Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My day yesterday: a short summary

- OR - How I spent the Winter Solstice (December 21st) in 10 simple photos

#1: I decorated a birthday table for my son. In our home, the birthday person receives their gifts the morning of their birthday:

#2: I watched my son and his best friend giggle like little boys over the giant candy necklaces I got them:

#3: I took (and was in) some silly photos around the Christmas tree:

#4: I sat by the fire and briefly felt sorry for myself that my babies are all grown up:

#5: I went out to the middle pasture and practiced "kiss for a treat" with Toni the llama. I'm getting really good at it:

#6: As it grew dark, I remembered I hadn't planted my garlic yet, so out I went:

I planted 3 varieties this year: Music (seed stock from my own garden), Chinese Pink (one of the earliest harvestable garlics), and Oregon Blue (I really like the name).

#7: See? It was almost dark. I hope my rows are straight:

#8: But since I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator, I'm used to these conditions. Some of my best work is done in the dark:

Wait. Did that sound naughty?

#9: When I came inside, I lit every candle on my dining table and went to work on my holiday cards:

Better late than not at all, right?

And this was pretty much my day. With a number of other things in between that I don't have photos of.

Wait, here's one more:

#10: Gratuitous photo of the birthday boy. Doesn't he have a wonderful smile?:


  1. sounds like a perfectly fun day. And yes, Aiden has a beautiful smile!

    I love the kiss for a treat picture. You are definitely getting quite good at it.

  2. Sounds like a nice day! And looks like it, too.
    Und die Milch wird aus dem Roemerglas getrunken, oder was ist das?

  3. I think he's lucky to have such a cool mom..
    Oh, and the garlic..is still gonna taste like garlic straight or not:)
    Merry Christmas Miss Danni..I hope to see you on your side of the world soon!

  4. Not only are you getting good at the kiss for a treat, you're mastering a kiss for a treat with a camera at the end of your arm! Well done!

    Now what's this about planting garlic on the winter solstice? Does that make it stronger? Better able to ward off vampires or something?

  5. Wow. (I'm combining comments for this post & the previous one). What a great guy you've raised. Cute, adorable, generous, talented, athletic, AND loves animals. Yup, you did good, Momma.

    BTW, those candy necklaces were a favourite of mine when I was growing up.

  6. Candy necklaces! Now that brings back memories. I'm guessing his fave cereal is Lucky Charms? Yes, he has a wonderful smile. A very contagious one! Just like you! Garlic planting at night huh? You really are a farm girl. Merry Christmas.

  7. Oooooo...such a nice birthday table! Is that eggnog in that green stemmed glass? G still remembers having a glass of eggnog with Aidan.
    I love the guys posing in front of the tree. Very nice.
    And I cant wait to get kisses for treats when I come again. I must do this.
    Snort. Your best work in the dark, huh? I bet that garlic tastes great even if its not a perfectly straight line....Guess we will see when it begins to sprout, right?

  8. He really does have a wonderful smile. Happy Solstice to you!

  9. I sure hope your son got some Peanuts for his birthday.

  10. Looks like he had a wonderful time! Great pictures!

  11. what a great day. happy birthday and a very merry christmas! love the kiss for a treat!

  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to your no longer baby!
    From all of the Happy Goats!

  13. I love those silly photos by the tree. And I was glad to know that you just planted your garlic this week as I still need to get mine into the ground! Our holiday cards went out a bit late this year too. Busy time of year. I really enjoy reading your blog and having you as a friend Danni. Thanks for both.

  14. You crack me up! Planting garlic in the dark and wondering if your rows are straight! As always, a fun post, enjoyable to read, and great pics.


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