Sunday, January 16, 2011

Extreme weepiness

We've had a freakishly warm and wet weather system move into our area virtually overnight. While last week the inside of my barn was warmer than the outside (as it should be), this warm spell came on so quickly that it is taking time for the barn interior to catch up. Currently, it is warmer outside the barn than inside. The effect of this, combined with a signifcant amount of rainfall, is copius amounts of condensation on every imaginable surface in the barn.

Have you ever wondered what happens when temperatures go from freezing to balmy practically overnight?

My barn would like to show you.

Walls become moist:

Handles of tools become wet and drippy:

Doorknobs are hard to turn because they slip in your hand:

Bags of stall bedding have heavy drips of water that run off when you pick them up:

and containers are covered in so much foggy moisture, I can write friendly messages to you on them:

When we do get a break in the rain, everything is so saturated and the humidity is so high, nothing dries out.

Kai has taken to trying to dry herself on bales of straw in the barn:

I think she kind of enjoys the reaction she gets from me when I turn around and see her like this:

See? She's laughing:

I think I'll test out the drying properties of straw after my next shower. I bet I'll be laughing, too.


  1. I thought Kai, might be trying out her new 'ghost' costume for Halloween, just a touch early :D While it might be an interesting experiment, I think the drying yourself in straw might turn out to be just a little prickly LOL.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  2. Kai cracks me up. I want a llama so bad now it's crazy, all because of your blog.

    Just so you know it's 9 degrees here right now. I could do with a little heat wave.

  3. We've only had 3 days of rain/wet/cold/fog, but I feel as though stuff will never dry out.
    I admire your fortitude with the damp. I guess you do what you have to. Kai certainly did. :)

  4. ADORABLE pic of Kia...I wanna see the one of you with straw all over your head,,soaking up the we can all laugh with you!! hahaha

  5. Darn Mother Nature! She can't make up her mind this year at all.

    Kai sure is "coming around"! It's great to see :-)

  6. That picture of Kai nearly made me spit my coffee out!

  7. Oh! That Kai it too funny! The photos are hilarious. I hope everything in the barn dries out without causing any damage from all the moisture.

  8. Ok, I am laughing so hard now! Kai is hysterical! I, too, hope the wet goes away. It's 33 drees F outside here right now. With a threat of snow, no sun in sight. Wish we had some of your warmth. Isn't the weather just crazy these days??? You just gotta laugh, and it looks like Kai and your critters keep you laughing around Critter Farm! Thanks for the blog posts that keep it light!

  9. I know what you mean about the condensation everywhere. We've had a dry few days now, but for weeks before that it just would not stop raining and it was so cold nothing would ever dry out. The inside of my car trunk got wet from condensation and just doesn't seem to want to air out. I thought there was an actual leak in there, but I think it's just the condensation from our weird weather. Will you post a picture of your hay-rolling experience?? Ha!

  10. Oh my goodness! Your animals have the sweetest, most expressive faces! We are so far away from condensation around here. It is almost 3 in the afternoon and it is barely above 11 degrees F. for the high of the day. We do have a storm coming in again tomorrow with snow, sleet and freezing rain. I don't mind snow but the ice freaks me out....I hope you dry out soon!

  11. Goodness, haha. Kai looks quite funny.
    I hope things can dry out a bit or something.
    Have a great week!

  12. Kai really has a sense of humor. I swear she's doing these antics for your benefit.
    And that drippy moistness is awful! Can't we send a request out there to the universe to send us a few days of beautiful, old-fashioned snow?
    I love your DAILY blog!

  13. That is too funny about Kai. Great photos. Unfortunately, we get this kind of weepiness all too often in my part of the south. Really makes a soggy mess of things, doesn't it?

  14. Oh, that's adorable! Kai and her camouflage.

  15. What an annoying mess!!! Hope thing dry up soon!

  16. What a joy to visit you blog!! Between your writing and your animals antics you could have best sellers for children story books!!


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