Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Light hanging and wreath making

So. It's still cold here. Our low this morning was 11.1 degrees and tonight is supposed to get colder yet. Did my sweet, little, temperate state of Oregon get moved back east when I wasn't looking?

As I mentioned the other day, December 1st marks the beginning of holiday decorating for us and this doesn't just mean unpacking my Santa collection and playing my favorite holiday tunes. Yes, despite the serious chill around here, and in between breaking ice on animal waterers, stoking the fire in the fireplace, and trying to keep fingers and toes warm, some signs of the holidays are starting to appear outside, too.

External holiday lights are a must. Normally, they would go on the outside of the human house, but this year it was decided (by me and the goats) that the goathouse should be lit up. As I climbed the ladder to the goathouse roof, two furry heads popped out to help me:

Reggie appointed himself look-out goat:

I got these cool little plastic clips that slide under the shingles to hold the lights in place:

At one point, Reggie rested his little head on my boot:

Even once the looking-out portion of his job was finished, Reggie stayed here for the longest time. I think he thought he was serving an important purpose, but who knows for sure:

Yup, just standin' here:

Ta daaaaa....who knew it would be so difficult to take decent pictures of holiday lights at night in the dark:

Next, it was time to make my wreath. Yesterday turned out to be the PERFECT day to gather my supplies for my first-time wreath-making adventure.

I decided that, instead of using the wire wreath frames I had purchased from Michael's, I would use some of my grape vines:

I cut vines up to 10 feet long:

The trick with grape vine cutting is to spare the little tendrils that grab onto everything. These look very pretty left on the vine:

I gathered some holly:

I had found Douglas Fir (state tree of Oregon - FYI) branches a few days earlier, so now I was set. I brought everything inside and laid it out on the table:

Here's one of my grape vine wreath frames:

And here's my finished product:

I liked the look of the grape vine, so I left a portion of it visible at the top. It gives the wreath an asymmetrical look that I like:

Ready for company:

Roxy was a bit bored by the whole inside crafty thing and much prefers hanging out up at the barn:


  1. Your wreath came out great! I can't decide who is cuter, your puppy or your goat. Hmmm....I'll keep checking back till I decide.

  2. You are very talented! Great goat house lights and a beautifully artistic wreath. Now I need to try to make one. You inspire me!

  3. Recently found your blog and enjoy my visits.

    Reggie is adorable.

    Great job on the wreaths.

  4. oooohhhhh....it looks so pretty. a perfect wreath! i love the idea of decorating the goat house too!!!!

  5. Danni! I'm so inspired I think I'm going to work on this today!!
    These are are beautiful and Reggie is a gem!
    Hope you warm up some...I saw it was 9 degrees at your place this morning!! OUCH!!

  6. Looks to me like Santa's little helpers could use a couple of hats...

    Your wreath is gorgeous. I'll bet you can find stuff to decorate that grape vine 'year round.

  7. Hooray!! Goat boy lights!
    I could just fly out to Oregon, despite the frigid weather, and snuggle that Reggie. He's such a cutie!

    The wreath is beautiful. I like the asymmetrical look. Very creative.

    Stay warm! Make oatmeal for the chickens, too.

  8. Looking mighty Christmasy out there in Oregon! Love your wreath. I bet the goats are tickled with their lighted house.

    The temps here in Colorado have been unbelievable. This morning when we awoke, it was -5! And the wind....wow, be glad you haven't experienced the killer wind!

  9. Hey Farmgirl,
    I sure hope it warms up your way soon. I don't do cold too well down here. We have had rain and rain. Was it just a year ago we were in such a drought here? So I am very happy for the rain.

    Reggie is a cutie pie. So is all the other critters.
    I love your wreath. I may try one of those here.
    Hope you have a great(and warmer) day.

  10. Gorgeous wreaths! (and cute light hanging helpers!)

  11. Those little goats of yours are so cute, I just love your pictures of them. His head on your boot made me go "Awwwwwwww..."


  12. Oh my gosh! Your wreath is perfectly beautiful, and so fresh looking. I, too, like the way you left some of the grapevine showing.

    And how cute is that lil' Reggie? He takes his job seriously. I love his winter coat.

  13. All I can say is that it is a good thing (for you) Pete and Reggie haven't YET learned to be as helpful as we are. The last time the goatmother left the ladder in with us it ended up on the other side of the barn. What can I say? We are SO willing to help.

  14. Very pretty and creative wreaths. Love the goat house decor. The goats are adorbale and entertaining as alway, and it looks like Chester is truly becoming your shadow. Also the chickens in the previous post are hilarious. I can't wait to have a few hens one day soon.
    PS: enjoy the warmth! It was -19 last night where we were!

  15. Ha! Back east indeed.
    The goat house looks so pretty! And festive. And I love Reggie looking thru the ladder like that. And then resting his head on your boot...well, cmon...thats priceless. Not to mention he had a very serious job there. And I know how jobs/chores work at your place. They are taken very seriously. :-)
    You did a fantastic job on the wreath. The douglas fir branches are very pretty. I especially love all the very pretty holly. That just makes it look so vibrant. Thats nice to see with all these dreary days lately.

  16. You are so crafty...LOVE that wreath. I wrapped my grapevines into balls, added lights and hung them from our trees. At least the grapes got pruned. Great job! Kim

  17. That Reggie is SO dang cute! I just love the lights on their house. They look wonderful.

    That wreath is just gorgeous! You did such a wonderful job with it. I'm sure it's the prettiest wreath I've laid my eyes on this year.

    Roxy is sure precious! I think she may have been concerned about becoming a part of that wreath..... she looks so tiny compared to it!

  18. The wreath turned out super Danni.. and the goat house looks so warm and cozy with all the lights..
    Reggie looks like he's taking his job very seriously..
    Stay warm!

  19. Very festive wreath! And I love your explanation why it is not perfectly round.
    Company you want? Ok, let me get my boots on.

  20. Lovely wreath! You could go into business! ;-)

  21. Your wreath is gorgeous! Wish I had those supplies in nature here.

    May I ask what breed of goat is your little black and white one?


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