Sunday, December 13, 2009

Donkey cookies

Yes, really. I made cookies for my donkey.

It was so easy. I added a few simple ingredients:

Mixed them all together:

Rolled them into little, bite-sized balls:

And after baking for ten minutes, voila!:

Little donkey nuggets of joy:

With warm treat in hand, off I went to find a taste tester:

When I offered one to Chester, there was little hesitation. He basically inhaled it:

Did you know a donkey's lips could get so long?:

I decided another opinion would be good. Toni didn't have to be asked twice, either:

Though her eating style is a bit daintier than Chester's:

Dolly was right behind Toni, ready to gobble up the donkey treat (shhhh, I didn't tell the llamas the treats were meant for donkeys...):

I'm sneaky in another way, too. I take these llama-hand-feeding opportunities to rub the soft spot under my stand-offish llama's chin. Oooooh, soft:

Kai was really the only one I couldn't convince of their wholesome goodness:

Moving on with my treats, I went off to find my goats. Pete and Reggie had no doubt that I had baked these just for them:

The chickens didn't care who they had been baked for:

15 out of 16 animals *loved* these cookies. I'd say these were a giant hit here on Critter Farm.

If you'd like to bake these for your special, fruit-n-veggie eating animal, here's the recipe:

Baked Donkey Delights

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup whole-wheat flour
2 Tbs molasses
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup grated carrot
1/4 cup diced apple

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (175 degrees Celsius). Combine ingredients in the order listed. Form the batter into small balls and place them on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes.

Note: Because fresh, natural ingredients and no preservatives are used in this recipe, to extend their freshness you'll want to refrigerate the ones you don't use within the first day or so.


  1. Poor stubborn Kai!
    They look great to me Danni!
    Did Roxy get one????

  2. I've baked homemade goodies for my dogs, too. Much cheaper than equivalent cookies from Petsmart.

    Kai wants cocoa powder in her cookies. She knows of the antioxidant goodness of dark chocolate.

    So glad your llama girls are warming up to you. They'll soon see how good they've got it.

    Goatie boys--I can't stand how cute they are. Really, I can't.

  3. Like I didn't have enough to do before Christmas, now I'll have to make Danni's Donkey Delights. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. I'm gonna try that recipe for my goats, thx.

  5. Danni you are so good to all your critters. Yup, going to make some for the herd down here. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. What about Roxy? I bet she'd like them too. I made homemade cookies for my dog once and they sure are healthier than the store bought "biscuits." You have lucky pets!

  7. That recipe looks just about right for my chickens. Now that its winter there isn't quite as much growing stuff for them to eat and they seem a little bored with plain chicken feed. Thanks for posting!

  8. All those critters and not one Roxy. I NEEEEEEEEEEED my Roxy fix!

  9. It sounds good, but it needs....Peanuts, of course.

  10. So where are mine? I have this sweet tooth lately, and these cookies looked delicious to me.

  11. Hey. Nice bowl. :-) And I see that you had a little donkey helper there in the kitchen.
    The cookies look like they were a big hit. I love that Toni and Dolly are eating the treats, too. And that you are getting to rub their soft chins. That one of Dollys chin in your palm makes me smile.
    That Kai.....she will realize soon enough that those cookies are a tasty little treat. Maybe shes just a little particular is all....for some reason I feel like I can relate to that. :-)
    I think all the critters have been good enough to get some of those little cookies in their are hanging up stockings for them, right?

  12. Awesome.

    Some of our oatmeal raisin cookies got a bit burned, so I took them out to my goats. They didn't seem to care that they were burnt.

  13. I'm gonna bake some for "our" three goats (two soon-to-be-mamas). I'm sure they'll love'em . . . hmmm . . . maybe the horse, too?

  14. Yipee, another recipe to whip up. Gladys and the "girls" say thank you. The one positive note on cooking for our "critters" is that they never complain and are always willing to try different edibles. Love those donkeys and Roxy too!

  15. What a great idea, I am thinking perhaps my Guinea Pig girls might be up for them!

  16. cute!!! treats for pets!!! there is always one picky eater in the crowd!

  17. Awwww, you are such a good mommy! Those treats sound yummy! I'm thinking my chicken and pups may enjoy a little holiday baked goods this weekend... I enjoy cooking all the babies around here. Thanks for the recipe.

  18. I suppose not the camel will be wanting him to make him cookies...or better yet I'll send him down for you to spoil!

    Hope your fingers survived the chicken attack, lol! Great job, I'll have to give it a try, Kim

  19. A few of you wanted to know whether Roxy, my farm pup, got to have any of these donkey cookies. The answer to this is: NO!
    While my girl loves all sorts of fruit and vegetables (bananas, blueberries, raspberries, carrots, etc), apples don't set well with her and she THROWS UP ALL OVER THE PLACE every time she eats them. Blech. No apples for Rox.
    Besides, she gets her own Roxy-cookie every day when I pour my morning cup of coffee. :-)

  20. When I was a kid we used to laugh about donkey cookies, horse biscuts, and cow pies. Sound good, but you would not want to eat them (unless you were a dung beetle). Yours look and sound great. I've been trying to find something to hide our herbal wormer in so the goats will eat it. I'll have to give these a try.

  21. Hallo Danni, ich koennte genauso neidisch auf SIe sein, sind das alle Ihre ein Leben habe ich mir immer gewuenscht. Ich komme bestimmt wieder auf ihrem Blog vorbei und will mir das alles genauer anschauen. Ich habe gerade angefangen im Sanctuary zu Volunteeren, das ist wahrscheinlich das naechste an meinen Traum ranzukommen.
    Gruesse aus Kanada....Tina

  22. I can't wait to try them! Can you hear the chickens thanking you already?? Maybe this will make up for the fact that they had to stay inside today. Too cold!

  23. I now know what to make for the goaties and sheep. I wonder if Fuzzy our Llama will like them? Thanks for the recipe.

  24. Hi! It's been a while...been under a rock! I make goat cookies, very similar, just a bit more carrot and molasses. They LOVE them! Best stuff on earth ;). The horses, and my dog, Gumbi, love them, too. I even eat them when they are fresh from the oven. :) I make a quadruple batch, and freeze them. They defrost well.
    Happy holidays!

  25. Thanks so much!!! We'll definitely be trying these too. They look easy - I like the part about rolling them into balls. :)


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