jollyball was originally green. Tee hee.

  5. they are the cutest donkies! and you are a very cute llama too kai!

  6. Those are some lucky donkey boys to have a interesting pasture like that. Nice!

  7. I enjoyed your walk through the Donkey pasture. Llama sure do communicate clearly and Chester was understanding clearly. Smart animals.

  8. Better the downed timber than the barn.

  9. YOU DID IT!!!! Your final blog for the month of January..what a delightful one to see pic's of the donkeys..I'll miss the everyday blog..but will continue to be an avid reader of what you do print!!

  10. I love your donkey trail! That photo of you and the one sneaking up is adorable ~

  11. I love your donkey pasture, too! :)

  12. I continue to observe the unconditional love your animals have for you. What a gift you have understanding them and giving them the loving care they cherish. One of your many talents.
    Speaking of talents, writing is another. Is it true that you'll no longer blog daily? How about giving February a chance? It only has 28 days!

  13. I just love, love, love donkeys. And Kai is a goodie too...yeah you can tell those ears mean, "oh no you don't". Funny how animals get it....sometimes folks don't.
    I loved that you included us on the adventure walk this morning. Thanks, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  14. Push Me-Pull You, I wonder how many people will get that reference?

    I get nervous going in with the rams, I can't imagine walking around with the donkeys.

  15. write a childrens book and use your own photo's

  16. btw...the donkey pasture seems to be lacking grass, is there grass in the summer?

  17. Oh....sigh, I dream of my own donkey farm. I just love feeling a part of yours for now though.

  18. Was that a bullet hole in the tree?

  19. I loved the donkey pasture too. Thanks for taking us along. :)

  20. Hi Euthymic:

    Hi "And This Little Pig" (Libbie): We have many woodpeckers around here and so, I am assuming, this hole was made by one of them. The other side of this same tree has three similar holes in it.

    Zitrone, thank you so much for inquiring about my future blog posts. :-) At this time, I regret to inform you that there are no concrete plans to continue daily postings, however there are also no plans to stop daily postings, either. So.. in other words, you'll know when I know. :-)

    Chai Chai - WHAT? You think people have forgotten that wonderful classic of a movie that first introduced scores of children's imaginations to the amazing Push Me-Pull You? Gasp and sob is what I have to say to that. Or, it could also be you're just calling me old. Either way, at least you got the reference, too. :-) :-)
    I think rams are an entirely different entity than gelding donkeys. Although quite large, they are, for the most part, exceptionally gentle and so delighted when humans spend time walking through their space. I think you'd really like it...and all the attention you'd get from them. :-)

    Joanna - you're fun. Thanks for saying that.

    btw, Chai Chai, my use of the term "pasture" as in "donkey pasture" is used loosely. The donkey pasture is a heavily wooded area that has no grass of any kind. The middle pasture and the chicken pasture (remember that one? lol) are the areas that have some kind of grass (although not official pasture grass) growing. We hope to improve those areas over the next couple years.

    Hi Mike, No, not a bullet hole...just a very persistent bird, most likely a downey woodpecker. As I mentioned above, there are three similar holes on the other side of the tree, too.

  21. Came over to see you from Christine's blog (in Indiana). I live in southern IN. tell me why you have all of those animals. like, what is their purpose?
    Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

  22. Came over to see you from Christine's blog (in Indiana). I live in southern IN. tell me why you have all of those animals. like, what is their purpose?
    Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

  23. Time for a cribbing collar for your beaver disguised as a donkey?


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