Monday, January 24, 2011

The Barn Cat now known as George

Do you recall my post called 3 short stories about critters who came to visit?

In Story #1, I mentioned a visiting cat who was leaving footprints on my stock tank ice:

and only allowing brief glimpses of himself:

He was the one I wanted to call "Barn Cat".

Well, we've gotten to know this little guy a bit more since I wrote that post:

We've learned he enjoys napping under our kitchen porch:

He has been here so often these last few weeks. He acts like he owns the (our) place, but any overture from us would make him freeze and then run away:

I saw him hanging out by the blueberry patch the other day, watching the donkeys in their pasture. For the first time, when I called out to him...he meowed back. That's when he stole my heart:

I found a tin of kitty food in the cupboard and took it outside, where he gobbled it up. To thank me, I was allowed to pet him. sigh:

We have been enjoying this cat's work for a while now. Our mouse population up at the barn has dwindled to almost nothing since he's been visiting us and this makes us very happy.

I had a feeling he might belong to a neighbor up the hill, so I gave this neighbor a call. Turns out, this neighbor moved away almost four weeks ago! No wonder Barn Cat has been hanging out in my barn and eating mice, nobody has been feeding him for four weeks.

At my questioning, I was able to find out from stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals that Barn Cat is a neutered male cat who goes by the name of George. George is almost 10 years old and lives exclusively outside. Stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals asked me if I'd like to assume the care of George. Without hesitation I said yes.

I put a bowl of food out up at the barn the next day and, when I called, George came right away:

He didn't even mind when I decided to sit with him while he had his meal:

After his snack, he sharpened his claws on the pallet I was sitting on:

When I got up to go feed the goats, I figured George would go about his day, but he decided to accompany me down the barn driveway:

and then back up the hill to the goat house. Noting the SEVEN significantly sized mole hills on the way, we had a short discussion about how his responsibilities had just been increased to fight the moles as well as the mice here on the property:

Pete and Reggie had no idea what that black fur ball was following me:

Pete was brave for about a heartbeat. This picture was taken about one second before he turned tail and ran through the goat house and out into his run:


Reggie refused to come back inside:

When it was time to feed the chickens, George decided to come, too:

Instant silence and verrrrrry long necks greeted us:

George took it all in stride, but the girls were all clearly gossiping about him:

The fact that I have a cat following me around is kind of a big deal. We don't "do" cats here. It's not that I don't love them, I'm just terribly, horribly allergic.

But, apparently, we've got a cat now. Or he has us. Either way, Critter Farm population has increased by one. His name is George:

I ♥ him already.


  1. Who could resist that sweet face! Good to know you have a supervisor when you do your rounds at the Farm.

  2. is now officially a farm...with a BARN CAT! You know I'm still jealous you have a proper barn and now a barn cat.
    We have a shed cat.

  3. He is a handsome fellow, what kind of person KNOWINGLY leaves their cat behind? What does Roxy think of your new friend? Not every cat will follow people around, you must have made quite an impression on him.

  4. Aww :) cats are the best for so many resasons. Enjoy

  5. Jenny in MN (now in AZ)January 24, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    Awe! Poor kitty and LUCKY kitty to have found a great new family. He's a cutie. When we moved to our home in the country I found 5 new born kittens. I put food and water out for the mom and checked on the shed where I found the babies. Within a couple of weeks mama figured out I was caring for her and her new family. All the cats were taken to the vet and 'fixed' and became part of our barnyard family. The vet thought I was nuts, but I didn't want a cat farm. I too am very allergic. But, they love to help me weed the garden and take walks with me on the property and we made it work. I treasure some of the great memories they have given me.

  6. Oh yeah. He's a doll. You realize he looks like Sylvester, don't you?

    But he's really cute, and I'm glad you found each other.

  7. I'm impressed you petted him since you're so horribly allergic! Actually, I understand since I, too, am horribly allergic to cats and yet I have to stop myself from petting them. They're just so darned cute.

    I had a "friend" who moved away and claimed her cat ran out the door while they were moving and instead of looking for him she just figured a neighbor would take him in. Still infuriates me to this day.

    Welcome to your new home, George!

  8. I just adore George! So happy you'll take care of him. Poor kitty.

  9. George is a lucky fella cat to have found a sweet new owner. I am sure he will continue to be a super barn kitty and will give you a lifetime of love and thank you purrs. THe Olde Bagg, Linda

  10. What a story to warm your heart. **sigh** He is beautiful. I'm glad he found you and Critter Farm.

  11. Nice to meet you George!
    You have found the absolute, without a doubt, the perfect home.
    I knew when you first posted about George that he was going to become a permanent member at your farm.
    Maybe your allergies will fade in time? hope. hope. hope.

  12. SO cute! You know how I love kitties. I am so happy you have been adopted by such a beautiful & talented cat.

  13. You have official been adopted by a Feline. Some cat food in payment for a live-in exterminator. That's what works here.


