Sunday, January 9, 2011

So, today we went with the all-white ensemble

We woke up to a completely white farm this morning:

The walk up to the barn felt special. It was the type of snow that makes noise when it reaches a surface. The air was crystal clear and cold, yet the snow seemed to muffle and insulate the sounds around me:

The animals acted more alert, as if a new adventure was about to unfold:

This particular snowfall wasn't in the forecast. I'd say we got about an inch and a half:

Kai doesn't seem to have a problem with this weather at all:

The donkeys, however, felt the need to have a discussion with my son, Aidan, about their night:

and, being the good listener that he is, they immediately moved in close so they could give him all the details:

Look at those earnest faces. Who wouldn't want to hear what they have to say?:

Beau had a secret he wanted to tell, but, as usual, Chester had to push his way into the middle of that, too:

Meanwhile, Kai spent quite a bit of time snow-sniffing. What does snow smell like to llamas?:

Confession time: every morning, this great big nose is presented to me at least once for a morning kiss. It is the softest face imaginable and it feels wonderful on my lips:

Up at the goat house, Reggie was all about being helpful...doing...something, I'm not sure what:

Then he thought he'd assist Aidan, who was inside the goat house trying to get the door to their run unstuck. Reggie called out a number of helpful suggestions and things to try:

...which Aidan greatly appreciated:

Because of all the help he gave, Reggie felt he needed extra carrots once the errands were through:

Pete thought he deserved extra carrots just for growing this great beard:

As usual, they were both right.

This latest weather is supposed to pass after today and then it should get very clear and quite cold.

We're ready.


  1. Stunning photo's Danni, love them all!
    LiBBiE in Oz

  2. So why did you get snow and we didn't? But I think it's on its way Wednesday. Good that you are ready with water buckets (previous post) and everything else you might need for this 'terrible' Oregon storm about to happen. Actually, I can't wait, and I feel like a little kid just thinking about it.

  3. Oh you have the best blog.. I love your sweet animals and their tales. I <3 Chester, he's just too sweet.

  4. As usual, I love your photos! Cute donkey faces, cute goats, majestic llama, and your handsome son, all with the beautiful frosted scenery surrounding them. I love reading your blog.

  5. So nice to see Aidan home and playing with the critters. I'm sure they love seeing him too. I'd kiss that precious nose every morning too if it came up that close to me. The snow shots are gorgeous . . . burrr-willies it looks darn cold!

  6. who could pass up kissing those cute noses? chester and beau have to be the two cutest donkeys in the entire world! i hope you enjoy the white stuff while it lasts. we are about to get a bunch of it too.

  7. All looks so peaceful on Critter Farm today. All is good in the world. Good morning!

  8. What a wonderful post!
    We weren't supposed to get snow, either, but it's snowing right now. :-)

  9. The snow is very pretty on your large evergreen trees. I love reading about your adventures, interactions and relationships with your animals.... and your photos are great! Donkey kisses are sweet. Goat kisses are sweet too.

    I'm not looking forward to the extremely cold weather for the next couple of days either. burrr!

  10. You should write a book, Danni. I love to read your stuff. So serene... and your expressive animals add to the experience with their soulful faces!

    We woke up to all white here as well. But ours is ice with a sprinkling of snow. Not much good for anything - even playing. Although things look pretty. I'll pretty much be stuck inside with a 4 year old.....we'll get into some kind of mischief to pass the time :)

  11. VERY nice pic's Danni..and thanks for translating what all the animals were saying..They may have thought Aidan was out there to play hide and seek with them..cute!!

  12. Your photos are so beautiful, i feel like i am walking right beside you! Those donkey sweet. And i just wanted to kiss that big soft nose too! I am really loving snow this year. We are getting more snow mid week-possibly a Noreaster. Bring it on...

  13. your snow is so pretty! I love it when it sticks to the evergreens like that!
    If donkey noses are anything like horse noses, and I imagine they are, then your right! Its the softest kiss, so sweet. I love equine noses!

  14. I have to confess that I often kiss my sheep. I'm sure my DH will be thrilled to find that out.

  15. Beautiful pictures. I love the squeek snow makes under your boots. The quiet can be deafening at times. You can actually hear the snow fall. Enjoy!

  16. So adorable. Who wouldn't want to listen to that handsome guy Chester? No wonder he buts right in. And Reggie....he must be a real character!
    Have a great week!

  17. Love, love, love your posts. I wish you'd post every day forever. :D It does look so peaceful there... cold, but peaceful. It's so browwwwwn here. :(

  18. Equine noses are sssooooo soft. Folks that have never kissed one, are missing out.
    I've heard that goats are helpful. Yours just prove it. Pete is rockin' that beard!!!

  19. What a great life you lead. I would love to be greeted by a soft, kissable nose like that one every morning. The one I get is whiskered and a bit scratchy....not that I'm complaining, mind you.


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