Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Night Dessert

I've been very delinquent in having my neighbors (two of my favorite people) over to our house for a happy evening of good conversation, fine dessert and a nice glass of wine. The female part of this neighbor couple is an extremely lovely and accomplished hostess - she has no qualms about having people over at a moment's notice and always has something yummy on hand to make everyone feel at home.

Alas, I strive daily to become a hostess like her. I'm embarrased to say that it was New Year's Eve 2005 when we had them over last. They always, always seem to invite us over first. So, I actually planned ahead this week (what a novel idea!) and invited them over for tonight. Since I love to bake, I decided I would make a nice dessert for us. I mentioned a few posts ago how much I love my Savor the Flavor of Oregon cookbook. Everything I make from this book seems to come out lovely and is enjoyed by everyone - you can't beat that! Today's recipe was the Chocolate Cheesecake on page 284. My son sat at the kitchen table and read his email, my husband puttered about, we had a good collection of jazz music playing in the background, and it was a perfect time for baking!

And I love to take pics of my progress... :-)

Getting started:

Crust and batter:

Ready to pour into crust:

Cook for 40 minutes:

Make the sour cream topping:

Ready for our guests:


  1. What a gorgeous Cheesecake! YUM!!!

    You asked about what we have inside the chicken pen: that is redwood bark. Our poultry specialist vet suggested it. He also believes it is best to use fresh once a month and turn it after 2 weeks. Considering we have to use a full truck load to cover the ground, we are looking into alternatives, such as gravel.

  2. and her Mom said,

    Yum, that cheesecake looks wonderful. I sure wish we were your neighbors!


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