  14. Great post! George seems like a special little guy. My dude is allergic to cats but we've got three. Our cats don't affect his allergies, but a new cat will. Your body may become used to George's dander. :D

  15. Oh, he is so lucky to have found you! Good on you for taking him in despite your awful allergies. I hope the neglectful neighbour finds showers in his new house run cold.

  16. From Stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals to Lovely-neighbour-who-adopts-animals! Lucky George.
    PS Note correct spelling of neighboUr! hahah :-P

  17. This is the best story! Love that he found you and you love him. Thank you for caring so much about animals and their wellbeing. Bless you Mary

  18. I guess word is spreading about the accommodations over at Critter Farm :) Reggie and Pete look like they aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect of a new resident, but I bet they come around. And I suspect those chickens talked about the new guy the entire rest of the day!

    Welcome to George! Such a handsome guy.

  19. What a big fluff ball. A good barn cat is hard to find.

  20. Ahh George, good for you, um Danni a little warning about cats...

    Cats were once worshipped as Gods… and they have never forgotten!

    And for DH and Roxy...

    Women and cats do as they please. Men and dogs get used to it.

    I'm so please you have taken George in, I never doubted you for a minute, as for stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals... really they owned him! You would assume (well wrongly) that they cared for him! They named him and knew how old he is! Oh some people make my blood boil.

    So Hail George the Cat God of Critter Farm :D

    LiBBiE in Oz
    PS No pups, and tomorrow is Australia Day, and they are forecasting 42C, that's right 107F

  21. Oh happy day Kitty has a home! George is a DOLL!

  22. george is gorgeous. haha! gorgeous george!!! i had a cat that looked like george long ago. her name was esmerelda. i think it is great that george adopted you. george is also very smart to have found such a wonderful new place to live!

  23. Well, I think George is very handsome and a nice addition to your barn. :)


  24. "stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals" is too nice; I have other words.... you know, I realize that cats don't move well sometimes but there much better ways of dealing. arghhhh...

    so glad George found you! I'm not a "cat person" either but we had a cat find us several years ago as well; and I'm glad he did.
    I am horribly allergic to all things with fur but I just take drugs and suck it up b/c I wouldn't give up my animals for anything!! I have a feeling you'll be doing the same for George. He definitely was meant to be a "Critter Farm" cat :)

  25. Hi Danni.
    What a great post! George is adorable. I love the photo of him with his tail straight up. He is so happy to be fed and that you know his name. The last photo is great-I think he "hearts" you, too!

  26. and he's real cute, seems to have a lot of personality.

  27. I love George! He looks like my Buddy only buddy was orange. He couldn't have found a better place to live out his life. Hope the scaredy-goats get over it! hahaha!

  28. He is such a cutie!

  29. What is the freaking matter with people?! Abandoning an animal? Realtor friends of mine once found an abandoned cat INSIDE a house with a bag of cat food and the toilet to drink out of. He's their cat now....just like George is yours.
    He is absolutely beautiful! Zyrtec will now be your friend, as your kitty will need scritches like the burro brothers do.

  30. AWWWWWwwww! Lucky George! Lucky YOU! I'm pretty sure there's a law out there somewhere that forbids farming without at least one cat. Allergies or not!

    Did you have a reaction at all to sitting and petting him after he ate his can of food?

    I think people who abandon animals should be shot.

    (OK ~ not necessarily 'shot' but they should be punished. Jail time might work...)

  31. What a wonderful story! I am happy that George has someone like you! I get so irked when people leave their pets behind. Reminds me of Murphy I took in long ago while living in the Co. mtns - same abandonment. We had him into his twilight years. Mousers are important in the country!

  32. Love it! It's so funny that you posted how allergic you are on my post! It's like you were destined to get one after that

  33. Awww I'm glad your taking care of George now! Hopefully all of the other critters get used to him being around!

  34. George is quite the handsome boy! Congrats on your new addition!

    All of my life I had been severely allergic to cats, to the point that when I had allergy tests done, I nearly ended up in the hospital from the reaction. Fast forward about 11 years and a move from the Houston area to the Texas panhandle, Amarillo. DRASTIC change of climate up here. Well, we had a sweet male cat adopt us a little over a year ago. Guess what??? I'm not allergic to him. He even sleeps in the bed with me on nights he decides to come inside!!! We've adopted 2 other cats in the meantime, and still no allergy problems. It's truly a miracle (but actually I think change of climate and allergens) that I can live with these babies. I have loved cats all my life, but never could live with them before now.

    At least you can have kittys outdoors now to help with rodent extermination :-)

  35. OMG - He is so handsome! Welcome home George!


  36. Great post! I am so glad that George has adopted you. He is quite a handsome fellow and seems to be a hard worker! I hope the goats and George become great friends.

  37. George is a real cutie. And since he's an outdoor cat, hopefully he won't bother your allergies too much.
    Our cats are house cats. We will definitely need a barn cat or 3 when we retire.

