Friday, January 7, 2011

Frozen January Days

Now that we've warmed up above freezing... now that my barn water has thawed and is happily flowing through my short, green hose... and now that the mud is sucking persistently at my boots again, I can look back on this week's icy cold and brilliantly sunny days fondly. I've decided that I don't mind bone-chilling cold when the sun is shining. I mean, have you ever noticed how the cold doesn't feel quite as, well, cold when sunshine reflects off the frozen landscape around you?

On one of my trips back from the barn, I was found myself mesmerized by almost everything I walked by, like: Japanese maple tree:

...a single leaf encased in ice on a wooden beam:

...strands of ice seemingly growing sideways from a piece of wood: beloved horseshoe:

...and a beautiful wooden post top covered in the most amazingly detailed sandy ice pellets:

Everything seems prettier decorated in a bit of ice:

...grape vines:

...moss and an ornamental pear leaf:

...a ceramic fireplace chimney:

...even a silly brick:

And this gorgeous, winter llama girl followed me back and forth along the fence line as I photographed, also enjoying the sunny sun... and seeing me out in it:


  1. Wow, now that is what I call a real frost. Love the way the ice does seem to grow sideways on that piece of wood. Did get your email, will send you something special tomorrow, cause I am off to examine the insides of my eyelids :D
    LiBBiE in Oz

  2. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. :-)

  3. 'moss and ornamental pear leaf' is my favorite.
    I agree, cold is FAR more tolerable when the sun is bright in the sky.
    I wish for sun for you in the coming winter days.

  4. It really is beautiful - when it isn't trying to kill you! The sun makes all the difference.

  5. I've always thought of the icy dustings you photographed as Nature's glitter. She embellishes everything so beautifully this time of year.

  6. The sunshine does feel good no matter how cold it is. It makes the ice even prettier by making it glisten. Your photos are beautiful.

  7. Gosh, Danni, you have a real artistic eye for Mother Nature's beauty!

  8. spectacular indeed!!!!

    we had an ice storm back when I was in college and even though it shut everything made everything look amazing!

  9. Everything does look better frozen. Or covered in snow! Shame it has to be SO cold!!

    And not all bricks are silly - apparently! My dad started collecting them.... don't ask!

  10. The ice always reminds me of sugar crystals shining in the sunshine. Makes it all so beautiful.

  11. The sun makes all the difference. It warms the coldest day and makes everything sparkle.
    Wonderful photos....


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