Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookie Day

I am a bit behind in my holiday baking this season. I'm ok with this. My life tends to be unintentionally ruled by the motto: "better late than never" and it seems to work out. Adding some additional motivation this year, though, is the fact that I apparently have a reputation to maintain. My husband has been raving to the world (his hi-tech work world, anyway) about how great his wife, "Mrs. K's", cookies are. Mrs. K??? I'm not old enough to be Mrs. K. Isn't that his mom? But I digress.

Pros: I love to bake. It makes me happy and I love the results.
Cons: I'm not quick at it. This will be an all-day production, followed by an evening spent cleaning up. Jim will most likely get sugar cookies for dinner tonight. Oh, and the beauty of my end-product comes into question at times, too.

Um, so what if the cons outweigh the pros! I'm going for it!

Fortunately, I know my audience: hi-tech engineers who will just love the fact that I'm sending 'em something sweet and homemade. I'm happy to do it, too...as long as they don't call me "Mrs. K".


  1. and her Mom said,
    Cookies are such a wonderful present and I bet yours are delicious. Yummy!

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