    Jessi, our last rescue cat, we're pretty sure will have the house covered though. :-)

  38. Hey Danni!
    George is so cute. I hate to think he spent 10 years without you to take care of him.
    I know he will enjoy his new home so much.
    Lionel is 9 years old now and falling down on his barn duties. I saw a mouse out there yesterday.

    Loved seeing all the pictures of your animals. They look so good.
    Have a great day.

  39. I wondered why I didn't see any cat photos on your site. You got to have a cat. I love cats especially this color. I have had several simular. Now I have 3 black cats but they are house cats due to the coyote population here. They are allowed to go to the barn with us when we feed the horses.

  40. He is so cute - I love the way he follows you around. That's what my indoor cat does to me - just like the dog. He is so lucky he came to the right house! "stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals" is a @(*$&%*!

  41. Every farm needs a cat or two or three, so yes, yours is now officially a real one! Yes, isn't it funny to figure out who adopted who?? :) He's a handsome guy alright and btw he is known as a tuxedo cat...hence his coloring and the reason he is so handsome!!

    Congratulations on one more critter to love and bring you joy!!

  42. We have an outside cat that disappears from time to time. We move a lot but I wouldn't move without him, ever! I can't even imagine ever leaving one of our animals behind.

    Sounds like George likes his new home with you! He sure is handsome and furry.

  43. GEORGE! Welcome! I can't believe someone would just leave an animal behind. But how fortunate he is to be abandoned near Critter Farm.
    Be careful about revealing Critter Farm's location, though. Your population might increase exponentially, by that I mean hundreds of 'abandoned' critters will be knocking at your door.
    Allergic or not, George will be curling up at the foot of your bed any day now.....

  44. he is a pretty cat! I'm glad he has a home now, and sounds like he's willing to do his part and earn his keep! The plan works for you both! Just keep your fingers away from your face after touching him! oooo makes my eyes itch just thinking of it!

  45. He is a big handsome guy. He is very lucky that he has you now! I dont understand how ppl can just leave behind on of their pets that just makes me sick.
    All 7 of my cats follow me around 2 i think it is so cute but a funny scene when i am checking my mail box and all those cats are behind me lol
    But congrats on your new addition : )

  46. Oh that face! You are lucky he found you and decided to stay. (he's lucky too)

  47. Ahhhh. He is so handsome. The goatmother says she has a soft spot in her heart for black and white things (like me :)). We wish we could have a barn cat, but alas the coyotes like wish we had one too. Oy.

  48. So happy for everyone! George has clearly adopted you. What does Roxy think of his new pal?

    George has the most engagingly frank expression. I think he could become quite a character, among your cast of characters. He's obviously got the place all atwitter. Can't wait to hear about his hijinx in the coming days.


    P.S. Allegra is a non-drowsy allergy medicine we keep on hand for friends & family with allergies who visit.

  49. What a wonderful post - brought back memories for me. You see, when I was young, I also had a stray cat that I named George with similar colors. He turned out to be a she and I called "her" Georgianna. So sweet. I'm glad he has adopted you. :)

  50. What a gorgeous cat!

    I'm so glad you decided to feed him. Poor guy must have been starving and lonely. I'm happy for you that your jerky ex-neighbors have moved away. Really! How can you do that to a cat you've had for 10 years?

    I'm allergic to both cats and dogs so, of course, I have 3 cats and 4 dogs. I find that it only bothers me at times. I hope he doesn't make you sneeze too much.

    Bless you for having such a generous heart.

  51. George is adorable, and a true asset to Critter Farm..You will never tire of his company...looks like he was meant to be at your place Danni!

  52. George is just beautiful. It breaks my heart that he was abandoned, but I'm so happy he's found a home with you. I hope that stupid-neighbor-who-abandons-animals doesn't ever get another one. Ever.

  53. Love George, I have 2 b&w barn cats and I think they are the best.

  54. I luv George!!!!!!! Every farm needs a barn cat!

  55. there aren't enough words for how great this story is!! George is so lucky to have found you.

    I'm sure I'm not the 1st to tell you that you should write kids books about your farm. My girls would surely be your biggest fans (next to me)!

  56. What kind of jerk abandons their pet of ten years? Sheesh!

    I'm home sick with a sinus thing, and stumbled across the threshold of your blog. We've got four cats. Linguine was a barn cat I fell in love with when my job housed me on a dairy farm in NY. Smog i found almost dead on the side of the road. And Sleeves and Cardigan came with our house. We're pretty tender hearted when it comes to animals.

  57. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for your comment! Sorry to hear about you being so sick. Your cats have awesome names!
    Turns out, our cat, George, came with a buddy - his name is Clyde. So, our former cat-free residence is now owned by two, beautiful cats. We adore them.
    (get well soon!)
    p.s. I'm still SO angry at the neighbor who abadoned these beautiful boys.


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