Monday, December 21, 2009

My Solstice baby turns 18

Forgive me while I interrupt this normally farm-centered blog to have a purely selfish moment of reminscence. You see, eighteen years ago today, I was deliverin' a baby.

Now - the poor little guy - as if coming into the world three days before Christmas wasn't hard enough, his mama insisted on dressing him like a zebra:

Picture proof to show that I was, indeed, the one to give him his first driving lesson:

He was a beauty, this baby:

And, for as long as I can remember, he has always done things his own way:

At an early age, he developed a strong love for pickles:

and animals:

He was, and continues to be, my boy with the impish grin:

He has experimented with many personal styles throughout the years.
(Those may or may not be my underwear he's wearing):

His hair has been an ongoing work of art:
This was the "blue" phase:

Followed by the "red" phase:

Somewhere in here was the bleached blonde phase (where IS that picture?!)
Followed by the extremely curly phase:

Then the extremely straight phase:

Followed by the still-straight-but-rather-matted phase:

Followed by the "afro" stage:

Followed by the "dreadlock" stage:

Are you keeping up?

Throughout the years, his love of animals has remained strong:

A child full of enthusiasm and self-confidence:

he is now a young man who loves to jump hurdles:

paddle dragon boats:

emcee school events:

volunteer for Habitat for Humanity:

and peform a lead role in the school play:

How fast the time went.
Is it wrong of me to be so incredibly proud of him, but desperately miss my little boy?

Happy Birthday, Aidan.
Thanks for still taking goofy pictures with your mama:


  1. What a walk down memory lane! Time really does go by fast and it sounds like you have every right to be proud!!!

  2. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch! Es ist Wahnsinn, wie schnell die Zeit vergeht!
    Ich wuensche Euch eine schoene Geburtstagsfeier, aber auch jetzt schon ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein glueckliches, zufriedenes Jahr 2010!
    Liebe Gruesse, Monika

  3. Do you know that you have a remarkable talent for making us fall madly in love with whatever you are posting about? I always sit here filled with joy as I read.

    Happy birthday, Aidan. Thanks for lending us your mother every once in a while!

  4. Wow, what a cutie. Happy Birthday from the right coast, Aidan. And congrats Dani for 18 years of successful parenting!

  5. ps LOVE the zebra outfit!

  6. You can interrupt for your Aidan anytime Danni! This is such a fun post!
    Happy Birthday Aidan! Now it's time to start your own blog so you can highlight all your mom's best qualities!!

  7. Happy B-Day, Aidan! My best friend's b-day is Dec 23 - she never liked it much having a b-day so close to Christmas! Hope you have a great one! Love the pics, Danni!

  8. Oh my! I'll be doing the same thing in about a month. My first born will be 18. Where has the time gone.

    Isn't it wonderful to be so proud of them? Your Aiden looks perfectly ready for the big-wide-world. Painful for us mommies, and glorious all at the same time.

    Happy Birthday Aiden!!

  9. What a great mom you are for letting him be himself. I loved looking at the pictures!

  10. Love the pics, his personality shines through. As the proud mom of another great 18 year old young man I feel your admiration shining through.

  11. that was very very COOL!

    What a sweetie and what a Life!!
    You are an Excellent Mom! You should be very proud!!

  12. Happy Birthday Aidan. I know just how your momma feels. Personally, my favorite would have to be the dreads. So cool. You could so move to Boulder with that look....but it would break your momma's heart.
    Chicken sis, you must be very proud. Especially about the liking animals part:)

  13. Girls would kill for that hair! Happy birthday Aidan, you are a son who loves his mother. Dani you raised that boy right.

  14. I have to say I like this boy. That one picture looks just like me on my stump (minus the bottle). By the way, what did No. 2 commenter say anyway?

  15. Handsome boy or, I should say, young man! It is a Mom's job to get them grown and able to leave the nest,but it is a little bitter sweet when we succeed,our hearts always have a picture of our little boys inside them.

  16. I have one turning 18, too in May. She never asked if she could grow up. It really flies, even when some days drag on forever! But that room! Next year's roommate will wonder what kind of mom I was. Hey, I gave her the knowledge of neatness, but the OKness of 'scattered'. She's just taken it to the next level!

  17. Wow, I don't even have kids myself and yet I am sitting here with tears in my eyes reading your wonderful post. Happy tears though. You're a great mama Danni,and Aidan's a great young man.

  18. This post fills my heart with joy! And of course you should be so incredibly proud and so should Aiden. He is starting his grownup life doing the all the right stuff.

  19. Such a great young man he is. So intelligent, funny, and quite sweet, too. And tall. Quite tall.
    Such a transition he has made in the hair arena....I think the first time I met him he had dreads. And I very clearly remember that wrench. And the piggy back ride....
    And never will I forget the time in the kitchen when he walked in and began talking and then said, oh, look, a pretty butterfly....It makes me smile every time I think of it.
    Happy Birthday, Aidan.

  20. Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

    He really has gone through a lot of changes with his hair!

  21. That last photo is blurry, right? Or is it because tears are running down my face? That sweet little grandson of mine is 'legally' all grown up, but for me he will always remain my Aidan boy - full of surprises with daring and exciting adventures, and a heart as gentle as his mommie's. Thank you, Daniella. I couldn't be prouder of you and him.

  22. Aw,Danni what a great blog. Thanks for sharing with us. They do grow up before we know it. Sigh. Aidan is a very handsome young man. And what a smile he has! Hmmmmm, reminds me of your smile. Happy 18 Aidan. Oh, by the way,loved all the hair pics! You are one heck of an outstanding mom!

  23. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Aidan!

  24. Happy Birthday. I'm dreading mine growing up but know I will love every minute of it too.

  25. Aww a great post, my sine turns 18 next June, you have just given me a great idea to commemorate it! I too sometimes want my wee biy back. Hope he had a great birthday.

  26. happy birthday aiden! i have one of those at home too! you sure are surrounded by wonderful animals and humans!

  27. Thanks for letting in us on your life ~ this post brought tears to my eyes as I walked with you and your son and also thought about my own daughter growing up!

  28. Happy Birthday Aidan! Love all the hair stages and your sweet hansome face.
    I also loved this proud mama post.:)

  29. Happy Birthday Aidan! I hope to meet you some day. How much prouder can a mama get . . . not much!

  30. Thank you, everyone, for your kind, lovely, wonderful comments. Each one touched my heart. (Although he won't admit it, Aidan thought it was all pretty cool, too - he posted a link to my blog on his Facebook page!) :-)

  31. Hi Laura's life - thank you for visiting my blog. I always love reading new blogs and look forward to taking a look at yours!

    Marigold - you asked what commenter #2 (my blogging friend, Monika) said. Here is an English translation:
    "Best wishes! It's crazy how fast the time goes by! I wish you all a nice birthday celebration and also a nice Christmas and a happy, contented 2010!"

  32. Ach wie schoen u nett! Da kannst du stolz sein auf deinen Sohn! Und interessant, die 'Haargeschichten' ... u wie 'normal' er nun aussieht.
    Das habe ich auch aehnlich alles mitgemacht mit meinen Soehnen.

  33. A late happy birthday to Aidan. I loved all the pictures and enjoyed the post immensely. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up!??? (Mine are 29 and 33, yikes! I was 5 years old when I had them. . . ;-)


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