Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scenes from the second day

We aren't like most folks. Our Christmas preparations do not begin any time in November, not even the day after Thanksgiving. For as long as I can recall, December 1st has always been our first day of holiday cheer. What this means, though, is that rarely do we get our tree until the 2nd weekend of December. In fact, I can recall, on more than one occasion, not getting our tree even until the 3rd weekend in December.

For this reason, we are never in a huge hurry to "undecorate" after Christmas. Our decorations always stay up until after the first of the New Year.

So, guess what today was...
Aside from it being January 2nd, it was also the day to take down the tree:

I pulled on my special Valentine's Day knee socks ($2.49 special at Kohl's):

...and got to work. Ornaments were pulled down from the tree:

Our personalized license plates were put into their special box until next year:

Holiday mugs were wrapped carefully:

The Santa collection was carefully packed away:

as were the snowmen:

The Christmas penguins were unplugged and removed from their front porch position of prestige:

Then it was time to carry the tree out to the awaiting pasture crowd:

Kai was the quickest to come and investigate:

Chester was close behind:

Beau, last but not least, was a bit more cautious:

But he, too, warmed quickly to the big, edible treat:

Before the final holiday box was closed this afternoon, Roxy decided to give the Santa hat and beard one last try:

I think she's happy the holidays are over, don't you?:


  1. Your tree and home are beautiful! Nice treat for the pasture crowd. Yes, it does look like Roxy is ready to get back to her normal routine now. (my tree is still up. outside lights are too. for a few more days.)

  2. In my family, we don't take the Christmas decorations down until the twelfth day of Christmas, AKA Epiphany, or Three Kings Day- January 6th. So I am going to plug in my outside Christmas lights every night until then, even if my neighbors think I'm old-fashioned and/or crazy. Sometimes, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

    At Christmas, it ain't over until Three Kings.

  3. Ah Roxy is just like my Meah, she hates it when I ask her to wear anything, gets nearly the exact expression on her face.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. Roxy reminds me so much of Daisy Lu!! We're all packed away too Danni, my tree was blocking the view! I'll never forget the year up north we pushed the tree out the slider door, the wind rolled it into the yard and the next morning there was something brown on it. It was a porcupine enjoying his New Years feast! Them critter sure do love a good Christmas Tree!! Happy New Year Danni!

  5. We have the personalized license plates, too. Sure wish we had some of those penguins.

  6. Ha! Roxie indeed looks as if she is smiling! We also do not put our tree up immediately and just packed it up yesterday. I have not carefully packed away ornaments and decorations for a couple of chaotic years so I have a job cut out for me this year :( That's cool that the animals will eat the Christmas tree!!

  7. I can remember one year, as a child, my family enjoyed our Christmas Tree until the end of January . . . so in my book you're just fine with your tradition. Roxy does look happier sans Santa paraphernalia. I never thought about the critters chomping on a "previously owned" Christmas Tree. What a treat!

  8. I had no idea the animals could eat the Christmas tree.
    Pretty please, come to Austin and take down my tree!
    I always wait until the kids have gone back to school to do it. It just seems cruel to take it down before then. I remember HATING the 'Christmas is over, school starts soon' feeling.

  9. Adore the socks Danni..gonna go check out my Kohls to see if they have any..I bet K would love a pair also!!
    I wish I could have been there to see them all chomping down on the tree..I seriously didn't know it could be "recycled" that way..thats just living off the earth I'd say..
    Roxy may soon have little hearts hanging from her ears???

  10. What a good idea to share with the pasture crowd. I need to take mine down and think I will share with my critters too :) Pretty tree you had!

  11. Your house looks so nice and warm and snuggly...I too wait until well into December to put up the decorations and tree, so i am never in a rush to take it all down. I have all the special lights plugged in as i type this. I do promise myself tho that as soon as i stop wanting to plug it all in and light it up, that it is time to take it down and put it away...I'm not there yet, but i can feel it coming. Happy New Year!

  12. Oh, Roxy! I love that little moppet. Could there be a more adorable face than the one in that last shot?!?

    I didn't know the trees were edible treats. I'm such a city girl sometimes.

    We had to take our tree down after Christmas because it had become a little too crisy.

  13. Do you see Roxy looking at those heart socks??? I think she wants to have a pair as well.
    Our tree has also been taken down...we always wait till after the new year, too. And this year I was able to toss it out there to my animals :-) I have been waiting to do that for many, many years. The goats love it while the llamas seem pretty disinterested. Maybe they will change their minds....

  14. Your tree was quite lovely, but all good things must come to an end. I didn't know they were edible! Hmm...
    Yes I think Roxie is very glad the holdidays are over, especially if the santa hat was invovled very much!

  15. Just want you to know I love your blog! I love your breezy writing style and fun characters. It's a treat to check in on Critter Farm! ;)



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