Monday, December 17, 2007

Still scared of the dark?

We had two holiday parties to attend on Saturday night. One was in our soon-to-be-new neighborhood (a small, rural community), the other was at a neighbor's house across the street from where we live now (a densely populated neighborhood, ten minutes from the heart of Portland). Talk about contrasts.

Our current home is on a fairly busy street and, not only do we have a number of streetlights that shine in late at night, we are close to one of the streetlight electrical boxes that emits a loud buzzing and humming.

Saturday night was the first time that we had been out to our new place after sunset. How odd to drive by our future home and notice just how DARK it is out there. And quiet. And colder, because of all the tall fir trees. My husband was thrilled, remarking on what wonderful star-gazing we are going to do. I found myself growing quieter and quieter, recognizing my self-perceived belief in "safety in the light". It's not that I fear bears or bad guys or monsters in the dark, it's just a bit....uncanny to not see or hear the signs of civilization around you.

The rural party was fun, the people friendly, and we had a good time. Returning to our urban neighborhood, I could feel the houses closing in around me. The dark sky was lit from below with street and holiday lighting - we never really see the stars around here.

Walking back to our house after the second party later that night, we realized that the walk from their front door to ours is shorter than the walk from our new house to our barn will be. I also won't be able to do it without a flashlight. Uncanny!!

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  1. and her Mom said,
    To us, there is nothing better than living in the country away from all the noise and confusion of the city. Nights are clearer, days seem brighter and you can hear yourself think.
    We lived in Washington DC for many years and I wouldn't go back for anything.
    I know you and your family will love your new place.


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