Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Distracted in June


dis⋅trac⋅tion  /[di-strak-shuhn]
1. the act of distracting.
2. the state of being distracted.
3. that which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration: The distractions of my husband interfere with my farm duties.
4. that which amuses, entertains, or diverts; amusement; entertainment: Having Jim around is a major distraction.

Distraction is the June word-of-the-month for me so far. If you haven't noticed, when I'm distracted, I don't blog. In my inimitable style, I completely blame my man, Jim, for this. He took the entire first week of June off from work. While we didn't have any big plans, we spent a lot of time doing all the things we love to do together and none of the things I should have been doing. So, I've got a lot to share. Try to stay with me now, because I'm going to jump all over the place with my story.

Here we go.

We took a day trip to one of our favorite beaches:

Roxy loves it here as much as we do:

Somebody really needs a haircut:

While there, we went to our favorite cafe:

My coffee was WAY bigger than Jim's:

The drive back home was eventful:

Back home, I encountered the biggest, grossest slug of my life on the way to the garden:

Poor, misunderstood, disgusting, little fella:

We noticed our friend, wee little bat, is back in the barn:

My man played with his new toy:

Have you ever noticed that almost everything's bigger in the country?:

Then we went kayaking. I generally spend the entire time looking at the back of my husband's head on these excursions:

This is not the approved kayaking position:

The weekend, then, was all about Dragon Boating. My son, Aidan, is on his high school team. That's him with the paddle:

Their team won the high school championship for the second year in a row!:

They were very happy. Shyness doesn't really run in the family. My boy is the one in the center, holding the trophy:

It was an incredibly fun first week of June. Jim's back at work now. Maybe I can concentrate again.


  1. Reading your blog is just the best! After I read, I feel peaceful. Watching you and your family (including the four footed ones) just gives me a feeling of goodness. Thanks for sharing with us.

    p.s. I am still in school, but only have 7 weeks left including this one!

  2. You don't elaborate about the flashing lights out your back window and the tall fellow with the state trooper hat.... Even Roxy is hiding.
    Your mondo slug has many relatives here in our garden, but not for long. There are ways!
    By the way, I knew instantly that the one with the paddle was your boy.

  3. A few things:

    -always so glad when you post! guaranteed to make me smile.

    -that beach is great, Roxy looks like she's having fun

    -I got pulled over for a 'rolling stop' the other day and Hannah told me that maybe I should just stop doing wrong things and I wouldn't get pulled over.

    -why are men so obsessed with bigger? sigh. ;)

    -'that's him with the paddle' *snort*

    lovely post.

  4. It all looks like fun except for the drive home, lol! Congratulations to your son and his team!

  5. The beach, the law, the slug, the one would blame you if you stayed distracted all summer. But I hope you don't because I really do enjoy your posts.

  6. Okay, I'm distracted just reading that!! And my biggest question is just what were you doing to get busted by the law?!? Hmmmmmmm ;)

  7. Simon the slug is priceless.

    Have to agree with Sarah....'he's the one with the paddle'!!!! Right!!!

    Roxy is just adorable.

    With a coffee THAT big, I hope there were loo stops on the way back!

    And I LOVE Bertie the bat. What a cute face!

    Welcome back to concentration Danni! (-:

  8. Great post Danni! I'd love to visit that beach someday. I have a kayak but haven't used it in a long time. Maybe I will soon. Loved the dragon boat photos.

  9. I love it when you're distracted....then I get to enjoy you stories when you get back to the 'real world'. Wonderful, as always! Kim

  10. Way back when - oh, gosh, 1980-ish, I was a camp counsellor. One of the activities we held whenever it rained as a form of distraction for our campers? Slug hunt! (Of course!) You guessed it - whichever team brought in the most slugs won! Your little sluggy friend reminds me of many a slug I've had an encounter with! LOL!

    I shouldn't admit to this - but there was this girl - kinda a wuss - who was just a little too obsessed with impressing the boys. So a couple of the guys and I put one team's slug hunt finds in her bed one night... wow - I can still remember the scream that rang out through the night!

  11. I use ducks for Slug Patrol. I don't think there are ducks big enough for those slugs! OMG! That's horrible!

  12. Yes, I can tell that the week your husband was home was very hard for you. I'm so sorry that you had to do all those fun things and had to act like you were enjoying yourself...., and all those Posts that you could have written if he just hadn't taken the week off. LOL. Hope you weren't too miserable.

