Saturday, December 15, 2007

Off to the Farm...

...Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary, that is. Today is volunteer day at the farm and I'm about to make the 70 minute trip out there. It's a long drive, but usually an enjoyable one because my 15-year-old son, Aidan, goes with me. He loves the Farm sanctuary as much as I do and is usually pressuring me to get out the door on these early Saturday mornings. We can't wait to see "our" animals. Alas, he's not here this weekend and I'm going to have to entertain myself on the long drive down. Usually, we listen to a random selection of music that he's chosen for us from his iPod, but we also find great entertainment searching for the "most interesting" vehicle of the day (bored people do funny things). Here are a few of the winners from previous trips. The reason they seem to be cropped funny is because I'm driving while Aidan's shooting the picture (they're action shots!) - which makes for some interesting pictures. Have a happy Saturday and don't forget to "Drink a Mug of Milk a Meal". :-)


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  2. We love you pictures..
    Mom really loves what you are doing. She actually wants to retire on a farm doing just that. Dad keeps teasing her that she is going to be a sheep farmer but, she insists she wants more. Like lama's, alpaca's, horses, dogs.. Her list just keeps growning... We can hardly wait..


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