Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st

Not a day before do we begin.

No sooner than this do the boxes come out:

Here in our home, the first of December means...

Our favorite holiday music starts playing:

The Santa collection is unpacked and displayed:

And I start thinking -again- about teaching myself how to make a holiday wreath. It happens like this every year. Big plans, let me tell you. I've got all the stuff, I just need to get started:

After all, it's December 1st. Let the month begin...


  1. Let the December festivities begin! Looks like you're off to a great start.

  2. Do any of those Santas deliver Peanuts? You know, about that wreath...I could help. But I can't promise it won't get tasted a few times.

  3. I like your decorations! Glad you've got the holiday spirit!

  4. Oh yes! Let the month begin. I wait all year for the Christmas holidays.
    Love the Santa collection.

  5. The beginning of December is an adult's version of the child's beginning of the school year, isn't it? *This year* I'll get straight A's. *This year* I'll make that wreath. ;)

    And I recognize several of those cds!

  6. I never ever begin the decorating or music until after December 1st. There is just something about making sure each holiday is separate for me....oh and I have some of those same santas. Funny!

  7. I can't wait to see your wreath. With all the natural "stuff" you have all around you . . . being in the great North-West . . . it'll be spectacular, I'm sure! Don't forget to use some of the natural holly growing wild on your farm somewhere!

  8. I do exactly the same thing with my big plans for making wreaths each Christmas. I have all the supplies and never seem to get around to making the wreaths! I can picture them being very beautiful in my mind's eye. Maybe this year I will actually make one.

    I love your Santa collection. Your post helped to gently push me into the Christmas spirit. This week, the week between Thanksgiving and the first weekend in December, is traditionally what I call my "Scrooge Week". It's my transition week when I struggle with myself to get into the spirit of the season when everything seems to be so hurried and all my tasks pile up. Thanks for the friendly nudge. Maybe I should play some Christmas music...

  9. I'm getting in the mood now Danni! Been thinking about making a wreath...I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

  10. wreaths are pretty easy to make and it looks like you have ecerything you need. just wire pieces to the base and overlap where you wire and work your way around the base. i have some wreaths i posted last week showing easy ways to decorate them if you want to have a look! i love your blog!

  11. Merry Christmas! I am so proud of myself, I am almost done writing out my cards this year! I was excited to get started, too!

  12. Our stuff hasn't come out yet. We're a little preoccupied. The 'counting down the days til Christmas' thing is now 2 days behind. (what is that thing called???)

    You seem to be missing our very favorite C'mas music of all time--A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  13. I love your Santa collection..I myself collect snowmen.. You know M and the kids made me a wreath one year. It turned out very lovely..I would love to see yours when its finished..All that natural pine and all..

  14. So good to see someone so prepared, we haven't got the space for the tree at the moment (even if we could find it in the barn with all the boxes)!! Looking forward to seeing your wreath attempts as I am trying my own this year too!!

  15. Can I start off by saying just how much I love seeing that calendar up there? I love, love calendars....they make me happy. I see on yours tho that it gives you the horoscope signs as well....Im pretty sure thats a PNW thing. Im just sayin.
    And I recognize those cute, little snowflakes.....and all that great music. I think G danced to some of those when we were there last year around this time.
    Roxy is so ready to help you turn out a super beautiful wreath. I cant wait to see it! :-)

  16. Danni, you always put a smile on my face. You are so ready for Christmas. And the Santa collection is amazing. Looking forward to seeing your wreath.

  17. Thanks, everyone! Happy holidays to all of YOU!

    Marigold - I would *love* to have your help. I would have a HUGE bowl of peanuts here to nourish us. Will your mom drive you down?

    Hey egghead - regarding those same Santas...it must be an Oregon-thing, huh? :-)

    CaliforniaGrammy - Holly, of course! How could I forget the Holly?! We've got it all over the place around here. Thanks for the reminder.

    Farmer Jen - What say we egg each other on to FINALLY get those wreaths made? I really want to make one at the very least for the goat house. That's a reasonable goal, don't you think? :-)

    Hey Eve - C'mon...Farmer Jen and I are gonna do it. Let's make wreaths!!

    Jaz - Nice work on your wreaths! Everyone: take note, while we sit here fussing about getting started, Jaz has already whipped a few beauties out!
    Oh, and you have a GORGEOUS front porch!!

    Um, excuse me, Diane? Being Marcee's mom, you *do* know what the state tree of Oregon is, don't you? It's Douglas FIR. :-)

    Yay, Rosie - another wreath maker!!! I wish we could all sit around a giant table together and laugh ourselves silly while making them. :-)

  18. Merry Merry Christmas Danni my friend!! May you and yours have a joyous season (tell Ed this means him too!:-))


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