Sunday, July 19, 2009

"P" is for....


We love them. We can never get enough of them:

This is how we eat peas at our house...raw and in a big bowl that we pass around the table:


I'm growing red and orange and yellow and lilac (!!) peppers this year:


Well, cucumbers that will hopefully be pickles soon.

...I'm thinking I may have left this guy on the vine too long:

Yukon Gold and Red Fingerling...

Here's the first potato blossom. It won't be long now:


It's tough being a farm doggy. The work (almost) never ends.


  1. One year we - somehow - missed some cucumbers that we'd planned to pickle. Way too big to make little eating dills! So, my brilliant husband made bread and butter pickles. Of course, they're sliced up - so it worked out just great. In fact, these are probably our favorite pickles - they're fabulous!

    BEAUTIFUL garden! :)

  2. A perfect pickle patch, perhaps the peas poached with peppers and potoatos would make a pleasing plate? Pat "Pooped" for me!!

  3. Potatoes blossom?? Who knew? You have such a green thumb...and to think your crops survived even while you stepped out on them to Germany!

  4. love your pics especially the one of the pooped pup! at first glance i thought it was a mop!

  5. i just went back and read losts of your posts and wanted to tell you i really like your blog. i've spent a lot of time in germany and really enjoyed seeing the pics of your trip. and your goats......i have recently become a goat lover just from reading goat blogs!

  6. Fresh garden peas! I'll be right there.

    Your haul looks great. Enjoy. Oh, and give that poor dog a belly rub. She's worked hard.

  7. looks like they took good care of your garden while you were away, all is looking good.

  8. I love fresh peas! Fresh anything right off the vine is the best. You have a great garden there. Poor little Roxy. :o)

  9. All your "P" stuff looks amazing. I cant believe how many peas you guys are getting. They look delicious. Is Jim in heaven with them all or is that feeling beginning to fade?

    I cant wait to see all your colored peppers...side by side(or end to end)...they will look so pretty. What ya gonna do with all of them?

    And your pickles. Are you gonna try the dill ones? Or do the bread and butter again?

    I see some potato salad in your future. Yummy. We dug up a little tater yesterday to see how far along they are....little bit longer, I think.

    This post left me with all kinds of questions....:)

    Sweet little pooped Roxy. I think thats a great boulder to rest on...Im sure I have rested there, too. Just like that.

  10. You forgot "P"ete.
    Keeping with the "P" theme my verification word is pitard.

  11. Whoohoo! Love the blue toenails!! My hubby favors that color too! ;) I'm so jealous...look at all that garden yumminess. I don't have any of those p's yet at all....well, maybe the last one! :)

  12. How many peas did you plant? We barely got enough for 1 dinner. Luckily, we get to try again in the fall. You potatoes look wonderful! I only got a handful. I need to try those again too.

  13. All those "P's" and not a word about the PUPPY that made his debut on Critter Farm on Saturday?! Is Roxy still in shock from the invasion of the 10-week whippersnapper? Well, Wolfi certainly was in heaven with all the attention he got. Too bad he piddled a little tiny bit on YOUR carpet. It was just a sign of love....

  14. Oh, it's all so pretty! We had a neighbor give us a big bag of peas that we shelled and ate last night. Well, Hannah and I shelled them. Grayson ate out of the bowl and I shelled 1/4 of mine into Ainsley's mouth.

    This year is very much a Farmer's Market year for us. *sigh* Breathe. Go play with the kids. It doesn't look like you need to borrow my kids - your garden is fantastic!

  15. I prefer my peas raw too. All kinds of peas. So that big cucumber on the vine is a "he"? You crack me up!

    Your garden is so beautiful! Mine is kind of limping along compared to past years. I had a weed invasion this year that sucked the nutrition & water away from my veggies. I am still digging out invasive grasses and weeds hoping my veggies will recover and produce.

    And I enjoyed Eve's alliterative comment with all the "p's". Very creative.

  16. P, you know I dream of p. This is a perfect post.

  17. Oh, the "P"s in your garden are all doing so well! Your bounty of fresh peas is amazing. And I love peas raw and straight off the vine, too. Beautiful pictures. The one of Roxy is way too cute. It absolutely does justice to the word "pooped"!

  18. Yummy....I LOVE Peas too and Roxy is just P for PRECIOUS!!

  19. Hey dina - I *love* bread & butter pickles. Made them for the first time last year - I will definitely do it again this year.

    Hi eve - Nice job!!! This made me laugh so hard - you are TALENTED! :-)

    Hey 7MSN - Funny about the potato flowers, huh? I didn't know this either until I planted them! I credit my successful crop to my sweet man who minded the fort while I was gone for those two weeks! :-)

    Hi jaz - thanks for your kind comments on my blog! Your blog looks fascinating and I've added it to my google

    Hey CeeCee - First planting of peas is now finished, but I've got a second crop blooming and with small pods now. If you plan your trip for about 2 weeks out, they should be ready then! (p.s. It's cooler here, too.) lol

    Hi joanna - Jim, my guy, did a great job, didn't he? Personally, I think I was extremely wise to plant things that lure him into the garden. lol

    Hi carolynn - It's really been a great year for my crops, no disappointments so far (knock on wood).

    Hey frugalmom - Jim will *never* tire of peas. He's anxiously awaiting crop #2 now (the Alderman peas). The peppers? I'm going to eat them and saute' them. I love, love, love peppers...except for green ones. Don't like those. I really want to make bread & butter pickles again, that's what I'll do first. But I want to learn to can some, like Farmer Jen did, so I can have some in the pantry for over the winter. Regarding the potatoes, rule of thumb out here is three weeks after blooming, they should be ready!

    Hi goatgirl - well, I was trying to stick with edibles, but I did include pooped Roxy. What *was* I thinking? Pete should've been in there, too.

    Hey farmmom - Yup, I'm loving the blue ... I've got all these bottles of various colors saved up from back when I wasn't a farm girl that I'm slowly unpacking again. Who says a farm gal can't have purdy toes?! :-)

  20. Hi Christy - Last year I planted Maestro shelling peas and I can highly recommend this variety to everyone. They were so tasty and just kept producing for months...I got two complete harvests off one planting. But I wasn't able to get any of those this year, so this year I planted Tacoma and Little Marvel shelling peas and about three weeks later, planted a crop of Aldermans. I don't have a huge garden space, but a couple 6' rows will really give you a nice amount. I don't recommend the Tacoma variety. The plants were very fragile, didn't produce all that well, and the peas were a bit on the tough side. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Hi zitrone - There is NO way I would steal your thunder over your special new "p" word. That's something for *your* blog! :-)

    Hey sarah - Thank you . But I do still want to borrow your kids. I've another batch of peas coming on. We could all eat them together. :-)

    Hi jen - Funny, but all my larger veggies tend to be "he"s. I like being the boss of all things males around me, I guess. lol. I've had a rough time of it with the weeds, too, this year! Bizarre grasses with really long, unpullable roots and you know this weed? The one that shoots out seeds everywhere when you touch it? I have nightmares about that beast in my sleep!

    Hi sugarcreekstuff - You were very restrained in this comment. You just sort of held it all in. I appreciate this. :-)

    Hi penny!! Thanks for your nice comments!

    Hey tracey - Yeah, my farm pup is my special girl!

  21. OH i am so jealous of your garden!


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