Friday, December 7, 2007

Is it Friday already??

Just so you know, my boyfriend/husband/overall-best-bud-ever-to-hang-with has had the week off from work so I've been a bit, ahem, distracted this week. Added to this was that *crazy* storm we had earlier in the week, another house showing (yes, it's still for sale), and dealing with various sibling mini-emergencies, so there's been a lot tugging at this particular Farmgirl. Fortunately, our house survived the storm with no damage or flooding. Other families not far from here were not so lucky and I send them my thoughts. I hope all the river and stream levels return to normal quickly!

On a really positive note for us, we've had an offer on our house come in. So that I don't jinx it (am I really this superstitious? YES!), this is all I am going to say about it right now. I just hope some day very soon to type a blog post titled: "THE HOUSE IS SOLD!" Once that happens, Farmgirl_dk (me) becomes Farmgirl in reality and not just in mindset.

And how COOL would that be to put some of the knowledge I've gained - from the approximately 25 books next to my bed on raising chickens, goats, and sheep - to good use?


  1. Don't wanna jinx it so I'll just say "good luck!" And lucky you to have Jim home all week.

  2. and her Mom said,
    We're glad your house survived the storm and we'll keep our fingers and paws crossed for you that your house sells.
    We have a treat for you. Come on over to our blog and pick up your Best Friends award.

  3. I totally understand the urge not to "jinx" things. I will just say, it will happen if it was meant to be.

    So happy to hear about the offer, the house surviving the storm, and the joy of anticipation of your new life as a real farmgirl. Congrats!

  4. and her Mom said,

    Thank you so much for adding us to your blog roll. On a day that has been wonderful, this has made it even more special for us. What a treat!

  5. I am so excited for you. I have survived the showings and wondering and moving also-to the real country so I understand all that goes with it.
    I wondered about the storms there. Glad you came out o.k. Hope the other families near by are back to normal.
    Now if all us in the south can get a little of a normal rain.
    Thanks for the link.

  6. I, too, read and read and read some more in preparation/anticipation of becoming a farm girl. It was like a drug for me to be able to learn and fantisize like that. Although, I'm jealous that you OWN all your books. I read everything in 2 counties worth of libraries, but I had to give them back. :( What kind of goats do you plan to do? meat? dairy? I have a nubian, 2 nigerian dwarfs, and two angoras. quite the smorgasborg.

  7. Hi DeconstructingVenus, I only own *some* of those 25 books around my bed...if you look at my later post on "Dreaming of Chickens", you'll see the picture of some of them...a least two have that familiar little library barcode across the top! :-) Like you, I have become quite familiar with my local, suburban libraries and which have the best farm books!
    I saw some pics of your goats on your blog - they are beautiful! I haven't decided yet which breed I will have...


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