Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A trip to the Baltic Sea

When I last blogged, my mom and I had safely arrived in Berlin. After an overnight hotel stay and suffering from a nasty case of jetlag, it was time to pick up our rental car, get my aunt and all her luggage in, and find our way to the Autobahn:

With cars flying past me at 220km/hr, I tried to appreciate the countryside. With my car as heavily loaded as it was, going any faster than 140ish was out of the question. These windmills are an extremely common sight along parts of the Autobahn:

We stopped at a roadside cafe for a bite to eat:

Of course, a wurst and a brötchen was the best choice possible. With a great deal of senf (mustard):

As we left the restaurant, we noticed a pile of books (available for borrow) stashed in the corner. My aunt, my mom and I almost laughed ourselves to tears over this book. Have you ever wondered what the "Scent of Passion" smells like? Apparently this book wants to tell us all about it:

We hit the road again and from here on out we drove on a Landstrasse instead of the Autobahn. It was very pretty:

But, as pretty as the roads were, jetlag was rearing its ugly head, making me extremely drowsy and I was very happy to see this sign:

The hotel was kind enough to have my slippers waiting for me:

And they gave my rental car a lovely front row parking spot. My car is the third one from the left:

Kidding. Here's my rental car. It's a diesel VW Touran. I've not seen these in the states:

The hotel has been very accomodating so far. Every morning, an agenda for the day awaits me at the breakfast table:

Peppermints remind me to "Exhale. You're on vacation":

The toilet paper is extremely pretty:

The weather has been overcast - my first glimpse of the Baltic was very gray and chilly looking:

Hey, have you ever seen ducks swimming in the ocean? I hadn't:

The shells on the beach are very small:

Do any of these look like hearts to you?:

Ice cream is very popular here. I found a giant blackberry in my first cone. Yum:

This could easily become a habit. But hey, it's vacation!:


  1. Love the last picture!

    That blackberry ice cream picture made me envious, also.

  2. I'm following along and thoroughly enjoying it.

  3. ahh.... I love European ice cream! It's just so much better! I always make a point to get some daily while i'm there! :) I consider it my duty to better European/American relations.

    Enjoy every moment - relax, laugh, and have a GREAT time!

  4. How vondervul, I mean wonderful. What a great start to your trip. Stay off the autobahn and eat lots of ice cream.

  5. That water must be freezing, your toes are blue.
    Glad to hear you are having fun.
    Well I'm off to find out what Duft der Leidenschaft smells like.

  6. You really had me going with the Porsche Danni!!! Keep enjoying your trip with mom! Keep clicking!!
    PS I threw up in my mouth when I saw the book!

  7. GREAT PIC'S Danni..those slippers look sooo cozy..and it was cool the way you pointed out how pretty the tp is.. but that ice cream looks so creamy..I bet S is gonna be drooling when he see's that. Is that your Mom or Aunt in the end pic?
    Thanks for letting us all in on a piece of the world most of us won't get to see.
    PS..quit tempting me with those stones!!
    have fun

  8. Looks like fun! I love the autobahn; it's so smooth, that unless you're the driver, it's hard to tell how fast you're going!

    Enjoy the ice cream! That's the best part! :-P

  9. Looks like you are having a delightful trip. Enjoy!

  10. You are so brave. I just know that I would not be able to drive that fast....on any road. I like the looks of that 2 lane road much, much better.

    I have never seen ducks in the ocean. Where were all the

    I bet that Porsche handles corners really well. Maybe I can ride in one of those one day soon.

    That tp is pretty, but why isnt it folded into a little triangle?

    Very pretty heart rocks.

    I love seeing you and your mama in your sunglasses eating ice cream. S would be in heaven with all that ice cream eating.

  11. Hmmmmm, well, if hearts are different in Europe than in the states, I suppose you could call them heart rocks. What a fun time you're having with your mom. . . a time to treasure forever.

  12. Dani, are you sure that's your Mom and not a sister? Keep having fun girls, I'm enjoying the trip.

  13. More awesome pictures! Nope, never saw ducks in the ocean. Maybe they're confused, lol!

  14. I'm so envious. The ice cream looked wonderful, but that brotchen ..... yuuuuummmmm. I LOVE brotchen.

    I think it's so cool you are there with your mother. I bet you girls are having a ball.

    Hey..... what did the Critter Farm travelling red truck think of the Autobahn???

  15. I'm so glad you're taking us along on your trip.
    Two things--
    Great pedicure! Awesome color choices.
    Calories do not count on vacation.

  16. It's nice, but it must be awfully cold there. I noticed your toes are turning bleu. Do they have Peanuts there?

  17. Now I want some of that ice cream! Great photos. It's so great to be a part of your trip like this.

  18. Das italiensche Eis macht mich nun doch etwas neidisch!
    Viel Spass weiterhin in 'good old Germany'...


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