Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bitey Bitester

Perhaps you've noticed it before:

Maybe it has caught your eye in some of the pictures I've posted:

It's possible you thought there was a health problem of some kind:

But, no. The issue at hand is that I have a donkey who's a biter:

Beau has been with us for almost a year now:

and in this time, poor Chester, my other donkey, has been bitten...:

received abrasions:

had his hair pulled out:

...and been made bloody:

...by this very oral donkey boy:

Beau loves to put things in his mouth:

and bite them:

Even if it's Chester:

Beau's style of play is very rough:

...and he's got really big teeth:

While these injuries worried me to no end in the beginning:

I check in with Chester regularly:

And he tells me that all is right in his world:

He considers himself one of two peas in a pod:

And he's very happy with his buddy:

Chester assures me he is up for the challenge:

- that he can give it as well as he can take it:

and Beau's coat (occasionally) attests to this:

While my two, young, healthy, donkey boys enjoy quite a bit of rough housing:

...they also share a lot of quiet and gentle moments, too:

So these two really do seem to be doing just fine:

Even though they won't be poster models for perfect donkey coats any time soon:


  1. Your donkey boys are funny. They seem to have a good friendship even though they play a little rough.

    You have a creative way of bringing the unique personalities of your critters to life in your photos and stories. Very enjoyable!

  2. Geez! I hate to think what they'd do if you ever invited a girl over!

  3. Aww those little monsters....I guess boys will be boys even in the donkey world.

  4. What lovely boys...even with bitten coats! We kind of play rough sometimes here but we all couldn't get along without each other.

  5. Boys, being boys :D They are both lucky to have you. I am so happy Danni to see you back posting.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  6. Holy Smokes! My cats will fight like 2 men in a boxing ring...almost every night. And, then they curl up together and sleep away :) Animals are curious creatures, aren't they? Wish we could get a glimpse of what is going on in those heads :)

  7. teddy is a biter too! she does not play well with others! it is a problem.

  8. I hate biters. Especially if they bite me. Emma our choc lab likes to nip every once in a while. I feel for Chester.

  9. I guess boys will be boys no matter the species

  10. Those donkey boys!!! So silly! They sure do keep you busy!
    Speaking of boys, how are the goat boys doing?

  11. Bite- Butt - it's all pretty much the same. I think Beau is an Alpine donkey and you just don't know it.

  12. Poor Chester! I had no idea they'd actually pull out the hair. As long as Chester is happy, then that's all that matters. :)

  13. Sprinkly a little Cayenne pepper on them! See if the Biteys stop!! hahahaha!

  14. Wow, who would have thought that biting was normal behavior. And here I thought Pete and Reggie were the silly ones on Critter Farm.....

  15. Why those little stinkers. (Er, I mean Beau ;-)) Glad Chester doesn't mind it. Is this what I have to look forward to??

  16. Can I just tell you how much better I feel now? The boys are constantly taking chunks out of each other and it freaks me out. Sometimes I can't believe how rough they play with each other, but apparently... boys will be boys. :D

  17. My Zinnia(dog) has little scabs on her neck from a certain boy/dog here(Rubie Dubie)grabbing her by the neck. Maybe it is a male dominance thing.....I love your donkeys.Their faces are so sweet...


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