Friday, July 17, 2009

Jumping back in

Well, I'm home. Back on Critter Farm at last. Actually, I've been home for almost a week now. Everything is great here, but I've had a difficult time returning to my blog page. So much has happened between my last blog post (in Germany) and now, I'm finding it quite difficult to just start writing about my simple farm stuff again. I feel like I've lived a lifetime since my last post and have so much to tell, yet telling all that past stuff doesn't seem at all pertinent anymore. Yet I have all these great pictures, I tell myself. But who cares, I respond. Back and forth it goes. I'm a great arguer and I could continue this particular argument for a good deal longer, but instead, I think I'll just share some pictures of how I've spent the last couple days and jump back into blogging this way.

...It all started with breakfast for the goats. (It *always* starts with breakfast with for goats):

In my absence, Reggie has become a hat stealer:

He thinks he's pretty clever, too:

The goat boys have become quite the guard goats. Somebody they don't know has just walked around the side of our house:

Back inside, I packaged up some eggs to sell. My nine sweet hens continue to lay, on average, about six eggs a day:

I made a batch of tea in my new sun tea container:

Here's how my ferocious watch dog handled the unknown visitor the goats noticed (that adoring look stopped the guy cold, too):

Although I have about eighty more important things to take care of, I suddenly decided to give my deck furniture a good scrubbing:

Like almost everything else I do around here, this took way longer than I expected:

But I'm pleased with the outcome:

I felt sad when this giant log truck drove past my driveway. The land below us has been divided and is being prepared for two new houses:

This is how Roxy spent part of the afternoon staying cool. It reached 95 degrees yesterday:

I throw the balls in and she tries to get them. It's kind of like bobbing for apples:

The chickens took a nice cool dust bath. A month or so ago, I dug up a small area for them next to their coop. They love it and it helps keep them out of the areas we don't want them digging huge holes in:

There's nothing like a good shake off after a dust bath:

So, that's it. Hopefully, this broke the blogging ice for me and things will feel a bit easier now. Other than the above, there's only one more thing to share....
Reggie says hi:


  1. Glad you're back in the blogging saddle again. Is the goat cured from the cough now?

  2. So glad you're back. We've missed you, and Roxy, and Pete, and Reggie (though your facebook updates have prevented us from going through total critterfarm withdrawal). Good to see things are getting back to normal for you.

  3. I know how it is, trying to get back into blogging! It's especially hard when we have good weather and we feel guilty if we're not out working in it!! Your table and chairs look just like new! and I really appreciated how clean Roxy's swimming pool is!! Could she talk to my dogs and emu who make a muddy mess out of their pools? :) Welcome home!! (oh, and by the way "I" still want to see more pics of your trip at some point):)

  4. I'm glad you're back! I'm envious of the experiences you've had. It takes awhile to get back into 'real life' after travel, doesn't it?

    I know how you feel about looking at a backload of great pictures, but not knowing whether to put them up or let them go.

  5. Welcome home, Dani. I'm sure you have so many memories stored up in your heart. It probably is hard to come back to reality, but with those adorable critters needing you . . . reality is what it is . . . real! I'm glad you've arrived safe and sound, and look forward to hearing more about life on the farm.

  6. It's hard easing back into all of the components of life after being away for a while, huh?

    What a lovely home to come home to, though. And yes, your deck furniture looks amazing! Wow!

    Welcome home!

  7. It's about time. Did you bring me any German Peanuts??? By the way, don't you love to visit my blog???

  8. Your farm critters are so cute and entertaining. Good to have you back Danni!

  9. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Glad your back. The goats are darling Danni.
    I think I need to get a pool for my farm help too.

  10. Glad you're back. Keep blogging ok? And thank you too!

  11. I meant you're...
    I'm just sayin'

  12. That hat stealin is too cute!

    Good to see your girls are helping pay for there keep.

    Ummm, you didn't mention anything about sticks and string?

  13. Welcome Home. Thanks for the trip we enjoyed the picutres.

  14. Glad to have you back. I've missed the updates about your critters. Roxy is such a sweetie. She is a fierce guard dog, no doubt!

  15. That is a very pretty sunflower.

    Ha. He got your hat...again! It just means that he loves you.

    Lovely eggs. I see Dottie eggs in there.

    Mmmmmm...sun tea. Thats a fine looking jar you got there. I can totally see that sitting out on the deck. :) I wonder how many sugar cubes that will need?

    And holy cow....the table and chairs turned out beautifully. Wow! I think they are calling out to me actually. Come, sit, visit....

    Darby likes to play in our little pool, too. Maybe Roxy can come over and play?

    HI Reggie!! :)

  16. I'm glad you had a good trip and made it home safely! Your goats are so cute! I'll bet they are lots of fun too! The furniture looks wonderful. I loved seeing all your pictures from your trip!

  17. Welcome back! Those goats are too darn cute. I can't believe your chickens actually use the hole you dug for them - and ONLY the hole you dug for them. Will you come train my chickens?

    The patio furniture looks brand new now. What a difference.

    Great pictures. It looks like you have a lovely place.

  18. Glad you're back on the farm. It has been good sun tea weather huh? Are you eating very many veggies from the garden yet. I have had some cukes, zukes, basil and the peas. The tomatoes are all producing, but no ripe ones yet! I can't wait! Take care!

  19. Glad you're back! Would love to see more trip photos. :) I have a hat-stealer goat, she loves my straw hat -Who can blame her...or Reggie? Too much fun!

  20. Hi Reggie!
    All you have to do to get back in the blogging mood is look back about a year ago on you blog Danni. You will be so glad to see what was going on you'll want to make sure you continue!
    Glad your back for sure!

  21. Welcome home Dani, what a fantastic trip you must have had. Did you bring Roxy home a surprise? Your garden's are just wonderful; the slugs have discovered mine, so I am envious! Looking forward to future posts.

  22. What kind of dog is that? It sure is cute.

    Dora Renee' Wilkerson


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