Thursday, July 2, 2009

A trip to a German market

One of my favorite things to do when I travel outside the U.S. is visit local markets and grocery stores. It gives an outsider like me a fascinating glimpse into a culture and local preferences, interests and tastes:

Cold cereal, for example, is not a traditional German breakfast food. Since the last time I was here, however, they have really branched out in their cereal choices. Nougat Pillows, anyone?:

The Wellness Flakes with chocolate might be a healthier choice, though:

I could amuse myself for hours in these stores, wandering around and looking at all the things I never see at home in our stores. Like this, for instance. I can honestly say that I've never had the option of purchasing a banana flavored drink before:

Or a chocolate covered banana, for that matter:

How about some raspberry flavored "wobble pudding" (Jello) with vanilla sauce?:

And why don't we have pear yogurt in the states? It actually sounds pretty good:

Last time I checked, we Americans don't put kernels of corn on our pizza, whether we're "western" or not:

And then there's this. I just don't know what to think about this. It's "pigs' head jelly":

No, really. You need to see this:

This stopped me for a second. When was the last time you saw German flag napkins at YOUR local supermarket?:

Then there's this naughty pumpernickel bread. What kind of message is this package trying to send me?:

I notice that chocolate has gotten bigger since my last visit:

But who isn't made happy by big pacakges of chocolate?:


  1. That toy sounds just like Wynonna - seriously! Must be that German engineering. Looks like you're having a great time. This is a great public service for us homebodies.

  2. I think Roxy needs a souvenir. Lots of interesting and yummy treats, but pig's head jelly what on earth do you do with that?

  3. Shopping in Germany is amazing;we always drive a cart down the candy aisle and take at least one of everything :-P.

    PLEASE tell me you bought the squeaky pig dog toy!!!!!

  4. My husband buys the girls banana flavored milk sometimes. I don't know why since they never drink more than a swallow of it. I won't even try a swallow. I like bananas - not banana flavored things.

    What does your mom think of you walking around a grocery store taking pictures? My husband would be muttering something for sure. lol

    This post made me smile.

  5. I KNOW! I love the grocery stores in Spain! Where, by the way, they have flavors of yogurt that my kids would ADORE if they had them here.

    The Spanish think we put corn on everything, too... wonder where that started?

    I *LOVE* those Ritter Sport bars. They're huge, huh? Oh, and those malted milk balls - I think they're German, I can't remember the name for the life of me - but they're all the rage in Spain, too.

    OOOH! If you find the Mars Delight bar - eat one for me, will you? Sigh... I hope they come to the States one of these days!

    Hope your trip is going wonderfully!

  6. This was so weird Danni!! American pizza sold in Germany with corn. OK.
    Pumpernickle with that guy and girl from the earlier post...what's up with that!!
    The Statue of Liberty? I know you're not in France!
    But I sure hope you're bringing home the bacon!!!

  7. What, you dont have banana flavoured drinks in the states?

    I will admit, the times Ive been to the states Ive been like a kid in a sweet shop whilst walking around your supermarkets, all your strange things that you sell that we dont have over here, and all the great things we have over here that we couldnt get in the states....

    still laffing at you never having chocolate covered banana things before..


  8. Okay, the pig is terrifying.

    But chocolate covered bananas are one of the most heavenly things ever. We used to eat them frozen when I was a kid. Deeeeelicious!

  9. I do hope you bring that pig home for Roxie! And the pigs head jelly reminds me of the scrapple my dad used to make by boiling a whole pig's head. And after it cooled it was quite gelatinous which held the scrapple together so we could slice it, fry it in butter, and drizzled maple syrup on it. Yummo!

    Thanks for taking us shopping with you!

  10. You crack me up Danni! I love the tour of the market. Just like you, I enjoy seeing what foods are popular in other areas of the world. Bring on the big chocolate! Keep the pig head jelly. (My stepmother is from Germany. When I lived with her when I was a teenager, I remember that she liked that jellied pork and also blood wurst. I never aquired a taste for them.)

  11. I am loving this chance to be a vicarious world traveler! I'm also impressed that you can vacation AND blog at the same time.

    Now, about that pig's head jelly. It looks like hogshead cheese to me. As a good southern girl, I know all about it. However, I do NOT eat it, although I understand it can be quite good.

    The pear yogurt looks yummy, and do I see fig behind there, too?

    This is just so great; it's like the ultimate shopping trip! Keep 'em coming, Danni.

  12. OH! And the pig! Roxie must have the pig! Roxie deserves a souvenir.

  13. That was fun. Thanks for letting me go shopping with you.

    S likes pillows. I wonder if he would like Nougat Pillows.

    And it appears that in Germany they understand the health benefits related to eating chocolate. I should fit in quite well there.

    Ive seen those chocolate covered bananas here at my grocery store.

    Wobble pudding. Thats funny to me.

    And now, having seen that pig stuff for a second time...I can say that I still dont like it.

  14. There you are again, cityfarmer. I wondered what happened to you. Nice to see you on this blog.

    Following farmgirl around in the German supermarkets is really exciting. I don't tell her about the looks she gets from store clerks, other shoppers, and an occasional store detective. I pretend she is not my daughter but a client who is culturally challenged and that I have to protect her. When I explain how trusting and innocent she is, people hand me money and wish us well. Really.

  15. I failed to see the Peanuts in that store. Now that's just NOT right.

  16. How fun, this was my favorite post I read today!

  17. We spent many years in Germany and while there are many things I miss about it, the grocery stores are at the very top. Thanks for taking us along.

    And I love that pig. LOVE LOVE LOVE that pig. It's just too funny - but I think it would likely TERRIFY my dogs.


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