Monday, January 10, 2011

She didn't think this was funny

Let's get away from the weather for a bit, shall we?

Roxy, my farm pup, has a great sense of humor. She does very silly things, all for our entertainment and, I swear, to make us laugh. We laugh a lot in our house and when we laugh, Roxy then does even sillier things to make us laugh harder. We'll giggle over something and she'll start energetically "digging" her blanket while dragging it through the house. We'll talk excitedly and laugh loudly and she'll dump out her plastic toy bin, jump inside it and begin digging until her hair is all static-y and sticks straight out.

She's also a tremendously good sport. She poses endlessly for me, dresses in silly outfits, and does a large variety of (rather ridiculous) pet tricks.

Posing among the garlic:

Posing for a knitting project:

Posing in her pool:

She humors us in our love of superheroes:

There are very few things she won't do when asked:

And she's always keeping an eye on us:

That said, though, there are some things that her humans think are *very* funny that she doesn't necessarily find humorous.

Take the time when we were on our camping vacation in October and we happened to meet a couple from Seattle who owned Westies (West Highland White Terriers). They had four Westies to be specific and it was quite a sight to see them all out on leashes going for their walks. These dogs looks quite a lot like Roxy, so it tickled us to no end every time we saw them.

One afternoon, while we were on a walk of our own, we crossed paths with the couple from Seattle and their four Westies.

These little Westies were very friendly, but Roxy was unimpressed:

I thought it would be terribly cute to get a picture of them all together and the owner of the Westies agreed to hold Roxy's leash for me. This is the only decent shot I got:

Then Roxy lost patience. For the life of her, she couldn't understand why the humans were laughing and giggling and why she was being asked to sit with these silly looking dogs, especially the one that kept sniffing her face:

There was no question in Roxy's mind that what was being asked of her was above and beyond the normal call of duty:

So, it just goes to show you, there's a limit to everyone's good humor.

Bottom line, though, I still think she's a really good sport. :-)

Happy Birthday today to the person who makes me want to get up every morning (and who makes me love crawling into bed at night). You are my dream come true.


  1. Sweet post. I used to have a dog who'd wait a cookie on her nose too! One of the best things I ever taught her to do was 'sit still', which came in handy sometimes at the vet's.

    I think my favorite picture is of her peering at you over the computer screen. You can almost hear her saying, "Are you done yet?"

    Too cute.

  2. Happy Birthday Jim, may you have a wonderful day, with a wonderful woman by your side.
    Oh Roxy, you are such a good sport, but surely your Mum knows you are the ONLY white dog, with long coat in the whole wide world! Just like my Meah knows she is the only white short coated dog with a black patch on one eye, and the back of both ears black, in the world. That you are both so special.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  3. Awww .. Roxie is the best! She is a wonderful member of your family.

    I hope your birthday celebrations are sweet.

  4. She is a good sport! My dogs don't much like other dogs either. They find their behavior (sniffing and such) beneath them.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby. What was on his Birthday breakfast table this morning?

  5. Happy Birthday, Jim Human. I hope you get lots of Peanuts!

  6. Peering over the laptop is priceless! Happy Birthday Jim ... hope there's a yummy chocolate cake at the table tonight!

  7. Roxy is a GREAT sport!
    Happy birthday Jim! Keep making them dreams come true!

  8. Roxy wasn't a part of their pack. She is a part of yours. She is a really good sport. I love her sweet eyes.

  9. This is about the sweetest declaration of love I've ever read! And you know how happy that makes me.

  10. I'm late to the party, but my wishes are sincere: Happy Birthday Jim!

    Roxy is so cute!

  11. A very sweet post. What's not to love about Roxy?

    Happy Birthday Jim!

  12. LOVE the pics! We have five Westies, and they are a constant source of entertainment. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Awwwww. Roxie really is such a good sport. I SO love the picture of her peeking over your laptap :) That was such a sweet Happy Birthday wish to your husband. It made me smile. I hope you both had a wonderful day of celebration.

  14. I adore Roxy. Period.

    That shot of her peeking over the computer screen is priceless. Poor Roxy. Maybe she thought her leash would get mixed up with the Westie rabble and you'd take the wrong pup home with you, leaving her to a life of misery putting up with a snuffling Westie in her face for the rest of her days.

    P.S. Happy Birthday, Mystery Man. (I'm gonna guess your name is Jim).



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