Friday, January 28, 2011

A day of kids, critters and cookies

We had overnight guests last night. This morning, "Princess" Roxy decided to take full advantage of the extremely cozy bed on the floor. It suits her, don't you think?:

My three, new chickens, Skippy, Honey, and Thumper, were again banished to the roost in the far corner of the chicken run this morning, so I decided they deserved a feeder of their very own until my girls learn to share:

I think they were pleased as punch by my placement of it:

There was, however, some discussion over whether or not I had mixed enough scratch into their pellets:

Right, Skippy?

My niece and nephew are here for a visit. They had no school today, but my sister - their mom - who is in nursing school, had a full day of clinicals and needed help with childcare. We've been having a ball outside:

Julia loves the tire swing:

Do you think Roxy, my farm pup, will ever forgive me for the shave-cut the groomers gave her a couple days ago? I had forgotten her body was so tiny under all that hair she had:

My tree hugger:

It's still a little foggy here, but that didn't dissuade us from taking a good, long goat walk:

After all that, our hands were in need of a good scrubbing when we came inside:

...especially since we had some baking to do:

We lost Gabriel to the lure of the upstairs toys somewhere along the way...:

but Julia stuck with me to the very end:

Cookie decorating was a very serious business to her:

Can you guess which kind of cookies I decorated?:


  1. So cute!!!! How fun for them to be able to spend time on the farm!!!! Roxy looks so cute!!! Although I thought she was a different dog at first!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. I really like the roosting sticks in the pen area, I will need to figure out how to do that here.

    Goat cookies, never seen them before but I should have expected you to surprise us with another first.

  3. Oh how much fun is that... to get to spend you day off school at the farm! Oh how I loved to go to my Grandparent's farm when I was a kid. And they even got to bake. Grandma always baked something with me too. Awesomeness!

    WOW those goats got big... I didn't notice until compared to Roxy.

    Oh and yesterday's post, LOVED it. I "heart" Chester, he's too sweet.

    Thanks so much for brightening my days... first thing I get a chance after work... see what's happening down on the farm. ps: the chickens, thanks for the laughs.

    Ann in WI

  4. Do they goats just follow you around with no fencing or leases? Wont they run off? Silly goats!

  5. Fog or no fog, you guys know how to have fun.
    Are those "donkey" cookies you decorated? Where did you find donkey cookie cutters. They are really cute.
    I wish I could find goat cookie cutters.

  6. Children are very good contributions to a farm....

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  7. The pic of everyone running down the road is wonderful! EXACTLY how the world should be! :)

  8. what fun! it has to be just the best to have an aunt like you!

  9. Looks like you all had such fun! The cookies look yummy. Your new chickens are really enjoying that new feeder too.

  10. Sounds like the perfect day - have a great weekend!

  11. It must be heavenly for a kid to come and visit Critter Farm. Looks like Roxie had a great time too.--Inger

  12. Fabulous fun to be had at Critter're getting in some good practice at being the worlds greatest aunt. Lucky kids, lucky you.
    I hadn't realized how much like our beloved dog Rosie that Roxy her shaved incarnation that is.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  13. Those are priceless pictures! Dirty hands, tree hugging, goat walking, making cookies - how can I ever compete with that? Gaby and Julia have baked many cookies with me, but never donkey cookies, purple hearts with sprinkles, gooey frosting.
    What a fabulous day you guys had, but I hear the preceding night was apparently not worth writing about???

  14. Ok, one more thing. There seems to be confusion among your readers, farmgirl. Are those goat or donkey cookies? And yes, where DID you get them?

  15. What a fantastic day you all had! I would LOVE to be a kid(or adult) and spend the day with you! Have a great weekend!

  16. Looks like a really fun visit!

    I have to say that I really admire that you blog every day. I'm like you in that writing is a real chore, even though I love it.

    The posts about your new chickens has been especially interesting. I've been thinking that I'd like to have a few more hens, but I've also read that it's hard to introduce new chickens to an existing flock. Not impossible, just a real challenge. It's interesting to see how it's going with yours. Maybe it will help me if I ever have that bridge to cross.

  17. They looked like goat shaped cookies to me. You had a fun day! You are the cool Auntie with the farm and critters. We all should have an aunt like you Danni.

  18. looks like a fun day, I would've liked to join in too

  19. that sounds like too much fun.... can I come over to play :)

    those goat cookies are too cute

  20. Great post as usual, love the cookies and the goat walk, looks like a lot of fun!

  21. That Roxie is one smart girl. And she needs a jacket until her hair grows back!

  22. Regarding those cookies, Chai Chai, farmlady, Zitrone, Farmer Jen, and JaneK: They are DONKEY cookies! :-) Guess my decorating skills need to improve a bit. lol
    I got the donkey cookie cutter from my husband for Christmas, but I actually found it through Amazon at one of their partner sites. There are many goat cookie cutters out there - and darling farm sets that include goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, etc., just use your friend Google to help you search. :-)

    Hi Mike - you asked if my goats just follow me around with no fencing or leashes and my answer is yes and no. Yes, on our goat walks they follow me, run ahead of me,wiggle around next to me, and run after Roxy with no leashes. Keeping them within the fencing when


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