Sunday, December 16, 2007

Barking up Squirrel Tree

Roxy is squirrel-obsessed. Just the act of unlocking our back door sends her flying through the house and into the kitchen so she can try to squeeeeeeeeze through the door as it first opens. If she succeeds, it's down the porch stairs, across the patio, up the boulder steps, across the second level, up the boulder wall, across the newly planted "natives" (not a popular move), and over to the squirrel tree, so excited she's yipping and snorting the whole way.

Here's one of the big guys who loves to taunt Roxy. Our dining room window is within three feet of this feeder (really meant for the birds). He's a smarty and jumps first onto the bird feeder which causes it to slowly tilt over the bird bath. From there, he can comfortably sit (elevated, so he has a bit of a view) and dine on tasty, black sunflower seeds. Roxy, meanwhile, is three feet away, behind glass, having a small heart attack.


  1. and the Canine Kids said,
    You have our absolute sympathy. Those squirrels have no business teasing us like that. We've got to keep them under control so we applaud your efforts!

  2. Hey! No Fair! We don't get big squirrels like that. Ours are little and red. How'd you get those at your house Roxy?

    Maggie, Scooter and Seb
    Extreme Squirrel Chasers


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