Saturday, January 15, 2011

Donkey feet, goats and Every. Single. Day.

I pick and clean my donkeys' hooves every two days. I really try to (and should) do it every day, but with the other farm stuff I've been managing lately due to our kooky weather, it has been averaging about every other day:

Beau and Chester are such good boys, and they pick their feet up quite nicely for me (yes, they're due for a trim - the farrier comes on Tuesday):

With our wet and muddy conditions, it takes some time to pick their feet clean of all the mud and gunk packed in their hooves:

How we all long for summertime-dry:

My morning feeding routine is to head up to the donkeys and llama in the barn first, then down to the goat house and end with the chickens. When I finished with the goats yesterday, though, and offered Pete and Reggie a few carrot coins as small tokens of my everlasting love, something was different:

No carrots were slurped greedily from my hand:

Not a single treat was gobbled with glee:

It almost seemed as if I had offended with my offering:

Pete was trying to tell me *something* - what was it?

And then I remembered.
I had picked the donkeys hooves just a few minutes before and my hands obviously smelled really badly:

I'm not sure why they would have an issue with the smell of donkey feet on my hands, do you?:

Today marks my 15th post of January 2011. How appropriate considering this is the 15th of January. A few have noticed and mentioned it, but just to put it out there: yes, I did set myself a goal to blog every single day in January.
Well... I missed it. During the entire month of December, I only posted twice and I felt like I had so many words and images stored up in my mind that I was going to burst. So, in the spirit of expressing oneself, here's to a post a day in January.
15 down, 16 to go. After that... I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. :-)


  1. Goats are so sensitive to smell. I'm surprised that they wouldn't take the carrots though. I guess it's a way to keep them safe from things that could harm them. OR maybe goats are just really picky. Mine are. :D

  2. Goats can be particular. Guess you will have to wash your hands after you mess with the donkey hooves. Good idea anyway.
    Posting everyday is quite a commitment. I was so good at it the first year and it was recommended for readership, but now I try to give myself two days off a week. I like it this way and other things get done around the house. It's more relaxing.

  3. I sure don't know where the expression 'appetite of a goat' comes from, because, yes, they will eat blackberry brambles off the side of a hill, but they are really picky eaters. Won't eat hay once it falls to the ground, because now it's dirty. Funny little things....

  4. Danni while you may be blogging everyday in January, I am definitely not doing you know what everyday. 15 was enough, even though it turned out to be 17 :)

    Reggie and Pete are very smart goats, with a good sense of smell!

    So how is that box going, it's down, but has it been opened?
    LiBBiE in Oz

  5. Your donkey feets are looking very good these days!! Glad you were able to get that issue resolved!

    And You Go Girl, blogging every day! It's quite an undertaking on top of everything else, but I'm glad you are writing. I love seeing and hearing about the farm!

  6. Well, I guess there is something to be said for freezing temperatures. At least I don't have to pick anyone's hooves.

  7. I think its a staggering goal, but will all the antics on the farm with the critters, I can't imagine you being at a loss for words,or pic's..and I have to say that I look forward to reading about it all..Keep it up..I think your doing an amazing job!!
    And wash you hands!!!! Hahahah..

  8. Ah, the daily routine! Dontcha' just love it!
    And we have missed you posting just about everyday.

  9. It's always a pleasure to read about life at Critter Farm, so I hope you keep it up, at least a couple of times a week.--Inger

  10. what a great post! this really made me laugh. donkey poop! who knew it was a natural goat repellent?

  11. I've noticed!

    I, too, have been posting so much more this month and it feels wonderful! I plan to keep up the momentum.

  12. well I know I am among the many who love your January resolution. thanks for the more than 15 smiles your 15 posts have brought to me :)

  13. I blogged almost every day for the first year. I've obviously fallen off that number. :) I go through blue periods and times when I don't have much to say.
    Yes, I have noticed you've blogged every day.

    I can imagine that once you're through with donkey hooves that your hands don't smell very good. Maybe you could have pair of leather gloves with the hoof pick and use them each time?

  14. Do they really have to be cleaned every day? I am clueless about these things and I really am interested in learning.

    I mean, what would they do in the wild?

    Love your blog. :-)

  15. This family is SO happy you post every day in January! WE LOVE YOUR FARM and all you animals and how you share them with is just makes us SMILE, every. single. day. Really, Thank you so much, you really do put a smile on my heart too!

    Ann in WI

  16. Wow! I wouldn't have thought they would have turned down some yummies because of the smell on your hands. Learned something new. Wow - a post a day. Now that's quite a goal!! Good for you.
    Have a great week.

  17. hmm, that is interesting that they didn't take the carrots, my goats have several (clean) water buckets, but they like only drink from certain water buckets.

  18. I've smelled plenty horse hooves before and YES very unpleasant!!! Smart goats they are!
    I noticed your blogging progress Danni! A very welcome if I can just keep up!


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