Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pumpkins are suspicious

I recently found myself in the possession of three, large Halloween pumpkins that hadn't been carved by their original owner.

Initially, I intended to give all three pumpkins to my chickens, but I changed my mind after cutting pumpkin #1 open, popping it into the oven:

...baking it until it was soft and delicious:

and then, with great excitement, presenting it to them:

Only to find, from the reaction they gave me, you'd think I had given them liver and onions.

They all immediately gave the pumpkin a very wide berth, averted their tiny chicken eyes and collectively said, under their breath (but I totally still heard them), "Bleeeech!!":

And there it sat - for days - untouched, unloved, and unappreciated:

Until I picked it up and put it in the compost.

The next day, a very foggy day, I moved on to the next animals I thought might enjoy the orange orbs. I figured I stood a good chance of my donkey boys showing at least some interest, since one of their favorite toys is the same color:

I took pumpkin #2, raw and whole, down to the pasture and put it on the ground in front of them. Their reaction was less than enthusiastic:

Chester eventually meandered over, but that was only because he wanted a carrot (also orange, I might point out):

I decided to cut it open to see if it would then smell like something they would like to eat:

It was regarded with even more than the usual level of suspicion:

Yay, I thought, when I saw Beau coming forward:

Now he's going to take a great, big bite, I thought:

"Got any carrots, Mom?" (note Chester's expression in the background):

Chester finally worked up the courage to come by for a sniff, but he didn't want a bite either:

The smell alone was clearly enough for him - I had never seen a donkey pucker before:

Then we all just kind of stood around for a while:

...Until Kai was able to work through her suspicions (llamas tend to be highly suspicious by nature anyway, so this was a double-whammy for her) and come by for a look-see:

In all fairness, they all really did give that pumpkin a thorough investigation and, for this, I am proud of them:

Pumpkin #3 totally got away from me as I was carrying it out and it rolled down the hill (imagine 3 heads (2 donkey, 1 llama) turning to follow the progress of an orange pumpkin bumping its way down the hill through the fog:

Being the really good sport that I am, I hiked to the bottom of the hill, retrieved the pumpkin and put it in a different part of the pasture in case anybody wanted to play with it:

They did not.

As my German grandmother used to say, whenever she encountered something a little out of her comfort zone, "Interessant, aber nichts für mich" (Translation: "Interesting, but not for me"):

That pumpkin was still sitting out there last time I looked.
Pumpkins are suspicious.


  1. are they sugar pie pumpkins?

    if they are, they're past their prime.

    interesting the animals could smell that (if they are sugar pumpkins).

  2. LOL, I've never in all my life seen chickens that wouldn't eat a pumkin. You've got yourself some picky hens there.

  3. You have kept me thoroughly entertained as of late with your awesome pics and perfect narration. So funny about the pumpkin.

  4. I like the picture where Chester's ears are pointing behind him. Really captured that look of uncertainty.

  5. They are so funny. Your goat boys might like the pumpkin.

  6. That is too funny! I guess they've made up their minds. Won't eat them, won't play with them, those must be some highly suspicious pumpkins. :)

  7. That is so funny. I've heard some folks feed pumpkins to their animals but obviously nobody told your crew???

  8. I'll eat it!!!! Gimme!!!! Hee hee. It's really funny that no one wanted the lovely pumpkins!

  9. sehr interessant, aber night fur donkeys and llamas!

  10. My chickens would have devoured that pumpkin like piranhas on a pork chop!

  11. LOL I love the last photo, the look Kai's face says it all! Obviously these pumpkins are made for carving, not eating (this from someone who has never seen a 'halloween' pumpkin.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  12. funny. Just give it to Pete and Reggie, you'll see pure excitement! Goats love pumpkins!!

  13. Perhaps your herd suspected they were past their shelf date.

  14. Holy cats, what a funny set of pictures.
    Scary pumpkin, scary!!

  15. Oh my, I had no idea donkeys could be so expressive! I absolutely love the looks on their faces. It made me lol at work.

  16. Our animals don't trust pumpkins either. They are incredibly suspicious.

  17. All of them turned it down? Unbelievable! I have rarely laughed so hard at 7 in the morning. Thanks for this delightful story and the incomparable photos!

  18. Crazy! Our girls *adore* pumpkin. Only we don't cook it - we just knock the thing open, sit it in the yard, and they go wild over it. Within a few hours we usually have a paper thin shell left and that's about all.

  19. That Chester has such an expressive face! I LOVE the pucker picture you took! My pumpkins set out on my porch for Halloween were chewed, tunneled thru and eaten by the squirrels and chipmunks here. They absolutely LOVED them! Have a great weekend!

  20. guesstimation too that everyone thought...these pumpkins are waaaay past their expiration date...they can read!! :)

    Too funny!!

  21. That is pretty funny. I thought there were some animals that liked pumpkin, but apparently yours are not those.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. How interesting. I saw one person put seeds in the hollowed out acorn squash that was getting soft. She put it out for birds and squirrels so someone in the woods may eat it. This is only vaguely related, but there is the most wonderful video of big cats at a sanctuary playing with and eating pumpkins - Big Cat Halloween. Turn up the sound - wonderful music, too.

  23. My chickens love raw pumpkin, but will not touch it cooked.

    I was only able to find them 2 this past fall.


  24. You had me laughing so hard, I was crying. The photos and words go together absolutely perfectly!

    That being said, I have no idea what is the matter with your animals'!? My sheep, chickens, pigs and even dogs LOVE pumpkins. I've never cooked a pumpkin for the animals but I would think that they would eat it. Did you know that pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer? Ya gotta get those guys eating pumpkins! Maybe put some grain into the cavity of one that's cut in half...

    Good luck!

  25. OMGosh..I laughed so hard my side hurt..hahah..I'm surprised they didn't play with it..being's they love the orange cone so well.. So the chickens may have eaten it if it was raw??? you know..
    This post was way funny..and the pic's were just so adorable..

  26. this was absolulty adorable and hilarious! I love the expressions you managed to catch on their faces.

  27. So funny! My chickens didn't eat the pumpkins that I gave them, either! Although they did enjoy the seeds. Those girls are so spoiled :)

  28. The expressions on Chester's face are priceless. :D

  29. Love the fog in these photos - it makes all the colors so vivid. My chickens weren't as excited about the pumpkins we threw them as I expected them to be.... The pigs, though, they were another story. They were in...well, hog heaven, I guess.


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