Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rain that freezes also known as freezing rain and it arrived here last night.

At first it came down as snow, but in a short while it turned to freezing rain and when we woke up this morning, everything was encased in a thin layer of ice:

The normally dark green evergreens had a grayish cast to them now from their new coats of ice:

Icicles and round little ice balls, like crystal peppercorns, decorated the bird feeders:

So pretty were the frozen heavenly bamboo berries:

and the ice-enveloped lichen on a Japanese maple branch:

Icy Spanish moss on a different branch of the same Japanese maple also caught my eye:

You can see the weight of the ice by how the branches of the Douglas Firs were pointing down:

Although very pretty, I was glad that the temperature had already started to warm and no further ice was expected. Lots of damage happens from severe ice storms. They are no fun.

Today was, and I don't say this lightly, one of the few days that I did not look forward to going outside to feed the animals. I do not like drippy-slushy-icy-melty. Melting ice falling from the branches and plopping on my head is something I try to avoid. Yuck.

The branches that line the barn path were hanging heavy from the ice and as I bent to walk under them, they dripped on my exposed neck. ((shiver)):

If I'd had some fruit juice with me, I could've made a barn post slushie with these little ice balls:

See? Yuck. Ice *and* mud:

A piece of straw hanging off the barn fence became a horizontal straw-cicle:

I'm not sure why I always think the garden deer netting will survive our "mild" Oregon winters. It never does:

It's hard to imagine right now that it's supposed to reach 50 degrees tomorrow:

Oooooh, then it's going to get really muddy.


  1. We got this nasty stuff as well in Mississippi but no snow whatsoever to make us feel a little better. I remember one severe ice storm as a child...never want to do that again! Mississippians do not have a clue when it comes to cold stuff. Stay warm!

  2. Oh the joys of winter ... freeze ... thaw ... freeze ... thaw! Your ice photos are pretty, but remind me of the ice storm we had my first kidding season. At least 2 inches of ice on the ground and no electricity for 10 days. That was sure a challenge!

  3. I absolutely love the "strawcicle". And how astonishing that you observe such beauty all around you and describe it for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing your icy views of Critter Farm with us, especially me who practically swam on the freeways today. Warm rain in January. Yuck.

  4. I had to go to the dentist today and was soooo relieved when it warmed up to forty already by the time I had to leave.

    Ice is only good in drinks. Not underfoot or under wheel. Or over exposed necks.

  5. Wow! What beautiful visions from your place! Love the closeups on the frosted rain!

  6. I am so glad to read the ice coating is melting already at your place. It looks so pretty but i really do not like freezing rain...too dangerous to travel on. We got over a foot of snow yesterday and everything is beautiful and white. Stay warm!

  7. We had snow and then ice a few days ago and its still here. I'm ready for it to melt and go away. Ice storms are no fun and we were lucky not to get a lot of it.

  8. Beautiful pictures, the "straw icicle" could win an award.

    Every time I think you left the animals out of a post I have to examine the pictures very, very closely. If one looks carefully (in a where's Waldo kind of way) at the picture of the barn one can just make out a few of the residents of Critter Farm!

  9. You have such natural beauty around you. We rarely get freezing rain here, but we do get our share of rain, snow and hail. And I agree that the mud is no fun.

  10. all good things must come to an end, and sadly the winter beauty of snow must eventually pass into the muddy mucky spring mess. I love the snow, and HATE the mud! But then, I don't have such pretty boots to go walkin in the mud with. Maybe that makes it more pleasant!

  11. I enjoyed the detail you got as you went to feed the animals. Thank you for sharing this slice of your life. Nice photos! Sorry about the cold weather, though. Hope it warms up really soon.

  12. So maybe I'm not totally envying you right about now. Mud sucks! Sorry Danni.

    I'm with you - I absolutely hate it when cold water drips on my head!

    The boys will be happy it's warm, right? xoxo

  13. What a lovely blog and a lovely life you have!

    I aspire to the simple life.....
    and hope the Universe lends me a hand in getting my goats in a row.

    I look forward to following.

    Have a simple day....


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