Saturday, July 4, 2009

A final day on the beach: Nebel und Sonne an der Ostsee

We've had more than our fair share of cool, foggy weather during our time on the Baltic. This, however, does not deter German beach goers in any sense:

Fortunately, two days ago, the sun began to break through:

And early the next morning it looked like this:

It was time for us to hit the beach!
The first thing that will catch your eye on the beaches of Germany are the hundreds of "Strandkörbe" (Beach baskets). People can rent these, by the hour or by the day, to sit in, relax and have a bit of shade:

We rented "Lucky #13" Strandkorb:

Here's the view from our Strandkorb...
Straight ahead:

To the left:

To the right:

We settled in for the day and I began my observations in earnest.

This is my kind of beach. There's a small cafe every few hundred yards directly on the beach:

This guy is straight out of Baywatch:


As a relatviely impartial observer I noticed that...:

There are many very creative sand artists:

There are many exciting things for kids to do here:

People from all walks of life come to Heringsdorf:

...and "Speedo" type swimsuits remain very popular with the men here:

Here's my obligatory (but heartfelt) post card:
Having a wonderful time, wish you were here! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Beautiful beach! Great post. I don't think I've ever seen a nun on the beach before. Thank you for the cool postcard Danni!

  2. I'm a little amazed at the lack of nudity! Is that more a Spain thing?

    Regardless - beautiful pictures, and wonderful observations!

    And hey - so cool of you to stop by and comment on my blog! All the way from Germany! Thanks!

  3. This may be the dumbest thing you've ever heard, but I don't think about German folks going to the beach. I don't think of the water being warm enough to enjoy.

    Speedos---eeeww, on all but the most buff guys.

    The pic of the nun is really sort of striking and out of place. Very cool though. Wonder if she's beseeching her friend in the baseball cap to put on a few more clothes. :)

  4. Wish I were there too! Great observations on Speedos, and Sand Art, and what cool apparatus for the kids to play on! And the beach baskets are really cool!

  5. Looks like fun! Such a beautful place, and people in all shapes & sizes & even clothing, ha!

  6. Ahhh I wish I was there too...except for the Speedo part.

  7. That sand art is absolutely amazing. How much patience must THAT take? Beautiful stuff.

    Your pictures are great. I feel like I got to go to the beach on a holiday weekend, and never even had to put on sun screen.

  8. Love all the pictures. The sand art is amazing - especially the elephant. The barefoot nun made me smile.

    What a sweet postcard!

  9. What a great spot! I'm so glad the sun came out for you. There's nothing worse than being fogged in at the beach! I really like the photo of the nun with her barefeet and the trampoline thingy looks like fun too.

    Glad you're getting a chance to update us on your trip!

  10. Looks like you are having a wonderful time!! Love the sand art. I think it should be a law that only certain body types of men should be allowed to wear Speedos!! :P

  11. Lots of lily whites on that beach! Speedos gag me! But I love the postcard! Thanks girly!

  12. Hahahha, now see, I'm just the opposite of goatgirl. Thanks for sharing the speedo experience...I hate to think I'm missing out on THAT! ;) Missing you! <3

  13. You crack me up.
    Nice Germany observations!!!

  14. Those beach baskets make me think of rickshaws.

    That 4 wheeler is way bigger than the doodle bug. But his helmet is not nearly as cool.

    Even that man made out of sand looks like hes wearing some type of speedo. I think I really like the elephant.

    Im trying really hard not to think about the used water that is more than likely residing on that boat/slide.

  15. The sand looks wonderful but so many people!

  16. I love the nun standing next to someone in a bikini!


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