  13. What a great week! So much distraction from your Critter Farm routine. Hmmmmm . . . did you get a ticket? Or did you smile and talk your way out of one?

  14. Ok Ok Danni...all is well and good. First...are you sure that slug wasn't just some kind of critter crap!!???? What planet do you live on...I've never seen anything remotely alive that looks like THAT!!! Leave it to you to discover a new species...and check for a smoldering meteor while you're out there next time!

    Now that I can concentrate, I love that sloppy wet dirty dog! XXXOOO

    Great photo right before your day was ruined...did you tell him you were the famous Danni from Critter Farm...he probably would have let you off with a warning.

    I want a kyack...but first I must learn to spell it.

    A teeny tiny bat is so cute...I think one just hit my window!!!

    And I will tell you that I could pick out Aidan with or without a paddle!!

    Oh and the light, yep, that's a light...tell Jim not to blind the bat.

    I'm looking forward to my coffee in the morning and waiting for another adventure from Critter Farm!

  15. Looks like a great week! Where did you go paddling? I am always looking for nice places like that!

  16. You're a riot! I was laughing out loud here. Good thing my animals don't think I'm crazy. Well, anyway, they haven't mentioned it to me...yet.

    Roxy looks like the ultimate party girl. I LOVE the middle photo of her with her windblown hair.

    That slug is some kind of mutant thing...'nuff said.

    You are the queen of understatement. LOVE the photo through the back window of your vehicle. I assume that was your police escort. Gawd, everyone is soo friendly in Oregon.

    I enjoy kayaking too, although I usually only get out once a year to do it.

    Congratulations to your son & his team. I've done dragon's not as easy as it looks, let me tell you.

    lol...Men & their toys...they have to big, don't they. Tell me, has he brought it out for his male friends to admire & lust after yet?

    Excellent post, Danni. Feel free to get distracted any tine.

    Oh yea, I nearly forgot. I love your little bat resident. Too cute and he'll help to keep the bug population down. Cute, cute.

    Welcome back.

  17. My, my, I can see you certainly HAVE had a lot of major distractions lately! But I notice you manage to get pictures of most of them. ;-)

    Gross slug, cute bat, men and their toys... Roxy looks cute as ever running around the beach, and you looked very relaxed in your kayak, even if that wasn't the approved method.

    And the lights in your back car window? Nasty distraction.

    But mostly, looks like fun in your part of the world!

  18. Great post! I usually set out a saucer of beer to trap slugs. With a slug that big I'd need a whole keg. Maybe, I'd calm down after drinking the keg and forget all about the monster slug!

  19. I loved the beach, kayak, dragon boat, bat but hated that slug. I will never complain about the slugs in Maine. They look like they could eat your foot!

  20. Wow. You really MUST be distracted. Im really sure that I already left you a comment. And yet, I dont see it anywhere....its a good thing that Jim is back to work and you have time to get stuff done now.

    It makes me happy to know that you and Jim had a such a great time during his time off. Cmon, that light? Now thats a light. You just never know when you may need to see something really way high up in a tree or something.

    And way to go Aidan and the rest of the team. Thats so cool that they had such a good time paddling and won for the second year in a row.

    I have to say that I can see how a bat could be distracting. Im just sayin.

  21. Man, that kayaking looks like soooo much fun! :)

  22. Holy crap that's a huge slug! Nasty! Good thing you didn't step on him barefoot in the middle of the night (bad memory)...

    It's a wonder the cop didn't give you crap about shooting his pic too. They often don't like that sort of attention. Was he just asking you where the closest donut shop was located?

  23. Cabra says to tell Roxy she knows EXACTLY how distressing it is when your hair gets wet because she looks like that too. Oy.

  24. What great fun for you all.
    That slug looks like something out of a horror/scifi movie! Glad they don't grow that big around here.

  25. This was a fun post. When I saw those state trooper lights out your window my first thought is "I hope it isn't my son in law writing a lovely pink ticket for you". He is a trooper on the coast (coos bay area) and I think if I lived there I would be seeing him quite a bit on my travels. I am a speeder I hate to admit. Sounds like you had a great time while hubby was home.


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